Chapter 1
Coming Home

AN: I don't own anything. Morgan gets injured and Garcia has to take care of him. They have been getting close lately after she dumped her boyfriend, but it wasn't Lynch. It was another guy she'd been with, for couple weeks, this is before Garcia got shot and she's not going to get shot. In this story Straus isn't going to be as much of a B****. Enjoy.

The team had gone to Austin, Texas on a case three weeks earlier and they were just getting back. Garcia had come along this time and she was glad she had for the first time. They had gone to question the the latest victim; the Austin PD had left out a piece of information that had almost cost one of the Agents' their life.

The second detective in charge of the case had not informed them that the victim they were going to question had a brother or any family member for that matter. It wouldn't have mattered, however the brother had been their Unsub, and one of the cops had been family and left that part out. Hotch had sent JJ and Morgan to question the woman, but it had turned violent the moment that they had knocked on the door and showed their badges.

They had taken cover best they could, but the guy came out the door point the gun directly in JJ's face. Morgan had shoved the gun away trying to protect her from the psycho, before him and the guy went backwards over the railing of the house's front porch. It was good five foot drop to the ground. JJ had called for back up watching as Morgan wrestled the guy for the gun.

When the Austin PD along with the team minus Emily who'd stayed with Garcia showed up Morgan had the Unsub in cuffs with JJ's help and she was trying to assess the injuries that Morgan had. She knew he had few ribs had been broken when the Unsub had taken it upon him self to use the butt of his gun to connect with Morgan's side trying to get away, it hadn't worked though.

JJ had helped him put his shoulder back in place after the fall off the deck had dislocated it. She knew what it felt like to have dislocated shoulder, she'd played soccer back in the day and it had happened to her once. She was just glad that the guy was horrible shot, he'd only grazed her when he'd tried to shoot the gun again, she had moved off the deck and once Derek had him securely on the ground where he couldn't move she'd put the cuffs on since Derek couldn't move to get his cuffs, if he had the guy would be up again.

Hotch had been pissed and he was still fuming at what the Detective had done. He'd called the director when the case had wrapped up letting him know they wouldn't be coming back for couple days giving him the details of what had happened. The detective had been suspended for leaving out information, he'd been lucky to still have his job by the time the director had gotten done. If he'd just told them that their was a possibility that his brother in-law would be there, and that the man wasn't actually dead, Morgan wouldn't have gotten hurt, he would have been prepared for the guy.

Rossi looked over at Garcia she was sitting on one the couches on the plane while Morgan slept using her lap as a pillow. The doctor had given him some pain killers and she'd finally convinced him to take them. "You okay?" Rossi asked looking at her.

"Yeah, I'm just worried about him," Garcia said trying not to start crying again. She knew he was okay, but when she'd heard JJ's voice over the phone yelling for help that they were under attack she'd been terrified that Derek was dead. She'd heard gun shots ringing out before JJ had dropped the phone. Emily had taken her to the hospital and until she'd seen that he was okay she hadn't believed what the doctors had said.

"He's going to be okay, and with you taking care of him, he'll be back to work in few weeks," Emily said.

"I know, but I can't get the sound of his voice out of my head when Hotch called me to let us talk, he could barely breathe from the broken ribs, but he wanted to talk to me," Garcia said running the back of her hand over his cheek. He had few bruises on the side of his face, but she avoided them.

"He loves you, and he's stubborn as you are hardheaded," Hotch said coming from the small kitchen area, "he refused to put the oxygen mask on till he could talk to you, to let you know he was okay, Morgan knew that you'd heard JJ when she called," he said.

"I think that's what happens after three years of being so close to each other and best friends," Reid said.

"When we land I want you to take him home, we'll bring his truck over later, he can't be moving much till his shoulder and ribs are healed," Rossi said.

"Don't worry about work; I already talked to Straus and the director they both agreed that you can work from home, tomorrow one of us will bring the computers and other things you'll need over, we get the next week off, and he's on medical leave till he's healed, do not let him trick you, Penelope," Hotch said.

"I won't," she said with smile, "I guess those pills were strong."

"Strong my ass, aspirins would have helped more," Morgan said looking up at her, "I have been listening to you all talking," he added.

"Then you know if you try and show up at work before the doctor releases you, I will call your mother, Derek Morgan, and don't think I won't," Hotch said, Garcia had taught him that playing the mom card worked like a charm when Morgan refused to take time off if he got hurt or was sick.

"When I can properly tickle you baby girl, you are getting it," Derek said, "You told him the one thing I said never tell."

"Sorry, but we know you, hot stuff, you always try to push yourself, we have made sure that you actually heal completely this time," Garcia said, "Now close your eyes and go back to sleep, or I will find a way to punish you," she threatened with smile. The others laughed before trying to get some sleep themselves. The next six weeks was going to be long.

"You are going to bed now, hot stuff," Penelope ordered before guiding him towards the bedroom when they got to his house, Rossi, and Hotch had came with her in case she needed some help.

"I could get used to you ordering me around like this," Derek said before she glared at him, "Don't give me that look, I think I can still spank you," he teased.

"Oh no you don't, you are going to behave or I will find a way to make you behave, handsome," Pen said with smile.

"This isn't fair, I want…" she cut him off running her hand against his face, they'd been touching each other more lately and it was having and affect on him. He tried not to let her see the pain that he was in but she wasn't blind, "I'm fine," he said seeing her close to tears again, "You have to stop crying over me, I am alive, sure I got a busted shoulder and broken ribs, but I am alive," he said.

"I can see you're alive, Derek, but you know what it was like to hear JJ yelling for back up and that you two were under attack, that gun went off then the line went dead, I didn't know if you two were alive or not," Penelope said sitting down beside him.

"Why you think I made Hotch call you, I had to make sure you knew I was alive and that we were both okay, JJ's fine just few stitches from the bullet that grazed her," Morgan said.

"I hate it when you get hurt, but I'm going to be your nurse for the next six weeks so you better get used to me being around," Pen said before she looked into his eyes, she wanted to say so much more, but she'd just left Mark but she left him for Derek, well technically she hadn't left him, he'd pretty much signed his own breakup form when he decided to call her few things in front of not only Morgan but Straus, she couldn't hide what she was feeling anymore and after Morgan punched the guy after he called her a slut and bitch, she knew who she really wanted, she still remembered what had happened that day.

Morgan, Hotch and Rossi had been talking to JJ about a new case and Emily and Reid was going to join them. She'd been trying to locate some information for them along with run a background for Straus on new employees. She was the one that had to check all new employees' background and dug up everything she could find, after all she was the expert Goddess of the all knowing. She'd gotten what she needed and was on her way to Straus' office. Morgan had walked over walking with her after the briefing. They were talking and flirting like usual, Morgan had opted to wait outside the office not wanting to go into the Devil's play ground as few others called the section chief's office.

When she came back out she had Straus with her, and they were talking about another employee. Garcia looked at the folder and knew who the guy was it was Mark her boyfriend. She had planned on telling her at that moment, but had been little worried that Mark wouldn't get the job. Morgan being little noisy looked at the folder, and had asked if that was her boyfriend. She'd said she wasn't sure since her boyfriend was not even talking about the FBI he'd said he wanted as far away from here as possible.

Garcia, Morgan and Straus found out couple minutes later it was indeed her boyfriend, but not the way most people find out. Mark had come into the building for his interview, apparently he had some friends that worked there and had told him that his girl was way to close to Morgan to be just best friends, he hadn't known who Straus was, just thinking it was some other person walked up to them told Garcia she was a slut and that she might as well go do Morgan since they spent so much time together as was and if she thought anybody was buying the best friends line then she was a bitch.

Straus had been about to yell at the guy, but he took a swing at Morgan who'd been trying his hardest not to punch the guy in the face, but when the guy came at him he didn't hold back. However instead of punching the guy he grabbed his arm using it against him knocking it off balance and slamming him into the wall. Before the guy could say anything he'd been handcuffed and Straus had told Morgan to take him downstairs and that he was being held on assaulting to Federal Agents. That had been week before they'd left on this case, she'd learned two things that day, never do something to hurt her in front of Derek, but she'd also found out that her team was one hundred percent her family.

"Are you still here?" Morgan asked, he'd been talking but she'd been zoned out.

"Yeah sorry, just thinking about something; I'm going to get your clothes and I'll get us something to eat, after I get the Hotch and Rossi out of here," she added, "lay back until I get back, and do not move."

Morgan didn't even try to argue, he knew it was no use as he laid back. His left arm was in a sling for next couple weeks so he would avoid using it. The doctor had wrapped his ribs up, but they were still hurting, Penelope had forced him to stay in the hospital the first night, but he refused the second day, he'd wanted out and back home soon. He was just glad he'd been cleared to fly, because a three day car ride would not have been fun, he was in pain, but he didn't want his goddess to know.

He could only hide so much from her however, and she was going to find out soon as the others left just how close he'd came to not coming back to her this time. Morgan was just thankful that JJ had been there with him, not that one the others couldn't helped, but he was going to go by himself since the others were out following other leads. Rossi, Emily and Garcia were the only three at the station when JJ had called and they'd just gotten back. He was just glad that Pen hadn't been alone when JJ called.

Hotch was the last to leave making sure that Penelope could handle Morgan alone, not that he didn't trust that she could, but since right now he couldn't exactly do few things for himself he'd wanted to make sure that Garcia was willing to do those things. She knew that even though Morgan had tried taking care of him self six months back when he'd gotten shot in the leg that Garcia had refused to let him be alone and try and manage to do things for himself.

The team knew they were getting closer since what had happen with Mark, they knew that Morgan had resisted punching the hell out of the guy for what he'd said about Garcia. They all would have punched the guy if they'd been close to him, but they knew why Morgan had resisted and it had nothing to do with their section chief standing there. It had to do with the fact that Derek had fallen in love with his best friend and knew if he had hit the guy even if it had been for what the guy had said that Garcia might have gotten it into her head that he was just defending her as a friend.

"Hey, you can go, I promise, I can take care of him," Garcia said.

"I am not doubting that, I just want to make sure you can are willing to do the other things that has to be done, it isn't like when he got shot," Hotch said.

Garcia knew what he was talking about, but right now she was trying to put that out of her mind, she loved her best friend and didn't want him to have to ask Rossi or Hotch to help him when it came to take shower. "I am his best friend and I have taken care of him each and every time he has been sick or injured since four months after I started at the BAU, I know more things about Derek than you might think," she said trying to not think about the year before when he'd been sick with the flu and she'd had to help him shower. She know knew what he was hiding in his jeans and she was still having wet dreams about that.

"I'm not even going to ask you to elaborate on that, I'll be by sometime tomorrow with what you need," Hotch said, "Do you need clothes?" he asked realizing that she was going to be here for while.

"I think I can manage, but have JJ or Emily get few things for me and bring it over too,"

"I will, and I'll get Rossi to bring Clooney back over here," Hotch added he was trying to figure out who had been watching Morgan's dog since Garcia had refused to stick him in a kennel. Rossi had a friend watching him at the moment; he just wasn't sure who the friend was.

"See you in the morning, boss man," Garcia said before closing the door and locking it. "Okay now just don't think about the fact that your best friend and very hot chocolate sculpture of a God is laying in his bed and you told him you're playing nurse," she breathed out before going to get the take out menu's finding something that they could eat and wouldn't upset his stomach, she finally settled on making soup, which she was just praying didn't blow the microwave up or do something else.

After twenty minutes Morgan was getting worried, but he knew if he got up she was going to yell at him for moving, and he didn't want to be on the wrong side of his baby girl, especially since she was the one taking care of him. "You okay in there?" he asked before she came into the room.

"I'm fine, and nothing happened to the microwave, apparently Hotch remembered I don't know how to cook, he heated the soup for you, and is bring breakfast in the morning," Garcia said.

"Thank god, I told him you can't cook, I was starting to freak out in here when I realized you were attempting to cook again, I love you baby girl, but you cooking was making me nervous as hell," Morgan said.

"I'm taking care of you and one them is going to make the food, to make sure we both don't die if something goes wrong in the kitchen," she said with smile.

"Do I get to approve the menu?" Derek asked.

"Nope, I am the one giving orders now, Special Agent Morgan," Garcia teased setting the soup on the night stand, "Now let's get you out of your clothes and under the covers, handsome," she smiled.

The next few weeks were going to be fun, and by the time they went back to work and Morgan was healed, being best friends wasn't the only thing they'd be. They were both in love with the other and trying to hide it, and when they'd been on the plane nobody had suggested that any other team member help Morgan, they'd all just assumed she'd be doing it and not to object to what she was going to do. Derek and Penelope were both hardheaded and stubborn, but that helped them out when it came to each other, and everybody who knew them knew they were best friends and that messing with one meant dealing with the other.


Hope you liked the start of the new story. I'm going to try and get two more chapters up today since I can't update as much since college is starting back.