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Ianto glanced over the crowds uncertainly as he searched for Phil's face. The head of Torchwood Two might not have had much to do with them recently, but Ianto was sure he'd recognise him.

"What's all the fuss?" a voice came from behind Ianto. He whirled around, not waiting to waste time on greetings.

"There was an incident," Ianto said shortly.

"Ah," Phil nodded. "Any fatalities?"

"One. A young girl." Her name was Karen, and her brother was Charlie. She was going to visit her Daddy, but she didn't want to go…

"Only one? It could have been worse, Ianto, a lot worse." Phil grinned. "I mean, this is Torchwood. That's practically a good day's work."

Ianto whirled around to stare him in the eye. "It's not a good day. When people die, it's never a good day. Our job's to save them, Phil!" He trailed off. "I can't let him die." Too many die.

"I have it with me, in case you were wondering." Phil said, abruptly.

Ianto gaped at him. "No. You shouldn't have- it's safer the farther away it is from him."

"Yeah, well, I have. Why am I here, Ianto?"

Ianto glanced at him, irked. "We need to work this out. You want to see," he paused, "him."

Phil smiled, amused. "Why don't you say his name?"

"James!" Ianto shouted, running across the street. His friend stopped and waited for him, noting with amusement that he was holding a plastic bag.

"Bit downmarket for you, isn't it?" he asked idly, waiting for the other man to get his breath back so that they could resume walking together.

"It's," Ianto gasped for breath, "for work."

James looked at him, disappointed. "You're going to work now? I just got off. I thought you were coming round for pizza. We were gonna get a film too?"

Ianto shrugged. "Yeah, mate, I know," he said, gauging the disappointment in the other man's eyes. That was a good sign, surely? He was beginning to care. Ianto swallowed, forcing himself to remember that it was all a job. James had to die, to save others.

One death, or many? When you put it like that, it didn't seem as if they was any other option. James had to die.

He recalled Phil's instructions. Certainly, he was closer to James than his boss was; he's succeeded. They were good friends now and James was grateful because friends outside Torchwood ceased to exist. Friends who didn't understand were no use as friends.

Ianto understood.

'Fuck him if you want', Phil had said.

Ianto looked at James. "D'you trust me?" he asked. James cocked his head to one side as he returned the stare.

"Yeah," he answered eventually. Ianto felt sick, with the knowledge that he had the other man in his grasp now. They could give James the object…

'Get him to trust you'. Well, he'd done that. It was almost over.

It's all for work, Ianto reminded himself.

"I'll come back to yours," he smiled. "Phil can wait, James." He stressed the last word, knowing that as soon as his boss' name had been mentioned, Phil would have been listening in to find out why.

Sure enough a voice came through on his earpiece, speaking very softly so that only Ianto could hear. "Good job, Ianto. We're almost there. This'll earn you a promotion for sure."

Ianto grinned weakly. It was all for the best.

"C'mon," James said, and Ianto smiled properly at him.

"Does he hate you?" Phil continued the conversation, ignoring the fact that Ianto was looking away from him.


Ianto shuddered. "He has every reason to. He knows exactly what we did. What happened- happens- to him."

For the first time, Phil seemed subdued. "We need to tell him…"

"Tell him what, exactly?" Ianto shouted, tired of holding back his anger. "We killed him! We knew what would happen, so we put aside our feelings until he trusted me, and then we gave him that bloody thing and oh, it all went to plan. We caught the alien, well done us! And there was no other option, was there? So we moved on, and pretended we didn't feel guilty. I pretended I hadn't cared, because hey, it was for the best! Someone had to die!" Age old indignation and hurt filled his voice. "There's always another option, Phil.

And you ordered me to do it. I… this was a mistake. You should go back to Torchwood Two. Tell yourself that if only one dies, it's a good day."

"Ianto…" Phil protested. "I wasn't… I didn't mean… sometimes someone has to die. There has to be a sacrifice. It hurts, Ianto, of course it hurts, but..."

"No!" Ianto said sharply. "There doesn't! We save people, Phil, we don't sacrifice them. James was a sacrifice, was he? So why do you want to save him? Don't you know what might happen?"

"Why are you saving him?" Phil countered.

"I loved him." Ianto whispered. "But it was a job. You told me not to get too close. So I told myself I hadn't."

Phil looked at him, silently. "It would have been fine if we hadn't cared," he said eventually. "I knew James. I liked him. If it had been someone else… I wouldn't have spent all these years feeling this guilt."

Ianto stared at him. "Sometimes…" he began. Then he appeared to reconsider, shaking his head. "This was a mistake," he repeated. "I can do this myself, Phil. Just take the artefact, and go. Get rid of it, then he can't go back."

Ianto woke up next to James. Oh. He was, uh, in a state of undress. That was putting it mildly. He was stark naked, with only a crumpled blanket covering his decency. Pausing to gather up his courage, he glanced at James.

Oh. He was naked, too.

"Right…" Ianto screwed up his face in thought. He'd either lost James' trust completely- oh god, Phil would kill him- or this could work. Extend the bond. Make James trust him even more.

For the sake of the job- and, he allowed himself for his own sake- he hoped James took the latter path.

"Hey…" he roused the sleeping man.


"Uh… we have work." Ianto muttered. James looked at him, wide eyed. He looked scared.



"Are you… alright?"

"With what?" Ianto pretended he didn't know what the other man was talking about.

"Uh… we…"

"I'm fine with it," Ianto said, studying James carefully. The other man relaxed, so Ianto smiled and leant in, and kissed James.

As the kiss deepened, Ianto told himself that the exhilarated feeling he had was because the job was going well.

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