Do Not Want

A quick FranticShipping (RubyxSapphire) dialogue oneshot

PLEASE READ: The dialogue is rather misleading, so I urge readers to go all the way to the end before jumping to conclusions. And, because it's dialogue, I won't be saying who is saying which line, but I'm sure you can figure it out.


"Ruby, how can you make me do this? I told you I don't want to!"

"Sapphire, I already told you that I need your body. You're the only one who can help me make this right!"

"No I'm not! What about the other girls? Coach or Flannery or Roxanne would be more willing then me!"

"If I asked Winona, Master would be furious. And Flannery and Roxanne don't have the right shape for me."

"Dammit, Ruby, I hate this!"

"Stop moving! You're only making it harder!"

"Can you blame me? This is your thing, your type of-OW!!"

"I told you to stop moving!"

"Get it out! Get it OUT!"

"I'm trying!"

"Bloody hell, Ruby, stop trying to stick it further in!"

"I'M NOT!"


"It's only a little blood! Come on, be tough girl again and get over it!"

"Easy for you to say, but that thing is HUGE!"

"I know. It's out."

"Whew...never do that again."

"Don't worry, it won't happen again."

"Of only we were outside...maybe I wouldn't be complaining as much about this."

"Typical of you to say that, wild child. Just relax and we'll go outside after."


"You've made this a lot harder than it should be. It's only posing so I can get your size right! You need new clothes, Sapphire, don't deny that."


Did I fool you? :D

Explanation: Ruby probably stuck his sewing needle in Sapphire by accident. They're not all tiny, you know.