The sounds coming from Loz weren't really snores; it was more of a long, drawn out growl. Zack couldn't help but grin as he looked down on the three copies of his former friend and hero from Soldier - like Sephiroth, the remnants had a deep instinct for finding the sunniest spot available and dozing off contently. Today all three of them were snuggled together in the weedy back garden of the Valenwind's house, basking in the first warm spring sunlight. Careful not to disturb, Zack put away his cold soda and crouched down next to them, very gently petting Loz's short silver hair. A green slitted eye opened drowsily, but closed again as Loz accepted the presence and the touch, even leaning his head sleepily to one side to give Zack better access to scratching behind his ear. The deep purring sound grew louder, vibrating the broad chest.

Yazoo, who'd been laying half way across his brother, silver hair spilling out on the strong shoulder, almost woke by the sound. He stretched his long, sinewy body, putting his butt up even as his head and shoulders stayed low. Long fingered hands stretched out, topped with sharp, short nails, to puff at Loz's side before Yazoo arched his back the other way, hips down and head up and then flopped down boneless on Loz again, once more comfortable.

In the best, softest and sunniest spot, Kadaj yawned, showing a pink tongue and white sharp teeth. He swatted with a hiss at a leafy twig that Zack teased him with but didn't bother to get up.

They were so damn *cute*, Zack grinned to himself, former psychotic killers or not, they were right now more like a pile of fluffy kittens to be petted and spoiled and cuddled with. If he lay down beside them, they probably wouldn't mind. But sunlight didn't have a sleepy effect on Zack - at the contrary it made him sneeze and want to run around playing. Too bad his best playmates didn't seem to share his enthusiasm today. Maybe there was a way to wake them up? He glanced at his cold soda. Oh yes, maybe there was…

Very, very carefully he touched the side of Loz' neck with the cold, wet soda can.

Loz yelled and flew upright, al but tossing his brothers up in the air. Both Kadaj and Yazoo flipped in midair, landing on their feet with a sound like several tea kettles boiling over and before Zack could even think of running, the pounced on him like cats on a mouse.

"What the Hell is that?!" Cid sat upright from the couch where he and Vincent had had some quality time with the kids out of the house. The screaming, yelling, growling, howling and yipping that came from outside sounded more at home in a zoo than in a garden. A zoo with lots of big, big cats and quite possibly a few wolves.

Vincent shrugged and pushed the pilot back down amongst the pillows.

"Nothing serious, I'm guessing. We'll just have to give Zack a few band aids and rabies shots later."