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I hope you like it anyway even though you might have a little déjà-vu while reading it :)

She had told him she felt betrayed. He knew that feeling all too well.

His gut never had betrayed him; the one time he hadn't trusted his gut had ended up in a catastrophe.


Still, Agent Lee's death bothered him and he still secretly wished she had come to him but that was history.

Ziva was the present, she was safe. He was glad she was.


His gut still didn't twitch, when it came to her, it never had in the first place.

But still it hurt that she hadn't told him the truth.


When he had seen her in his basement again he had hoped for an explanation.

He got one and a confession he didn't expect.

The eyes brimming with tears were honest and sincere when she had opened up to him.....


The closest thing to a father is accusing me.


She saw him as a father figure.

The pain he felt had eased a bit, not completely but it was a start. It would take time until he could look at her without the sad feeling in his heart.

Before more tears could fall he had pulled her in a hug.

Suppressed sobs became audible as she clung to him, needing this as much as he did.


"Ziva, you are like a daughter to me, I never thought I couldn't trust you in the field. You became one hell of an agent over the past years." He took a breath. "You felt betrayed, so did I when I heard about the order you received from your father to kill your brother to earn my trust. I just wish you would have told me earlier."

"I'm sorry Gibbs."

He patted her back.


She was back and alive, for now that was all that mattered.

He was silently hoping that they soon would be able to work well as a high-functioning team again.

Hoping that she could and would work through what happened the past few months, because for now his gut wasn't sure if she could handle being an agent again.



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