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Finally, when everyone had gone home; with the exception of Mike Newton, Aunt Alice ran towards Dad yelling at him, "This is all your fault Edward. You could have stopped it."

Dad just starred at her, "How's this my fault? You're the one that can predict the future. You should have seen it coming and stopped it yourself."

"So, what? You should have already have read Jasper's thoughts and have known that Bella would have been suffering too. And, because of you the party was ruined."

"Sure, Alice. But, You still should have seen it." Dad repeated not really knowing what else to say.

"Whatever Edward. You know that everything becomes fuzzy to me whenever Jacob and Renesmee are around."

"Ugh!" Dad moaned. "I can't believe you just used that card. Secondly, how dare you; blame my daughter. Who happens to be your only niece by the way."

"Honestly, Edward!" Aunt Alice said as she stomped away from Dad.

It was at this moment I decided to go back inside. I was curious as to why first didn't Dad stopped Uncle Jasper before hand; second why and how mom stopped herself; thirdly how come I didn't feel the burn although I could almost taste Mr. Newton's blood on my tongue. However, my dad started to answer my questions before I even asked. "What now?" Dad asked frustrated until he saw me.

"Oh it's you. Sorry Renesmee. First of all, you know that I would not have let anything happened to Mike Newton in the end, right?"

"I know Daddy." I nodded then continued to say, "But what do you have against Mike Newton anyways?"

"Nothing really, it's just he still doesn't comprehend that your mom is still and always be irrevocably in love with me. Second, that she never even considered him as a boyfriend. Thirdly, forgive me for saying this. I do believe that if Jacob did not imprint on you; I would still have to run for my money. I am sorry that you had to witness that. I had hoped that your Uncle Jasper; would have better control of himself, with you around. And, you're right I could have stopped him. It was just to temping to not let it happen."

"More temping than Mom's blood was to you when she was human?" I asked.

"I wouldn't say that it was more temping, Renesmee. But I would say that it was a close second." Dad finished. "So you're wondering about your mom aren't you?"

"Yes, I can't believe she didn't attacked him. I could see she totally wanted to but she didn't. Why is that?"

"I honestly can't answer that. The only explanation is that your mom has never acted or thought as a normal person would when she was human and after she became a vampire. I think that is why I am fascinated with her."

"Okay, I can believe that of mom but that doesn't explain me."

"What do you mean by that Renesmee?" Dad asked.

"Oh, please. I know you know exactly what I mean, and what I am thinking Dad."

"Okay. The only reason I have for that is an answer you're not going to like sweetheart."

"What's that dad?"

"That you're half-human yourself."

"You're right, I don't like that and secondly that is the most lame excuse that I have ever heard coming from you. However, I love you anyways."


"So, Michael let's take a look at that cut shall we?" I heard Grandfather Carlisle remarked, in his practiced professional doctor voice, coming from his study.

"Sure, okay." Mike stammered.

"Well, this looks like a rather clean cut. There's not that much glass in it. I am just going to give local anesthetic to numb the area. Then I'll clear away the glass and stitch the cut back together. Is that alright?"

"Sure, that's okay Dr. Cullen. So, what's up with Bella she hardly aged since I last saw her?"

"Very good genetics, she has some Native American in her."

"Really? That can't be the only explanation she still looks like she's 18 not 24."

"Yes, I know. However, it's true what is said about sun exposure. The damage done defiantly ages you ten years."

"Well, I can understand that."

"Okay, Mike it looks like I am finished here. Take two Tylenols in the morning, if your arm is still hurting. So, Michael do you have a ride home?"

"Uh, no, I came with Eric Yorkie and my wife Jessica."

"Edward, can you come here please"

"Yes, Sir." I heard Dad answer as he headed upstairs to my grandfather's study.

"Will you please take Mr. Newton home?"

"No, Sir."

"Edward, what? Did I hear you right?"

"Yes. I said No sir. I will not take him home."

"You will take him home. Edward."

"Do I have to?" I heard Dad whine uncharacteristically


"Fine!" Dad must have rolled his eyes, and pinched the bridge of his nose as he led Mike Newton out of the study. "Hurry up, Mike. I don't have all night?"

Mike Newton's Point of View.

I couldn't believe Edward was being so rude. He is usually standoffish, but never rude to people or guest. He left me in the dust, when he sprinted out the door heading to god knows where. I could only assumed it was to the Cullen's garage. Top to it off he had the nerve to say to me, "Hurry up, Mike I don't have all night?"

I tried following him, however I got lost along the way. "Umm" I turned at look around seeing Bella, I said "Night, Bella. It was nice seeing you again."

"Sure, sure." I laughed she must have gotten that from that kid Jacob.

"Which way did Edward go?"

"He went to the garage. It is that hall past the piano" Bella spoke pointing the hall that was perpendicular from the stairs.

"Thanks." I paused, "Edward!"

"Here. This way." I followed his voice as he shouted.

l had hardly gotten in the car when Edward peeled out of the driveway doing a J-turn. The silence in the car was unnerving. What made it so unnerving was that Edward seemed to know exactly where I lived. I decided to ask him, "So Edward."


"How do you know where I live, and the way to my house?"

"It's on your medical records." He turned back around, reached over to turn the volume up on the stereo. As he did so, he finished saying, "now…stop…talking."

"But, I thought…" I mumbled.

Edward cut me off glaring at me, and then said, "What part of now stop talking. Do you not understand?"

How could he hear me over the blearing stereo? I thought. Once again there was blinding silence in the atmosphere. Suddenly, I noticed that we had stopped in front of my house. Next, thing I noticed was the passenger door sung open and I was pushed to the sidewalk. As I got up, I heard the squeal of the tires as Edward peeled out and spun the car around heading back to the Cullen's mansion.

Renesmee's POV

I really enjoyed the party. However, I couldn't stop wondering why my dad acted the way he did. I know I asked him, but I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something more to it.

It was past midnight when I heard him coming up the stairs. I decided to be him to the punch, and waited for him at the top of the stairs. What's the point in denying something, when you have a mind reader for a father? I noticed my dad had that same scowl on his face, which I seen earlier this evening. "Dad," I whispered, "Can we talk?"

He looked up and smiled, replying; "Not tonight, it's late and you have school tomorrow."

"No, I don't. Tomorrow is Sunday, did you forget?"

"Don't sass me, young lady. Like I said it's late and you should have been asleep already."

"Sure, night dad."

"Good-night Renesmee." Dad said, as I closed my door. When I was almost sound asleep I heard my dad, greeting mom with a good evening.

Edward's POV

"Ewe, I can not stand that Mike Newton." I growled, as I turned around a saw Bella frowning. "What is it my love?"

"Edward…I…you…ugh." This was the first time I have seen my wife so angry that she couldn't form a coherent sentence.

"I'm sorry love. I know that Mike is a close friend of yours. However, I have always seen him as a creepy moron. I know I was right there. I could have stop, and should have stop Jasper. It just I just couldn't believe how dumb he actually is."

"What do you mean about that, Edward?"

"I…Well…I guess it what I used think about you of not having any self-preservation. I found someone who lacks it more than you ever did as a human."

"Humph…that is not funny, Edward. I know Mike can be a little bit annoying, but it's not like he did what he did on purpose."

"Sure, Bella. I love you. Now can we change the subject?"

"Yes" Then I turned on to Bella and gave her my lopsided grin that she loves more than me. I was about to go further, when I heard Alice thought and froze.

"What is it Edward?" Bella asked seeing that dumbfounded look that I get when I am hearing others thoughts.

"Just wait a second, would you?" I asked my love.

"Oh okay."

It was just after Bella had said those words that Alice exclaimed how fun the party was and that we should throw another one at Thanksgiving. I shook my head.

Alice POV

I totally thought the party was fun and rather a success.

"Everyone downstairs now!"

In an instant everyone except for Renesmee was in the living room.

"I thought the party went rather well. Thanksgiving is coming up. What do you say we throw another one?"

Everyone started at me dumbfounded. They then turn to look at each other and in unison yelled "NO WAY!"