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Write a continuation of the novel beginning at the point where the novel ends. Could a new revolutionary leader appear? Might Benjamin decide to take a more active role? When and how might the society fail?

"Amelia go fetch another glass of wine for our Leader, Comrade Napoleon will you," Squealer asked after the humans had left looking at the sow he was speaking to with distaste. Amelia went and fetched the wine bringing it back carefully should any of the higher pigs especially Squealer and Napoleon not like her carrying methods and beat her but it wasn't done without displeasure that much was certain.

While these pigs were in the farmhouse a pig of quite a different sort had succeeded in sneaking onto the farm. This pig's name was Snowball and was thought by most on the farm to be a traitorous pig, a liar, and a cheat, but a few of the animals knew the truth. With this pig was a small pig with black and white bristles that had sent him a message stating things were worse than the revolutionaries had thought. Snowball first approached the now puzzled dogs on four legs and by simply stating a few sentences had caused the dogs to whimper in submission. Moses who had seen Snowball suddenly cried out "They've arrived, they've arrived," and sent the whole farm in an uproar. The farm knew of course that if Bruno who had a gift for knowing the trustworthy could trust Snowball then they probably could as well. The animals rallied themselves in the barn with Benjamin at the head of them stating the cruel things Napoleon had done to them. Snowball had no prepared speech, but he was so impassioned about his subject that it didn't matter whether or not it had been prepared earlier.

"Comrades you have been wronged by Comrade Napoleon and do you know why and how? You have been wronged by him comrades, because he didn't like that we were going to build the windmill or the fact that the odds were in my favor. Now really comrades a leader that removes his opponent because of jealousy is not a good leader especially when that same leader starts to treat others with contempt and such. Why should you continue to be under Comrade Napoleon's leadership when he's giving you so little food for so much work, he's being greedy don't you see? Not to mention the fact that a few of you deserve to rest Clover being one of them, in fact she's almost blind. This is not what we dreamed about that night when Old Major gave his speech. This is not what any of us thought would happen. Yet, why do we continue to live in these conditions? We need to rebel against Napoleon, after all we've lost quite a few comrades, and we don't want to lose anymore it's only the proper thing to do. Now let's show Comrade Napoleon exactly what we think of his so-called leadership," Snowball said seeming like he made up the entire speech right on the spot. In the farmhouse they too were speaking of a pig, but it wasn't Snowball they were speaking of, it was Amelia.

"Something has to be done about her, she's far too rebellious for a sow no to mention the fact that she's too revolutionary for a lower animal," a pig remarked.

"I cannot believe that all of you would do this, apparently the standards the other animals have about at least some of the pigs have as of late seemed to be wrong. The fact that she's considered a lower animal is an advantage to her as they know her better and she actually does work like they do not to mention the fact that she is very persuasive when she believes it is required of her. We will need to be careful and tread lightly as she is rather clever being the friend of Snowball," Squealer supplied giving them a sudden idea that they believed would result in them having another master propagandist that would help them control Animal no Manor Farm. They'd have to work on her attitude though as it would never be right for one of their master propagandists not to support Napoleon. Therefore the whips were needed but the pigs weren't beating her in public that would be far too shameful not too mention that beating her would probably kill her as she refused to eat or drink anything that came from something bought with Boxer's death. She didn't eat much either claiming that all animals were equal and as such no animal should receive more rations unless needed for their personal safety and welfare or as was the case for the sows and other female animals extra nutrients for their unborn children.

Amelia left the farmhouse and went to where the paint was kept, but as everyone in the farmhouse was drunk no one noticed her slip out. Amelia found the white paint with which so many bad deeds were done, and aided by a ladder, the paint, a paintbrush, along with a few friends of hers Amelia worked all night painting what would be later known only as 'The Realization Speech' though it was never spoken aloud besides being read aloud it was still very convincing and had at the very least convinced the animals along with the speech made by Snowball that the pigs in the farmhouse were just like the humans but not. The day after Amelia's death Snowball returned and was very upset indeed but wasn't harmed by the dogs as Amelia had realized that the day Snowball was exiled they hadn't eaten in a while and so she had fed them. As Snowball walked closer to the farmhouse leading the other animals he saw what the other pigs besides Amelia had done, they erased the commandments he had worked so hard on and put a paradoxical one in their place! This only served to make Snowball even angrier and as Amelia knew it was never good for the offending party when Snowball was angry. More determined the group went faster towards the farmhouse to the surprise of the drunken pigs or was it drunken humans now?

"Squealer what's going on," Napoleon slurred.

"Our worst nightmare, Squealer do something," another slurred. Squealer was a drunken, dizzy, and hung-over human looking pig that wasn't succeeding in convincing the animals everything was fine. The dogs sprang out and looked for their master, but they didn't see him and having been taught that humans were the enemy the now human looking pigs were forced to leave the farm. Squealer though was the last to leave as he was conversing with Snowball.

"Why did you do this Squealer," Snowball asked his former friend. Squealer's reply was something to the likeness of "I was corrupted by power," and he left never to be seen on Animal Farm again. Now that the corrupt pigs were gone what was to happen to them?

"Well at least Napoleon's cruel regime is over," a small black and white pig said quietly.

"Yes, and we owe it all to Snowball," one of the sheep said.

"Not to insult anyone, but my sister Amelia and I had been planning this for a while, in fact I was Amelia's messenger to Snowball. In fact she told me that she'd heard from one of the birds that a meeting with the humans was to take place and so she told me the message and I delivered it Snowball if it wasn't for the bird that told us we would still be suffering under Napoleon. We had some help and if those animals would like to come forward and say they helped and I know they did I hope they can do it now or sometime soon," the small pig said quietly.

"What's your name," a lamb asked.

"My name is Bruno, it's nice to meet you," Bruno replied. The name of the small pig triggered a load of memories which reminded Snowball that he wasn't just a messenger but that he was also the brother of his best friend who was the first friend he had made on Animal Farm. Snowball was furious with himself for forgetting her he still remembered that time and that night he slipped into his memories.

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