Hermione was sitting in the stands of the quidditch pitch alone, she had been fighting with Ron again she knew that there was nothing different about that but she was beginning to see the wonderful Ron Weasley she thought he was, was all in fact a lie. She had kissed him once and now Molly was making wedding plans which Hermione didn't even think was a good idea the fact that you married your first boyfriend or girlfriend was ridiculous her mother and father had been in serious relationships before they had met each other her father had even been engaged to his childhood sweetheart but they had broke it off when he had wanted to go to dental school as she wasn't prepared to have a long distance marriage whilst she was doing some other course at a different university. Ironically this woman was her mother' friend and Hermione' godmother.

Anyway back to Ron she had told him that it was a spur of the moment kiss and that it didn't mean anything as she had just been so surprised he had cared about another living creature and not himself she had gone to kiss him on the cheek and he had orally assaulted her but she wasn't going to curse him before the biggest fight in the magical world in her life time.

It had been when she had been in the tent with Harry she had began to see through the facade that was Ron Weasley he didn't like Harry talking to Hermione alone let alone touching her after all Harry was Ginny' in Ron's eyes and Harry would see sense after Voldemort was dead and marry Ginny.

If only they knew Harry' boggart was now Ginny in a wedding dress telling him that she loved him. Hermione had seen it when they had ran into the boggart on the Horocrux hunt and Harry had sworn her to secrecy when she had finally recovered from crying with laughter.

Harry was currently sleeping, Professor McGonagall had put Harry and Hermione in the head' rooms claiming that they would have been the heads if they had returned, she however had told them they were not allowed to give anyone else the password to the rooms which meant that Harry and Hermione could not be blamed for it when Hermione and Harry both denied Ron and Ginny entrance into their rooms claiming if they where that mad about it they should take it up with McGonagall.

"Hey Mione," Harry said walking up to her and innocently wrapping his arms around her small waist tightly ever since they had near death experiences together they had been more open to touching each other in a friendly brother-sister way. Ron of course hadn't liked that when Hermione had placed her tired head on Harry' shoulder in the great hall whilst there was a press conference.

"Hey Harry," Hermione said not once thinking about telling him to remove or replace his hands as anyone with half a brain would be able to see that the way they were standing was innocent position.

"Have you seen Ron or Ginny?" Harry asked

"No why?" Hermione asked

"They have practically demanded I live with them at the burrow," Harry said "so I told them I was coming with you to Australia,"

"You did what?" Hermione asked with both surprise and hope in her voice she hadn't wanted to go to Australia alone but also she had wanted to go with Harry over Ron any day of the week.

"I am sorry," he said "I panicked and I was planning on telling you I would come with you if you wanted me to and they kind of pressured me into it."

"It is ok Harry," Hermione said "I know how they can be."

"So," Harry said "when are you going to tell me the truth?"

"Huh?" Hermione said and began biting her bottom lip knowing he couldn't see the action "I have no idea what you mean."

"I heard you and Ron arguing," Harry said rolling his eyes "do you want to tell me what is up?"

"He read too much from that kiss," Hermione said "I was going to kiss his cheek and he kind of,"

"Snogged you?" Harry said he had already guessed something like that had happened because as far as Harry knew Hermione had very little experience in kissing, Ron on the other hand for a large amount of 6th year had his tongue down Lavender' throat and even though Harry had no personal problem with Lavender he wasn't happy that Ron was using her to try and make a point to Hermione. Also when Ron had kissed Hermione or as Hermione saw it she was orally molested by Ron he was smirking at Harry at the same time almost gloating at the fact he was kissing Hermione and Harry wasn't.

"Yeah." Hermione said

"I know, I saw." Harry said with a neutral look on his face "if you want I can hit him?"

"No," A smiling Hermione said "it wouldn't do go with the future in laws."

"I would marry anyone other than Ginny," Harry said "even that Vane girl, the one that tried to give me a love potion."

"Oh Harry you don't mean that," Hermione said

"At least with her a know a repeat performance is possible," Harry said "I wouldn't put it past Ginny and Molly to try a love potion on me."

"Harry." Hermione said but then she decided against arguing with Harry as she herself thought that Harry was probably right and the Weasleys would try a love potion to pair Harry up with little Gin-Gin to keep her happy.

"So when do we go to Australia?" Harry asked

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