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"Isabella! Get down here! Now!" I heard Victoria call resentfully from the meeting room down the hall. She never did take a liking to me though I have absolutely no idea why, I'm always nice to her.

"Coming!" I called as I exited the closet my room is. I tried to walk quickly down to the meeting room but my ribs still extremely hurt from when Edward, a horrible full-of-himself idiot at school, kicked me so hard he broke four ribs. Thus making it a difficulty to breath, also... I can't bend over, it hurts too much. So I can't change or take a shower, I must smell filthy! But this is not the time to worry about that, I just hope this guy can't smell very good. I caught my breath and then timidly opened the door.

"Took you long enough! Get in here!" Victoria said angrily and I quickly entered. "Carlisle, Isabella. Isabella, Carlisle." she said sounding extremely bored then turned to Carlisle ignoring me as if I weren't even here, but I'm used to it. "Are you sure you want to adopt her? We have some much more sexier girls here to pick from." she said with a evil sneer and Carlisle had a look of surprise.

"I... have no idea what you are talking about." he stuttered still shocked.

Victoria rolled her eyes impatiently and flipped her flaming red hair with a dramatic twist of her head. She looked just like a teenager with a serious attitude. "Whateva, ya want the little slut or what?" she snapped shooting me daggers which I shamefully looked away from.

"Don't call her a slut and yes, I would like to adopt Isabella." he seemed really angry at either the fact that she called me a slut or that he had to adopt me, I couldn't tell.

I could see through his surprise though. I knew very well the reason why he wanted me. It was just for that check that came with me, and for a servant. I was older now and I knew what this man was looking for... a sex slave. I shuddered just thinking about it... the pain I would have to suffer through. Yes, I had already experienced some forms of sexual acts but I was still a virgin. I had to put their thing in my mouth and once one of them had taken me from behind. It hurt like hell.


"I'm sorry James!" I whimpered as he stripped mine and his pants. I had fallen asleep before making his dinner and he was fuming mad now... fuming mad and drunk.

He ignored my pleas and continued on. "Now, I want to hear you scream." he whispered drunkenly into my ear.

And scream I did. When he entered me from behind I screamed bloody murder. I just wanted to die. He was huge!

I passed out soon after his entrance.

End of Flashback

I was silently hyperventilating from the memory as Carlisle waited for Victoria's response.

Victoria looked surprised momentarily but then lost it to be replaced with her usual bored/bitchy look. "Whateva, take the little bitch. Just a warning, she is very disobedient. If you don't slap her around she'll never respect ya." she said with a malicious wink as she turned to glare at me. "You better obey Mr. Masen..." Victoria said seemingly sweet but then her voice turn malignant as she continued, "You hear me?" she yelled slapping me so hard I fell to the floor, hitting my head against the door with a thud.

"Y-y-yes mam," I whispered not meeting her eyes as she laughed evilly.

"What the hell did you just hit her for?" I was beyond frightened when Carlisle's enraged voice filled the small room. "I think she got the warning in the first place!" he was still obviously angry, for a reason unknown to me, but he was trying to regulate his voice.

I cowered against the wall looking up at him with wide eyes as he stared at a pissed off Victoria.

"Why don't you just take the little whore and get the hell out of here!" she yelled at him getting into his face as best as she could with her short height.

Carlisle took a deep breath. "OK then," he said curtly as he turned to me. He bent down and my breath caught in my throat. He extended his hand and I took it after a moments hesitation. The sensation in his touch was so weird, it felt good... it made me feel all warm and gooey inside... weird. I pushed the feeling to the back of my mind as he pulled me up and I realized how truly beautiful he is.

His golden blond hair was gelled to look slightly messy yet very professional at the same time, his body is lean, tall, and yet very muscular, his deep sea green eyes were so alluring I got lost in their depths and he looked right back. I immediately looked away blushing, completely embarrassed that I even thought he was hot. He was probably happily married with kids. Even if he's not married he would never want an ugly broken whore like me.

"Let's go get your stuff and leave," he whispered into my ear and I jumped as his hot breath ran down my neck.

I nodded and walked out of the office with Carlisle behind me, leaving a fuming Victoria behind us. We walked back to my room in a comfortable silence. He seemed nice but I knew once we were alone it would begin.

I have very few possessions so I could easily fit everything into a small backpack. I packed what few clothes I have, a picture of my mom, Renee, and dad, Charlie, with me in front of them, and my bathroom things. I could feel Carlisle's eyes on my back as I got together my few belongings, it felt odd.

I dropped one of my shirts and I felt a sharp stab of pain as I tried bending over to get it. "Shit," I mumbled as I held my ribs, trying to breath in and out.

"Are you OK?" I jumped when Carlisle's voice was right beside me. I had almost completely forgot about him.

"Uh, yes, sir. I-I just pulled something the other day and it's kind of painful bending over." I stuttered timidly, looking down at my feet.

"Oh, I'll get your shirt for you." he said kindly and a little disbelievingly as he bent down and picked up the shirt.

I was shocked by how sweet he is, so I kind of stared, open-mouthed, at him for a moment before realizing he was handing me my shirt. I shook my head and took the shirt from him.

"Thanks," I whispered as my cheeks grew red stuffing the last shirt in my backpack. "OK, I'm done." I said timidly and followed Carlisle out.

Victoria was waiting by the front door with a fake smile on her face. "Thank you," she said bitterly, handing Carlisle some papers and shooting me daggers which I shied away from and hurriedly left behind Carlisle.

We got into a expensive-looking black Mercedes with tinted windows. I winced slightly when I got into the car but I tried hiding it. Carlisle still had a look of concern on his face which I didn't expect. Why did he seem so concerned about me? It was just... weird and was quite frankly scaring the hell out of me.

He got in the car and started the engine while I watched him warily. I turned away from him once we were on the road. I watched the trees pass by in a blur and the occasional gas station or restaurant. The sight of the food places reminded me of how hungry I really was and, to my embarrassment, my stomach growled rather loud.

He chuckled and my cheeks grew hot. "I'm sorry," I whispered looking at him to make sure he wasn't mad.

He looked back at me thoughtfully. "Why are you apologizing for being hungry?" he questioned curiously and I just shrugged, I was used to apologizing a lot. "Hm... well, where would you like to eat?" he asked looking side to side at the restaurants we were passing.

"Y-you don't h-have to get me anything, I'm not really t-that hungry." I whispered, not wanting to burden him and make this more painful for me though I was very hungry.

"Nonsense," he scoffed looking over at me with a worried look before he added, "How about... McDonald's?"

"OK," I whispered and he turned into the McDonald's parking lot. He got out and beat me to opening my door. I blushed. "Thank you."

"Your welcome." he said sweetly.

That was when I realized I wasn't able to get up. I attempted getting up but I just fell back to the seat clutching my ribs. Stupid damn rib-breaking-poor-excuse-for-a-human-Edward-Cullen. I looked up at Carlisle who was looking down at me with concern. He must have seen that I couldn't get up and held out his hand. After a moment I took it and he helped me out. Of course, being the klutz I am, I wobbled on my feet and fell right into him. My breath caught in my throat as I clung to his shirt so I wouldn't fall. He stumbled back a little but held me up by my elbows. He must have been uncomfortable by how close our bodies were so I let go of his shirt.

"I'm sorry," I murmured looking down at my shoes ashamed of myself. He pulled my chin up and I was once again caught in his eyes.

"You don't have to continue apologizing for things out of your control." he murmured seemingly soothingly but I didn't know if I could trust him still. Tears formed in my eyes because, even though I had told myself not to trust him, my heart swelled because I thought this man really cared about me.

I searched his eyes. All I could find was love and concern. Maybe this will be the turning point. "OK," I whispered backing up one step from him, I was still kind of uncomfortable being so close to a man. I was beyond shocked when I felt the small smile appear on my face and he smiled back.

"OK, let's go." he said putting his hand reassuringly on the small of my back as we walked forward. I wasn't scared by the gesture, I actually kind of liked it... which is bad.

I sat down at a table while he got something for us. I looked at the play area where the little kids were playing and remembered back to when I was that carefree with loving parents. Tears clouded my eyesight and I wiped it away when a male figure was walking towards me.

"Hello, Car-" I stopped when I recognized this man from somewhere else. "Edward?" my voice shook.


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