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The Party

The Days Leading to Halloween

Renesmee POV

It was lunchtime at school for the Cullen's. There was a buzz around the cafeteria considering Halloween. I turned to notice Alice who looked as she was daydreaming. But I knew the truth; Alice was having a vision of something.

"No!" growled Dad at Alice and silently rolled his eyes. It is comical to see him do so; he never stares to the ceiling first like everybody else. He rolls his eyes by staring at the floor first then looking at the ceiling.

"Oh come on Edward" Alice raised her voice barely to a whisper. "It would be fun."

"No." Dad growled once more. "I am not dressing up in that get up."

"Dressing up in what get up? Edward." having finally noticed his and Alice's conversation. It feels awkward to me; having to call my dad by his name at school. I still haven't gotten used to it.

This was my first year attending public school since I the growths spurts stopped. My dad finally gave in this year, but only after my mom and Jacob teamed up on him saying, "Didn't you always want Bella to have a normal human life?" Well, we can all infer how that ended. Jacob was the one to convince my dad. "At least she could be the one to fulfill that dream."

"Alice, saw me dressing up as Louis and is attempting to get me to do it for Halloween." was all he said before turning around to kiss my mom full on the lips.

"Louis who?" I asked.

"Louis from Interview with A Vampire." He responded while staring at me like this was my fault. I put my hand on his silently showing him that I had no clue as to what he was talking about.

"Yeah right." he responded a little too loud so that the table near ours turned to see what was going on.

"What's worse," he continued, "is that Alice imagined me wearing a frilly shirt, my hair in a ponytail tied with a ribbon, and the whole shah-bang. "

Which at this point Emmett started laughing and this just made dad even more embarrassed.

"Edward" Alice responded, "You know I don't just imagine people and what they're wearing. I actually see them. Don't forget the dead toy rat you're holding in your hand. I saw that too."

I try to stifle a giggle along with the rest of my family. Knowing full well it didn't really matter if it was stifled or not. He would already know how funny we all thought it was.

"Edward, will you calm down?" Jasper said, "You're making me edgy. So, if you don't want me to go all Donner Party on the school here. I would really appreciate it if you would just calm down."

"Sure, Jazz." my dad said. "Oh, by the way Alice saw you as Lestat."

"What?" Jasper turned to Alice, "He's kidding right?"

"I'm afraid not, Jasper. You would really make a prefect Lestat." Alice replied and pecked Jasper on the cheek.

Emmett responded by laughing and trying to say in his out burst "How appropriate!"

"Don't start laughing to quickly, Emmett," my dad continued to say "Nessie, just imagined you as Count Dracula."

In which Emmett just laugh harder. And doing his best imitation of a Romanian accent quoted Dracula's line from the movies "I want to suck your blood."

I couldn't stop myself; I had to let out such a laugh that the entire cafeteria heard.

"What's so funny?" my Aunt Rosalie finally looked up having spent most of the time during the conversation reapplying her lipstick.

I shook my head.

"Talk about dumb blonds" mom said sarcastically.

"I expect that coming from the mutt," Rosalie growled. She pouted and said in a hurt voice, "But I thought you were my friend, Bella." Emphasizing on the word- "were"; to my mom. My mom just looked at Rosalie and shrugged.

"It just what Emmett was saying" I replied. I placed my hand on Rosalie's and started replaying the seen for her up to the point when she joined in the conversation.

Rosalie giggled at Emmett self-ridiculing joke for a while. After she was done, she turned to Emmett and said. "I knew there was more to you than just your climbing ability, for me call you my little monkey man."

" So, Alice when are we going to have the Halloween party?" I asked turning to Alice.

"Hmm." Alice thought, "I think on the night of Halloween would be great."

"Yeah we wouldn't what the Voulturi to come, and ruined it now would we?" I joked.

"That's not funny, Nessie." my dad growled.

"Sorry, Edward." I said with all the sincerity I could mange. "But, in all honesty it's really the only day we can almost truly be ourselves."

"Sure, by dressing up as our fictional counter-parts."

"Well, we could always dress up a famous fictional couples." I replied sarcastically then continued to say, "Yeah, you and Bella could be Romeo and Juliette."

Dad responded by groaning and looking around the cafeteria disgustingly. Alice in return became more cheerful and started babbling about what should be served at the party and the house was going to be decorated. Just like Alice not to care that the out come could be any different.

"Fine, have it your way. And, when did you become just as annoying and ruthless as Alice?"

I laughed and replied, "I guess she just rubbed off on me."

Dad, could do nothing but shake his head, and pinched the bridge of his nose between his forefinger and thumb out of frustration.

Soon lunch was almost over, and afternoon classes were about to start. So I gathered up my books, coat, and purse. Then I went to toss away my uneaten lunch in the garbage. I had three more classes to go to, the last being home economics with Aunt Alice. I couldn't wait; I knew we would not be paying attention to Ms. Jones. The reason would be that Aunt Alice would want my opinion on what we would be serving at the party. It was the longest two hours of my life when I finally heard the bell announcing my last class of the day. I sprinted to Home Economics, and was met by Aunt Alice waiting at the front door for me.

We barely entered the classroom when Alice started saying, "So I was thinking of the Party. I have the decorations figured out. I want to go very Hollywood with it. I'm thinking coffins, moats, and spider-webs. However, I don't want Edward to be to mad at me so I think the foods should somewhat be unconventional."

"Yeah, your right Edward is a little peeved at us already. So, how about we mix it up a little bit it is Halloween after all?"

"Sure that would work Nessie!" Alice said then continued, "Oh, I see where you're going. Add in a little magic."

"Yes, more along the lines of the Harry Potter series. Such as instead of serving blood punch, we can serve Pumpkin Juice and Butter Beer to drink."

"So, the drinks are covered. What about food to eat for those who do?" Alice paused and thought "Ooh, chocolate frogs and turkey legs. And, you can never go wrong with pizza."

I finally looked up at the clock and noticed that there was on fifteen minutes of class left and we were supposed to make a pineapple upside-down cake. I looked over to Alice asking silently, what the heck are we going to do? Alice had no clue. I knew the car ride home wasn't going to be pleasant. School life is bad enough, and you add a mind reader to it just makes it worse.

Lying is always out of the equation.

Finally, the last bell of the day rang indicating school was over for today. As usual everyone was waiting by Uncle Emmett's Jeep and Dad's Volvo waiting for Alice and me to arrive. As I predicted Dad was clearly mad that my home economics class assignment was not done.

That night was interesting. Dad (who was actually now a year older) was lecturing me. On top of that Alice was (as dad puts it) being very annoying for someone so small. Alice was doing her best to convince Carlisle and Esme to dress up for the party as well. It ended in an argument, between Alice and Carlisle.