Title: Family bliss - Breakfast

Author: Enide Dear

Rating: Beware the porridge! It's evil!

Summary: Follow up on Prison I-V, Cid and Vincent has 'adopted' the Remnants.


Kadaj stared down at the table with a glum, thoughtful look.

"Let's see." He pondered. "As far as I know Loz hasn't broken any more china, Yazoo hasn't scared the cat again and I haven't stabbed a neighbour for almost a week. So what did we do this time?" He gave his equally morose brothers a suspicious glance. "You didn't crash the Tiny Bronco? Scratch the Highwind? Walk in on them having sex again?"

"No." Yazoo shook his head with a sigh.

"No!" Loz said defensively. "And that was just once, after that they started locking the door."


"Shut up, all of ya." Cid glared at the three youngsters around the breakfast table, prodding warily at the bowls in front of them. "This ain't a punishment, it's porridge."

The three Remnants processed this slowly, until Loz gave up and asked:

"What's the difference?"

Cid, who had been dreading that question and desperately tried to come up with a good answer, sighed.

"The difference is that Vince got up early to make us all a healthy breakfast, and we are going to eat it and tell him how good it tastes so we can all see that shy, pretty, happy smile of his."

"Why?" Yazoo was usually not the most obnoxious of the brothers, but he did like his jam- and peanut butter sandwiches and didn't seem at all amused by this change, healthy or not. "Why should we care if he's happy?"

"Because we don't want another demon incident, now do we? Good boys," Cid grinned as the Remnants blanched and started to dig deep into the porridge. The captain steeled himself and took a spoon full. "Eat up yer porridge so ya'll get as big and strong as captain Highwind."

Loz frowned.

"But I'm already bigger and stronger…"

"Just eat it, Loz, it isn't that bad. If you hold your breath and swallow quickly." Yazoo followed his own advice and Cid sighed inwardly. Yazoo would be a real ordeal today, he just knew it.

"Well, I say yer should all jest throw it away, and ya'll just have ta deal with Vincent later, Gods damned fuck it." Loz muttered.

Cid nodded, approvingly.

"Ya got yer 'ya's and 'yer's mixed up, and the swearing needs some work, but it was a good try. 'Specially with the 'jest', ya know. It's all in the little details."

"Thank you, captain Highwind."