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I hurried along the underground station, glancing around nervously. My hand kept patting my pocket, to reassure myself that it was still there. I was keeping it safe for him after all. Suddenly behind me, I saw two men, following me. I got my phone out, scrolled through my contacts until I found the one I was looking for and called it.

Then I was gone. I vanished, into thin air, dropping my phone. My phone must have carried on ringing, the ID matching the voice of the man who picked it up. Ianto.

The silence had begun to feel vaguely threatening. Sound from the outside never quite managed to reach the Hub and even with the noises emitted from their surroundings, it felt silent. Everyone was sitting there uncomfortably, waiting for something to happen.

"Don'tcha all have work to do or something?" Jack asked, flashing a smile. As if by magic, the tension evaporated. "If not, I've got a few ideas."

Owen grimaced. "No, thank you."

"We could… play scrabble?" Gwen suggested.

"Uh, no." Tosh said. "I hate bloody scrabble."

"Too many words?" Owen asked snidely. "Not enough numbers?"

"If you don't like my number skills, you don't have to use it." Tosh shot back. "Next time you face a weevil I'd like to see you defeat it with words-"

"Magnacorpus." Jack interrupted. Everyone stared at him.


"Magnacorpus. Just one of a number of species you can defeat with words. Have to be careful what you say." No one commented so Jack shrugged and carried on. "Once I met this race, they could only be killed by a scream of a certain pitch, reached only in the moment of male orgasm…" he trailed off reflectively. "Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'sleeping with the enemy'. Trouble is, they then tend to explode, talk about stains-"

"Right," Owen said, twiddling his pen. "I did not want to know that."

Gwen shrugged and turned to Ianto. "Moving swiftly on," she said, darting a look at Jack who rolled his eyes.

"You people-" he began.

"There is," Ianto pointed out, "a difference between being open minded, which we all are, and-"

"In your time, maybe, in mine-"

"And listening to your boss talking about killing aliens by orgasm," Ianto finished, ignoring Jack.

Gwen smiled. "Tosh, was that your computer?" she asked as something bleeped. Tosh nodded and hurried over to have a look. When she came back she was grinning.

"Hey guys, guess what?"

"What?" Owen asked, pointedly ignoring Ianto and Jack's argument on sleeping with aliens.

"It's snowing!" Tosh exclaimed. Gwen squealed piercingly.

"Ohmigod! We have to go outside! Now!"

"Ah…" said Owen. "Do we have to?"

"We'll wrap up," Jack promised. Owen rolled his eyes but grudgingly agreed.

"Not for me," Ianto said briskly. "I'll have hot drinks ready."

Gwen looked ready to complain, pouting angrily, but Jack dived in, saying "sure, we need someone to stay here anyway."

Owen sighed. "Well, I'll stay, I don't want to come and play in the snow-"

"None of us are going to 'play' anyway," Tosh said. Her computers were flashing furiously, noisily advertising a rift alert.

"Right," Jack said, instantly alert. "Come on, let's go."

Ianto shrugged. "I'll stay here anyway?" Jack frowned, scrutinising him openly. Ianto smiled at him. "Go on." Jack looked as if he were about to argue but a call from Gwen stopped him and he followed the rest of his team outside.

The snow is so cold. So, so cold. And the date- I know the date. I'm in Cardiff, not London, and it's the future.

What's happened to me? I search my new memories, seeing everything that's happened in the few years I've somehow slipped.

Suddenly, I remember more. I remember what happened to me- only it hasn't happened yet. So how can I remember it?

And he- how could he do that-

The knowledge slips over me as, in shock, I drift into unconsciousness.Gwen called out to the rest of the team. "There's a man here, looks like he's been dumped by the rift, either that or he's been hit by something."

Owen came over quickly. "He's suffering from the cold, firstly. Whatever else is wrong, we need to treat that first. Call the hospital, then we'll take him in when he's woken up." Owen's voice trailed off as he examined the man, whilst Gwen spoke to the hospital, authority in her voice.

"We need a private room. Priority Torchwood."

Then Owen and Jack carried the man to the SUV, ready to take him to hospital. Gwen and Tosh followed them, only giving the surrounding area a quick look over. Nobody noticed the artefact that had fallen out of the mans pocket and rolled to rest near a hedge where it rested, blinking soundlessly.

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