Title: Twisted Fairytale

Genre: Romance / Drama

Rating: M

Parings: Suzaku X Lelouch

Summary: Because love moves in mysterious ways, flirtatious playboy, Suzaku Kururugi, found himself captivated not by a woman, but by the pretty man who turns his perfect life upside down. AU

Author's Note: I'm very happy, guys! Even if the last two chapters had no Suzalulu interaction yet, the reviews had been very great! *Hugs and Kisses to all of you!*

Warning: Remember to read the italics word per word. Please be mindful of the dates. BEWARE OF SCENE/TIME SHIFTS.

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Geass. All rights reserved to CLAMP.

Suzaku was seven years old when he first met her.

Marianne vi Britannia was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen in his life, aside from his mother.

Regal and graceful, with gentle lavender eyes, she was the absolute epitome of a perfect empress in his mind.

"Come here, Suzaku. There's no need to be shy," Nadeshiko Kururugi cajoled to her son who had been hiding behind her skirt while staring wide-eyed at the ebony-haired woman. She gestured to her companion who was busy stifling giggles at her predicament. "This is your Aunt Marianne. She and I are classmates back in high school and in college."

"Not to mention best friends," Marianne added, glaring playfully at Nadeshiko when she intentionally forgot to mention that little detail.

The emerald-eyed woman laughed; the sound chiming pleasantly inside Suzaku's ears. "Unfortunately, that one too," Nadeshiko replied with a grin. Then, turning to her only child, she admonished lightly, "Now, where are your manners, Suzaku?"

At her soft reprimand, little Suzaku stopped staring and stood in attention, round cheeks blushing faintly. "I-I'm sorry, mother. I..I..uhh..." he trailed off, unsure on how to address the smiling lady, although this was not his first time meeting members of royalty. His cousin was the princess of Japan. And even he, himself, was part of royalty, belonging to one of the most prominent noble families in the country. "H-hello. How are you? My name is Suzaku Kururugi. It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Marianne-sama," he greeted with a bow, remembering the woman in the stories his mother told him about when she was younger.

When he looked up, Suzaku was surprised at the pinch and kisses delivered to his cheeks.

"Aww… such a cute kid! Nadeshiko, you really have one lovely little darling!" Marianne gushed, obviously ecstatic at the mannerism of the Japanese child. She sighed wistfully. "If only my dearest Lelouch can see you right now, he'll be jealous as to how adorable you are!"

At the mention of that name, the hands on his shoulders shook slightly. Suzaku looked up at his mother, wondering what might have upset her suddenly. But before he could even ask, the bitter smile on her face already disappeared completely.

"Don't be ridiculous, Marianne. I know your son is just as charming as you are," Nadeshiko exclaimed instead, beaming happily at the other lady.

At this, both women laughed.

But Suzaku had only questions in his eyes.

At the end of the afternoon full of stories and pleasantries, he still had a puzzled mind.

And when Marianne left, Suzaku finally came to understand.

Nadeshiko Kururugi was found weeping in her room, a faded photograph clutched in her delicate hands.

"Mother…" he called out to her.

At the sound of his voice, Nadeshiko stopped crying and motioned for him to come.

When he did, Suzaku was gathered into a hug.

Right there, nestled in her arms, he didn't dare question why she was crying, afraid that his young mind would simply fail to understand.

Instead he just asked, "Who is the person in the picture, mother?"

Never the type to deceive, her next few words crushed his butterfly dreams.

"This is the man I only ever loved," she replied with salty tears.

Seven years old Suzaku stared at the picture, emerald eyes highly confused.

The man in the photograph looked nothing like his father.

"But, mother…I don't know this man," came his little whine.

As the body holding him trembled with sobs, he regretted stepping on the land mine.

"…I'm sorry, mother," he whimpered out to her.

Not knowing what to do, Suzaku just listened to her cry.

Back then, he was just a little child.

slowly crumbling inside.

And then, nine years later, when his mother died, Suzaku finally completed the puzzle.

Nadeshiko Kururugi just wanted to be loved.

But she never had that in hand.

And against popular belief, the one at fault was never his father.

Because the smiling man in the picture had not his green eyes.

Instead, they were striking amethysts that fuelled his anger.

At seventeen, meeting her had been the last straw.

and finally, he snapped.

Suzaku, once lost, was then back with vengeance.


Kururugi Zaibatsu – Director Kururugi's Office

January 6, 2018; Wednesday, 10:28 am

Lelouch looked on with a bored stare at the scene presented to him upon opening the Director's office door. There, sprawled on the table was a half-naked woman, breasts exposed shamefully, with his boss, Suzaku Kururugi, trapped between her thighs.

"Suzaku-san," the Britannian greeted, entering the room without care to its occupants. He approached the aforementioned table, putting down a couple of folders near the woman's outstretched arms. "These are the files that needed your attention in preparation for the meeting this afternoon. Please take notice of the details on the expansion plan for the power plant in Kyoto. Apparently, Director Kyoshiro is looking forward on your opinion about the current budget and manpower sources for this project."


The woman, Haruka Daidouji, Lelouch noted with interest, wriggled underneath Suzaku, obviously trying to get up.

However, Suzaku showed no intention of stopping at his ministrations, daring the other man to look away and be embarrassed. Instead, he descended on the woman beneath him, thrusting deeply while gazing at the lawyer intensely. "Don't you know how to knock?" he sneered derisively. "How shameful,"—another thrust—"that behind those big and scathing words, you're just one perverted secretary." He paused, glaring hatefully. "Interestingly enough, I believe father will be really thrilled at this discovery," he finished sarcastically.

With one last thrust, Haruka moaned below him, shuddering pleasantly at their moment of release. When the brunette finally pulled out from her and as the haze of lust left her eyes, she sat up immediately and proceeded on covering herself, face burning with the color of shame.

At the statement, Lelouch raised a brow. "Shameful?" He smirked slightly. "Funny to hear that coming from you Suzaku-san. After all," he gave the couple a pointed look, "I'm not the one neglecting my duties and behaving like a monkey."

Suzaku, already looking neat and immaculate, growled at him. "You vermin!"

Lelouch quirked a mocking smile, amethyst eyes gleaming. "Suzaku-san, do you have the privilege to insult me?"

At Suzaku's understandable silence, Lelouch then called out to the dishevelled Japanese woman trying to fix her blouse buttons in obvious panic. "No need to rush, Daidouji-san," he mused as her face visibly paled. She clearly didn't appreciate the fact that Lelouch knew her name. "I already took the liberty of informing your father regarding your whereabouts. Although, I doubt he'll be very happy at knowing that his prim and proper daughter is actually acting like a slut with our controversial young master."

She gaped at him, absolutely horrified at what he had done. "You bastard!" she shrieked in anger, no longer bothering to fix herself as she headed straight out of the room.

Probably in tears.

Shrugging nonchalantly, the Britannian turned to Suzaku, eyes definitely scolding. "The President already warned me about this uncanny behavior of yours, Suzaku-san. Preposterous as it is, your idiocy is something I hadn't expected. Honestly," Lelouch sighed insufferably, "to be a subordinate to someone as promiscuous as you is no problem of mine. But, as a director, this exhibition of blatant stupidity and irresponsibility is inexcusable. Pardon me for saying so, but you are a disgrace to the Kururugi Clan."

A resounding slap pierced the air as those last words left his lips. "Stop talking as if you know me," Suzaku hissed, emerald eyes blazing angrily. "Know your place, commoner. You're nothing but a stranger, hired by my father to serve me willingly and obediently. You, just like some cheap whore, are being paid to do your job wholeheartedly and without query. So, stick to it." Then, with hands clenched at his sides, shaking wildly, he added fiercely, "And don't you dare act all high and mighty. The next time my hand hit your face, it won't be all that pretty."

With those sharp words that stung, any man would have cowered.

But never this one.

Lelouch, holding his burning cheek on one hand, just looked at him, amethyst eyes flashing icily. He sneered in reply. "Then, stop trying to prove your foolishness and ignorance, and I'll do my best to keep you in line. Good riddance!"

And with one last glare, he was gone.

Suzaku's body burned with fire.

'This means war.'

And this was how it all began.

*****Chapter 3: The Rule*****

Three weeks ago…


Kururugi Estate

December 11, 2017; Monday, 12:07 pm

"Suzaku, what's the meaning of this?!" exclaimed Genbu's shaking voice, disappointed eyes drilling holes onto his son. The newspaper laid on his left, crumpled atop the dining table after experiencing the old man's death grip.

Lunch, or any mealtime for that matter, was typically a joyous occasion to the owners of the Kururugi manor. It would usually start with both father and son greeting each other, talking about the events of that morning, and then joking about the young master's lack of wedding ring. It would be followed by the chief butler introducing the courses prepared by the chef for that meal. Appetizers first, then entrees and finally, desserts. Genbu was often heard laughing on his son's antics at trying to get his desserts first, as a child. Quite amusingly, that practice hadn't changed even now that Suzaku was a grown lad.

However, this particular lunch gathering was slightly different.

Suzaku didn't bother hugging his father like he would always do whenever he was unable to go home on time the previous night.

Or even tried making it back home.

At all.

Genbu, noticeably riding the same boat, not once uttered a word about his son's promiscuous ways, instead, just opened that day's broadsheet wide enough to cover his aging face.

No pleasantries were exchanged.

No teasing remarks were exclaimed.

…and no humored chuckles were heard.

As it appeared, for that moment, the air was obviously strained.

With dark clouds looming above their heads.

Apparently, neither noticed that the whole scenario was witnessed by a pair of amused jade eyes.

In Kaguya's mind, it was an apocalypse in the making.

Ohgi, well aware of the President's cause of distress, found it quite unsettling that the princess was busy stifling giggles while trying not to choke on her German braised beef medallion.

Etiquette be damned, she would definitely not miss this one.

Suzaku cleared his throat. "The meaning of 'this' refers to what exactly, father?" he asked lightly, without doubt testing the waters. While waiting for the answer, he took a mouthful of his crème brûlée. 'Delicious as always,' he reflected, closing his eyes in bliss while mentally singing praises to the pâtissier.

Genbu bristled, face contorted in a scowl. "I refuse to tolerate this nonsense, young man!" the Kururugi head reprimanded. With a wave of his hand, Genbu motioned the chief butler to move forward.

Ohgi, with coattails swishing behind his back, approached Suzaku, then produced a broadsheet similar to the one Genbu had previously read and mistreated. "Here you go, young master," Ohgi said, handing the newspaper to him.

Surprised at the big bold letters staring back at him, Suzaku read on.

But Genbu would have none of that.

"The Kitagawa Group broke off all their transactions with our company because of this ridiculous stunt that you pulled. Honestly, Suzaku, what are you thinking with supporting that strike? The Kitagawa's are undergoing retrenchment, but that's their business! There's absolutely no need for your outlandish meddling!"

"But, father!" Suzaku tried to defend himself, totally lost at the sudden accusation. "There has to be a mistake! I don't remember doing anything like this—" he trailed off, vaguely remembering the sexy human rights lawyer who persuaded him into signing a certain document.

He cursed.

"Young master!" Ohgi scolded, slightly livid at the young man's choice of vocabulary. He took a fleeting glance at the President who was gradually turning purple as the minutes passed by.

"That –beep-!" Suzaku cursed again. Then turning to his father, he explained in desperation, "This is a frame-up, father. Please believe me. I absolutely have no intention of doing something like this! It has to be Ayaka. She made me sign this docum—"

Genbu frowned. "Ayaka? You mean Ayaka von Kleizten?" he demanded, green eyes shrouded in dread and disbelief at the absurdity of his son, dealing with that vile Britannian. "Oh god…" he breathed deeply, "please don't tell me you're dating that woman!"

At the brunette's vigorous nod, Genbu was more than furious. "Suzaku, have you lost your mind?! That lawyer is shame to this business! If you must know, that woman is the daugh—" he halted, catching himself just in time.

'This is ridiculous,' he thought, massaging his temples, feeling a migraine coming.

If someone was going to rob her of that future, it would definitely be that man.

Never him.

Nor his son.

Instead, he continued with a strained voice, "More importantly, what are you doing, signing agreements without even reading them? How could you act so irresponsibly?! You're a director of this company—"

"Only by name, father," Suzaku pointed out in defense.

"But a director, nonetheless," Genbu finished, jaws set tight in a snarl.

The dining hall became silent at his declaration.

Genbu had always been an easy-going man; always the accommodating father to his precious son. However, this issue, together with his deteriorating health, pushed a lot of buttons within him that inevitably resulted to his lost of calm.

Suzaku had his head bowed in slight shame, crème brûlée temporarily forgotten.

On the sidelines, Kaguya was taking pleasure at seeing her only cousin being grilled.

Genbu exhaled noisily, left hand on his forehead trying to flatten the crease of his eyebrows. "Suzaku," he finally spoke after a long suffering sigh, "don't get me wrong. I'm not mad at you, but at the thing that you've done, albeit unknowingly. I admit that I'm part to blame since I've spoiled you far too much because of what happened to your mother—" Suzaku's disposition darkened visibly—"But this appalling behavior has got to stop, my son."

At this, the Kururugi heir's shoulders tensed, a hundred possibilities echoing back to his head. Willing to get himself out of this mess, Suzaku looked at his father's eyes and expressed his regret sincerely, "I'm sorry, father. My action was uncalled for. I assure you, this blunder will never happen again."

Always used to getting his father's acceptance in earnest, the young man was awfully disappointed at the negative reply. "I'm afraid no type of apology can get you out of this one, Suzaku. The Kitagawa Group is a valuable client and you made the company lose them. It may be a light matter to me, but definitely not to the employees handling their accounts. If I may be frank, those people deserve most of your heartfelt apology."

"But father! I ca—" Suzaku started to cry out in protest.

Genbu just held up a hand and, surprisingly, ignored him. "After the holidays are over, I'll be expecting your attendance in the company and board meetings. I believe it's finally time for you to carry out your neglected responsibilities," the sixty-two year old man informed him. Then he added like an afterthought, "And get married, for god's sake. You're twenty-five years old—"

"Twenty-six," Suzaku snapped, livid at the reminder and being ignored. "You missed the celebration last July."

"Twenty-six but still unmarried and irresponsible?" Genbu intoned with a dry laugh. "Fix that reckless behavior of yours, Suzaku. I won't be always around to clean up a mess for you. You know, by the time I was twenty-six, I already—" (1)

"Married my mother and screwed a cheap whore?" Suzaku supplied with a harsh smile.

At that point in time, the brunette already had no idea what was transpiring between them.

For some reason, the forbidden words just came out of his lips without his consent.




and painful.

Suzaku heard not of Kaguya's startled gasp, nor Ohgi's distressed cry of "Young master!"

In their places, he just heard silence…and only saw the pain and bitterness present in his father's green eyes.

And then, there was enlightenment.

"F-Father… I-I didn't mean…" Suzaku called out to him, mentally scolding his very being for uttering such stupid allegation.

'It's not his fault. Never his! Never, never, never!' he witnessed his seventeen years old self crying under the rain again.

'Forgive him...'

'…and forget, forget, forget!'

And when his mother died, he finally did.

Then finally realizing the hot tears threatening to cascade past his cheeks at the wounded stare boring to his eyes, Suzaku suddenly stood up and addressed his father, low voice quivering slightly, "P-Please excuse me. I'll be in my room if you need me."

And with a few long strides, he left the dining hall.

Kaguya, not bothering to hide her worry, also stood up and chased after her cousin wordlessly. The princess had not expected this outcome when she deliberately stayed for lunch just to see her uncle's reaction to that article.

After all, her immature mind thought that it was all just for fun.

But now…she didn't know what to think.

Guilt swelled inside her as she followed Suzaku to his room.

Nevertheless, that particular visit would never be forgotten.

Because painfully so, just like her vision coming true…it was a disaster.

The remaining occupants of the room were blanketed in silence.

Genbu had a faraway look as he regarded his butler contemplatively, "Do you think I did the right thing? Or…" he asked sadly, "am I still that foolish man who can't lick the scars of the past without care?"

Ohgi rewarded him with stillness, slightly chapped lips pressed in a bleak smile.

For the past years that he had served under the Kururugi Clan, Ohgi had been witness to the hardships and sufferings experienced by Genbu Kururugi as a broken man. There were no secrets kept beyond the thick walls of the Kururugi estate, whereby the loudest howl or even the most silent prayer could be unmistakably perceived by the prying souls.

And because the walls have ears, that even Suzaku's cries, as a child and a man, were always heard, but ignored.

Indeed, it was the burden from a wounded decade.

"Ohgi," Genbu's call pulled him out of his reverie.

"Yes, President?" Ohgi answered dutifully, noticing the man's incessant rubbing on his temples.

"What time is it?"

Ohgi blinked at the question, but obeyed wordlessly. "It's half-past twelve, sir," he replied, holding Graves Supercomplication (2) on his right hand. The yellow-gold pocketwatch was Ohgi's prized and most treasured possession as the Kururugi's chief butler. It was a symbol of nobility and prestige, passed down to the successors of the Kaname family who deserved to become support to the current head of the Kururugi ancestry. It was bestowed by Hayashi Kururugi, Genbu's great grandfather, to his kin. The pocketwatch used to belong in the hands of his father. And now, for almost thirty years, it was grasped by him.

Genbu nodded, silently considering the time difference between Japan and another country in the global west. "Perfect," he muttered, then turned to the man who had served him for twenty-eight years. "Now, I want you to make an international call to Britannia and get me Guildroy Ashford immediately," he instructed, his previously wounded face contorted seriously. "Just mention my name and he'll know what I need. This atrocious behaviour of my son can't go on anymore, I'm afraid."

The butler complied. "Of course, sir. I shall do it right away," Ohgi answered. Then peering back at the troubled man, he asked, "Would that be all, President?"

Genbu waved a hand casually. "Bring me some painkillers, too. This migraine is getting more terrible lately," he finished with another press to his forehead.

Ohgi frowned. "But sir, you've just taken double than what was prescribed last night. Maybe it's time that you see a doctor and—"

But Genbu just held up his hand and shook his greying head. "I'll be fine. A few more pills will do. Just phone Guildroy first, and let's see what happens from there."

Moments after contemplating whether to argue or not, Ohgi nodded gravely, eyes gleaming determinedly. "As you wish, President."

And without another word, he disappeared in the hallway.


Ashford, Hawthorne & Associates

December 22, 2017; Friday, 8:30 am

Lelouch vi Britannia finally turned up in the law firm, four days after his hospitalization.

To put it nicely, those four days had been the longest and most insufferable days of his life. C.C's visits did nothing to alleviate his worries. Instead, she just intensified it with the blatant declaration of taking his brother's hand in marriage.

Honestly, it had been the strangest conversation that Lelouch had the misfortune of partaking.

And thankfully, that was already over.

Now, he was in for another predicament that would change his life.


"Good morning, Shirley," Lelouch greeted to the back of an orange-haired woman standing near his office door.

His entry to said room was halted by the sound of shattering glass.

"...you're alive," came her unbelieving response.

Lelouch's eyebrows noticeably shot upwards at the careless comment. After turning around to actually face her, he snorted. "But, of course. The last time I checked, the person up there still refused to open the gates of heaven for me."

With that reply, Shirley visibly stiffened, pointing a shaking finger at him as if she had seen a ghost. "..B-but C.C. said you were hospitalized—"

"Yes, I was."

"A-and that your condition was critical—"

"It was?"

"..t-that it was confirmed that you won't make it alive!" she finished with a terrified shriek.

Lelouch frowned. 'That witch,' he cursed mentally. Then regarding her calmly, he retorted, "Well, C.C. lied. End of conversation."

"..b-but I—"

However, Lelouch cut her off. "I said end of conversation, Shirley. I'm here. Alive. Now, be happy. End of story."

Approximately five seconds passed before comprehension reached her eyes. Then finally, a disappointed, "...Oh."

Amethyst eyes slanted in irritation.

Realizing the need to grow a brain, Shirley squeaked, "I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean that, sir! Well, I kinda did, but that's beside the point. I mean, welc-"

Lelouch could feel a headache coming. Honestly, his secretary talked too much. He held up a hand. "Enough. Ok, I understand," he interrupted, massaging his forehead. "Just get me a cup of coffee. Black. No milk, just sugar. Three cubes, if you please. Oh, and be sure to stir it counter-clockwise. I'll definitely know if you did otherwise."

Amber eyes blinked up at him. "Huh?"

"Need I repeat myself Miss Fenette?"

"Ah? Oh, I understand, sir! I'll be back with your coffee!"

Because murder was a crime, that Lelouch had a headache.

Two minutes after receiving a phone call from Guildroy's secretary, he was more than willing to return to the hospital and spend the remaining days of his life in there.

Preferably with no visitors allowed.

(Like Milly and C.C.)

At the sound of shattering glass, a few curses muttered and finally a wail, Lelouch at long last decided to leave his office to drag his secretary out from the premise of the kitchen.

It was a mess.

In all ways possible.

"Miss Fenette," he admonished at the amber-eyed woman currently wiping stains from her blouse jacket, "I clearly asked for hot coffee twenty minutes ago, not for you to make a ruckus in the kitchen."

Shirley's face tilted down in embarrassment. At her whimper of ("I'm sorry, sir. I'll do better next time."), Lelouch exhaled noisily, already feeling the start of a terrible day.

"Never mind. Just clean up this mess first. We don't need any more accidents happening in this office." Just as the other woman proceeded on picking up the shards of glass scattered on the floor, he added offhandedly, "And forget the coffee. I don't need it anymore. I have a meeting in five minutes with Guildroy. I expect," Lelouch instructed, surveying the chaos in the kitchen with one glance, "that everything is already in order by the time I'm done. Am I clear, Miss Fenette?"

"Yes, sir," Shirley muttered in reply.

Quite satisfied with her answer, Lelouch finally slipped out of the kitchen without further arguments.

Shirley heaved a relieved sigh.

To be quite honest, the twenty-four year old woman was not entirely that clumsy. In fact, she could be quite efficient if she was composed and relaxed (like that time when Lelouch was in the hospital). There was just something about her boss that made her feel so… inferior that she couldn't help but act all sloppy and nervous.

Like now.

To a certain extent, his early recovery only signalled bad news to her.

Not that she actually wished death for the beautiful Britannian man. Lelouch, beyond his irate words and sharp tongue, was actually a considerate boss. She would even go far to admit that she lusted after the lawyer when she was first assigned to work under him. Too bad, the magic spell was broken when he opened his ruthless mouth.

She shivered in memory.

Sometimes, Shirley only wished for the young lawyer to finally meet his match.

And she was convinced as hell that whoever that person 'was' would definitely be a catch.

'So help me God.'

Lelouch was met with a peculiar sight upon reaching Guildroy's office.

It was Guildroy…laughing with his daughter, Milly Ashford.

To outsiders, it might have looked like a typical father and daughter conversation, but to him, it blatantly meant impending damnation.

For one, Milly didn't stop by his office like she would always do whenever she decided on impulse visiting. Two, the blond woman never mentioned anything about appearing again in said office when they were having dinner in the sanctuary of his home last evening. Three, Shirley's performance that morning could only mean 'this,' a bad omen in the making. And four, his Beware-of-Milly-Instincts were currently tingling to an alarming degree at the sight of her face looking so happy.

Not good.

Not good, at all.

When the two parted ways, Lelouch immediately rounded up to the unsuspecting Milly who obviously faked a gasp at seeing him. "My muse! How lovely to see you!" she greeted.

However, Lelouch bought none of that and just eyed her suspiciously. He bit back bluntly, "What was that about?"

"What was what about?" was her innocent reply.

Lelouch glared.

Milly clucked her tongue at him, lazy grin in place. "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. My darling little muse, so impatient!" Then putting her hands atop her shapely hips, she continued, "I can't stay put knowing that your health is suffering, you know? Thus, as your benefactor (albeit self-proclaimed), I've taken to heart the responsibility of acting on your best interests! So, worry not, my dear. Everything is going to be alright. I'll make sure of it."

Sadly enough, her reassuring words brought no comfort to Lelouch at all.

In fact, he felt all blood escape his head.

"Milly! Exactly what did you just do?!" Lelouch hissed at her with the very intention of getting answers.

But Milly merely tapped a finger to her lips and smirked at him, blue eyes glinting mischievously. "Oh, you'll know."

Lelouch shivered, an ominous feeling creeping to his skin.

'Uh oh.'

He didn't like that 'look.'

Whenever she had that look, a series of unfortunate events would happen to him; and they were always the type that would leave him extremely humiliated and angered in the process.

(Please see his high school days for reference.)

Incidental or not, Lelouch stood on his firm belief that Milly had something to do with it.

Like being the mastermind, for example.

And this time, whatever it was she just did, Lelouch was sure as hell that he wouldn't like it.

Not one bit.


Ashford, Hawthorne & Associates – Guildroy Ashford's Office

December 22, 2017; Friday, 9:13 am

"Guildroy, I refuse to take this humiliation!" Lelouch snapped to Guildroy after learning what the meeting was all about. He couldn't believe the audacity of this man and his daughter to even suggest such a thing! He snorted. 'Worried about my health, my foot,' he growled inwardly. There's no way in the world he would consent to this foolishness. He continued, "I studied law for six years to be a lawyer and not to be a freaking babysitter! Besides, I have a case coming up. Frederick Meisner, remember? I already have enough weight in my hands to even consider playing nanny to a spoiled brat. Thank you very much!"

But Guildroy was also a stubborn man, not even flinching a bit at the young lawyer's outburst. Instead, he merely smiled, settling his chin on the fold of his hands. "I understand where you're coming from, Lelouch. But you seem to have misinterpreted what I just told you." He gestured to the paper sitting atop his table. "Being a babysitter or a nanny, like what you recklessly assumed, is not the implication of an Executive Secretary. I thought you're a brilliant man so I assumed you would understand even that. Apparently, I have expected too much."

Guildroy's words, behind the carefree smile, were sharp enough to wound his huge ego. Lelouch scoffed, indignant. "I know perfectly well what those people do, Guildroy. Performing clerical duties, managing confidential documents, scheduling meetings and assisting in corporate meetings," he drawled on. "Do you really mean to insult me by telling me to take this position? Please, Guildroy, I'm sane enough not to have the simplicity of a dog."

The other man raised a brow at his comment. Guildroy shook his head and regarded him with a level stare. "You deliberately ignored the support they offer to company directors, young man. When a top executive leaves or a merger occurs, someone needs to keep the ship afloat and that's them. It's rather low of you compare this job to a dog's. Being an executive assistant requires flexibility and leadership skills. And I strongly believe that you have both of that. You have a broad range of office skills, thrive on multi-tasking, stay calm under pressure and enjoy making yourself and the firm look good. To be quite frank, this post perfectly suits you." he persisted calmly, ignoring the daggers being thrown at him. "Besides," Guildroy added like an afterthought, "it's what your physician prescribed to you—a vacation and a less stressful job."

Lelouch stared back at him, extremely aghast. He couldn't believe…! Couldn't believe the nerve! With hands clenching on his side and shoulders shaking, he sneered back in reply. "Well, Doctor Nu made a mistake. I definitely don't need this nonsense. I'm a partner in this firm. There's no way I'm leaving it!"

At this, blue eyes narrowed into slits as he retorted coldly, "What are you trying to imply? That this firm will not survive without you?" Guildroy let out a dry laugh. "You think so highly of yourself, Lelouch. This firm had been great even before you joined in. Sure you're an asset to us, but with the way you're acting, you're becoming a liability."

Lelouch stiffened visibly, willing himself to stay calm and salvage his wounded ego. Honestly, he couldn't believe that he would fall victim to Guildroy's silver tongue.

As if noticing the change in the other man's demeanor, Guildroy opted for a less chilly tone when he went on. "Lelouch," he called out, like a father to his prodigal son, "listen to me, or if not, to Milly. We're just worried about you. As it appears, your health is the problem. And this job is the solution. To be frank, I see nothing wrong with the equation."

But Lelouch just ignored his words and started collecting his things. Instead, he replied firmly, "This meeting is over, Guildroy. My answer is negative. And nothing will ever change that."

Lelouch was headed for the door when Guildroy's next words stopped him.

"Even your father?"

Three simple words that promptly brought his world crumbling down.

As his whole body froze, with blood turning to ice, he vividly remembered the times when he was starved, isolated and out running in the cold. Breathing heavily, Lelouch turned around, amethyst eyes flashing dangerously.

"…what do you mean?"

And all of a sudden, the tables were turned.


Szergius von Britannia International Airport (SBIA)

January 1, 2018 Monday, 7:15 am

On the first day of the year two thousand eighteen, Lelouch vi Britannia found himself in the airport, a huge frown in place, with Milly and C.C. closely in tow. His baggage had been checked-in for half an hour already and now, he was just waiting for the announcement meant for boarding passengers.

Of course, always the impatient man, waiting, for him, was an awfully boring (and alarming) way to pass time.

Most especially with those two by his side.

C.C. yawned loudly on his left, quite irate at being woken up early. A call from Milly at six o' clock in the morning (with a purpose completely unrelated to pizza), made her a cranky companion to Lelouch's leaving. Thus, to spite the Britannian lawyer (it was his fault, after all), she took the liberty of reading Milly's latest novel in her loudest voice possible while walking beside him.

("Lelouch woke up to the feeling of wetness licking his shaft, body still weak from the intense activities of a while ago…Indeed, that had been his hottest one yet and he wanted to commit the experience to memory.

However, at the incessant sucking and nibbling on his slowly hardening manhood, it seemed that his lover still had not satisfied his sexual appetite and apparently wanted more of him…

suddenly, Lelouch let out a moan in ecstasy as Tristan, knowing that the other was finally awake and feeling his ministrations, sucked on his fraenulum where he was sensitive the most…

"..ah….ahh….s-so..so...g-good…ahhh!" Lelouch screamed in breathy gasps, not bothering to hide his pleasure…

...Tristan just happily complied… bobbing himself up and down on the swelled pink member, smirking slightly as it hardened more inside his mouth…

"…ahh…ah..more…ah…don't…s-stop..ahhnn…!" gripping the sheets underneath his fingertips, Lelouch buckled his hips more into the sensation as he came in ribbons into the Britannian's awaiting mouth…

and Tristan swallowed it all—")

"C.C., quit it!" Lelouch hissed at her, terribly embarrassed at the looks being thrown at the three. Then turning to the blond on his right, revelling on the words being spoken by C.C., he snapped, "And Milly, stop encouraging her! Don't you see that you're ruining my name?!"

But he was blatantly ignored.

In all words possible, they were making a scene.

And the fact that C.C. was reading the whole thing with no emotions, whatsoever, made the situation even more disturbing.

"Mother, how can a guy swallow a ribbon? Won't he die doing that?" a six year old boy asked to his mother, innocence unknowingly being shattered.

The woman in question visibly stiffened and decided not to answer, dragging the confused boy away from the trio.

The dirty look she gave to Lelouch was definitely not missed.

It clearly said 'Good riddance!'

Lelouch paled.

C.C. smirked.

Apparently, she still loved exploiting his weakness whenever she saw one.

"Now, now, my little muse," Milly exclaimed, wagging a finger at his mortified face," You need not worry about those insignificant details!" She laughed, producing another copy of the book, much to Lelouch's horror. "See right here?" she pointed at the text written a few pages before the prologue, "I clearly specified that any use of real names in this story is coincidental and purely unintentional. And look," she gestured excitedly at another phrase, "l even emphasized how totally unplanned the similarities of my fictional characters are to any real life individual, entity or person. Thus, you still stay as the chaste and uptight lawyer you are, while I make my readers happy!" she grinned, obviously proud of herself at dismissing his reservations. Then, she added with a nod, "Like I told you, no need to worry."

"No need to worry?! You're telling me not to worry about something like... something like…"—Lelouch tried his best not to shake (but failing horribly)—"..something like this?!" he finally cried out, snatching the book from her, amethyst eyes looking at her wildly. "Milly! This piece of pornographic material is alarming! In fact, it's against the law!"

Indeed, it was.

Under the Anti-pornography Civil Rights Ordinance of Britannia: Section 2, Clause 10, writing or owning of obscene literature pieces were prohibited and punishable by law.

But this was Milly.

The law 'excuses' no one… but HER.

By further scanning (and definitely not reading), the blatant description of 'organs-that-must-not-be-named' rubbing each other and doing god-knows-what inside that...that 'never-been-used-that-way' opening made Lelouch want to faint.

With the promise of never waking up again.

"Oh, Milly," C.C.'s voice called out, breaking his fainting spell, "How did that start again? You know, with Lelouch inspiring you to write this....this..." C.C. tried to search inside her head for the right words to say,"…uhh.." then, enlightenment came to her, "….this piece of scandalous and immoral anomaly to society?"




To society.

Someone up there obviously snorted.

Right words, indeed.

Nevertheless, the desired reaction was achieved.

Lelouch stiffened, fixing C.C. with a lethal glare. 'Don't you dare.'

But of course.

This was C.C.

Immunity to said glare: hundred percent.

"It was in a field of sunflowers—," Milly's dreamlike voice started, both hands clutched to her chest intimately. By this time, she already left reality and entered the world of fantasy. "—where six years old Lelouch (my darling, little muse), had his first kiss—"

"—with a boy," C.C. cut in, lips obviously smirking.

Lelouch glowered.

But Milly just nodded vigorously, blond curls bouncing on her shoulders happily. "Of course, my dear," she huffed, "No girl shall ever have him defiled! (Please never mind just how wrong that statement was.) As my little muse, I will never allow it! His pure beauty is only for men to devour!"

(Insert horrified gasp.)

By that moment, Lelouch was already a soulless carcass.

Milly, as a child, was a spoiled little brat. Anything that she deemed pretty would ultimately become her property. It didn't matter of what kind actually. Be it people, toys, books, dresses, food, plants, pets or even bugs. As long as they caught her eyes, she would have them as a prize.

And during her childhood years, her possessive little mind witnessed the astounding beauty of one Lelouch vi Britannia.

The following was a brief summary of what went inside the blond girl's head during their encounter.

Milly loved pretty things.

Lelouch was pretty.

All pretty things belonged to her.

Therefore, Lelouch was hers.

End of story.

And just like any selfish Britannian girl, she declared ownership on the amethyst-eyed boy, claiming that pretty little Lelouch belonged to her and her alone.

At that time, Lelouch was just her darling little doll.

Her favorite plaything.

Milly cleared her throat. "Ahem, where was I? Oh, of course, the kiss. Lelou—"

However, like a strong objection to her ill intention, the airport's PA system went off.

"This is the final boarding call for passengers of flight 428A to Tokyo, Japan. Please proceed to gate 3 immediately. The final checks are being completed and the captain will order for the doors of the aircraft to close in approximately five minutes time. I repeat. This is the final boarding call for passengers of flight 428A to Tokyo, Japan. Please proceed to gate 3 immediately. Thank you."

Somehow, the trio had lost track of time at the ridiculous turn out of events. Normally, the monotonous ringing of the airport's PA system was a royal pain in the ass, but now, Lelouch couldn't think of anything more melodious.

Milly glared indignantly at the offending contraption for being interrupted.

Lelouch, on the other hand, flashed the two with a very cheeky smile, feeling excited to finally leave their clutches. "I guess that's my cue."

Milly sighed and proceeded to embrace the lawyer tightly, blond head fitting snugly beneath his chin. "Stay safe, little muse. You might be angry at what I've done, but I'm not sorry at all. I strongly believe that you need this vacation and you know it."

Lelouch, slightly feeling awkward at the display of affection cleared his throat and replied gruffly, "It's fine. I'll get my revenge on you some other time."

"Of course," Milly nodded with a giggle as they parted.

C.C., not the type to give hugs, decided on giving him a kiss on the cheek instead. "Take care, boy. I'll definitely visit you if the pizza there is really good. So, call me, ok?"

At his barely audible reply of 'Pig!' C.C. laughed amusedly.

When she settled down, Lelouch fixed the two with a stern look. "Don't do something stupid while I'm gone (like being sued or going to jail). And," he glared at them pointedly, "don't you dare, under any circumstances, follow me to Japan."

"We won't," they chorused immediately with two fingers crossed behind their backs.

Lelocuh regarded them suspiciously. 'Ok… that went rather well,' he thought with frown. Then, giving them one of his rarest smiles, he finally said, "Goodbye. Take care, you two." And with a small wave, he disappeared in the crowd of boarding passengers.

"…Ne, Milly," C.C., with arms crossed to her chest, called out to the blond still waving to the other man. "Is he really gay?" she asked bluntly.


The novelist blinked at the question, right arm paused in mid air, before letting out a shrilly laugh. "Please, C.C.," Milly started, wiping happy tears from her eyes, "that guy is too pretty to be not gay!"

"Oh, really?" C.C. intoned boredly.

Another laugh. "Of course! Honestly, any woman would feel inferior at dating a man looking like that!" She winked. "Besides, if he was really straight, I would have married him years ago even if he objects so much."

At this, C.C. raised a delicate brow disbelievingly. 'Better not think about it,' she thought, hiding a shudder.

Milly continued eagerly. "Apparently, just like homos sensing other homos, my BL radar signals that he's definitely into men."

She grinned wickedly.

"I can smell it."

Quite literally.


Kururugi Estate

January 5, 2018; Tuesday, 9:52 am

To the surprise of many in the Kururugi manor that morning, Suzaku Kururugi was seen walking down the stairs wearing clothes not meant for an office meeting. That day, as announced by the family head, was supposed to be the young master's first day in the company. However, with the way he was dressed and currently acting, another conclusion was definitely more fitting.

Suzaku Kururugi was leaving the country.

"Good morning young master," the servants greeted when he passed by them.

Of course, not brought up a snob, Suzaku answered back with a rakish smile and a cheerful "Hello" of his own.

It was a beautiful morning.

However, it was ruined at the sight that greeted him upon reaching the mansion's parking.

"May I help you?" Suzaku inquired carefully at the butler standing alarmingly close to his automobile. Ironically the pair looked compatible, with both wearing completely black on the outside.

"Young master," Ohgi started calmly, gesturing with his hands, "You do know the President ordered you to be grounded, don't you? I apologize, but, unless it's for work, you're not allowed to leave the estate's premises."

Suzaku raised a brow, levelling the fifty year old man with a challenging stare. "So?" he retorted, slightly miffed. "You're not letting me out? Is that what this is all about?"

Unexpectedly, Ohgi surprised him with his negative reply. "Apparently, I have no right to do such thing. I just wanted to remind you, in case you have forgotten, momentarily or intentionally, the President's order."

Suzaku snorted, interpreting the statement as a similar thing. "What do you really want to tell me, old man?"

Ohgi shook his head, regarding the young heir with a sad smile. "Nothing much, young master. It's just that when people grow old, they will nag, they will worry and they will feel lonely."

"And so?"

Ohgi bowed. "I have no other intentions."

At this, Suzaku shrugged nonchalantly, moving past the butler to start the ignition of his car. "I'm going to New York today. I'll leave it up to you to tell father," he said offhandedly over the butler's bowed head.

Ohgi immediately stood in attention at his sudden announcement. "But young master! You're not allowed to—"

However, Suzaku merely drove past him, left hand raised up in casual wave.

Ohgi, extremely dissatisfied with the sudden development, searched for the phone in his coat pocket and dialled the unfamiliar number.

When the line finally picked up, Ohgi uttered his grave words. "I humbly apologize, sir. I failed to keep him at bay." As the person on the other end gave a reply, his grip on the receiver tightened noticeably, its edge digging on his gloved palm. Then, knowing that his answer was being waited upon, Ohgi paused momentarily before letting out a solemn sigh. "I understand."

After that, the line was cut off.

Kaname Ohgi, chief butler of the Kururugi family, would agree with the said farce for the time being. 'Any means necessary,' the President's voice reminded him again. As a dutiful butler to his lord, he would only comply wholeheartedly.

"Forgive me, young master."

And thus, they commenced the plan.


Narita Airport

January 5, 2018; Tuesday, 12:08 pm

Upon reaching the airport, Suzaku phoned back home for someone to pick up his car. It took a long while before his call was answered by one of the servants and he faintly wondered why. The House Rules stated that, calls must be answered on or before the third ring. And noncompliance often resulted to a ruthless dismissal.

The recent event left him with a bad feeling.

When Suzaku entered the ticketing office, his attention was immediately captured by the huge screen nestled on the left side of the room. It was currently featuring a huge Victorian house located at the heart of Tokyo.

"Good morning, sir. May I help you?" greeted the woman sitting behind the counter.

Suzaku turned to her. "Ticket to New York, please," he replied with a warm smile.

At her answering nod, his gaze drifted to the screen again.

"Your name, sir?" she asked after keying some flight details in her computer.

But the question was heard by deaf ears.

Suzaku frowned absentmindedly, wondering why the place looked so familiar to him.

"Sir, your name, please," the attendant repeated evenly.

"Ah? Oh, I'm sorry. It's Suzaku Kururu—"

However, Suzaku choked on his words as emerald eyes widened at the sight of the person bearing the same name being flashed on the airport's flat screen.

"News Flash: At around eleven twenty-five this morning, Genbu Kururugi, President and CEO of Kururugi Zaibatsu was rushed to Tokyo Catholic Hospital due to heart attack. His condition is still unknown at present as doctors attend to his—"

The news anchor went on but Suzaku no longer heard her words. His mind was already running on autopilot as he rushed madly past shocked travellers in the airport, heart beating fast and emerald eyes flashing wildly. He ignored the angry shouts of the people he bumped into and concentrated on reaching his destination as fast as he could.

Tears burned on the corner of his eyes as he flagged down a taxi.

Suzaku would never forgive himself if his father died.

Actually, he never did when she left the world because of him.


Clutching the cross on his chest in a firm grip, he prayed.

'God, if you really exist, I beg you. Please save him!'

Then, within the dark confines of his distressed mind, Suzaku silently cried.


Tokyo Catholic Hospital

January 5, 2018; Tuesday, 1:17 pm

Suzaku arrived at the hospital in a whirlwind of confusion.

He didn't bother getting his change as the taxi driver gave a bewildered glance at the money he just handed.

It was ten times greater than his bill.

"Wait! Sir, your change!" the man called out after him.

But Suzaku already disappeared inside the white building.

Paying no mind at the startled looks thrown at him by the patients, nurses and visitors alike, Suzaku headed straight to the front desk, asking the person-on-duty about the room and condition of his father.

"Genbu Kururugi, Room 203," she answered monotonously. "May I ask how are you related to—" she started to ask but Suzaku already left.

'Room 203… Room 203... Room 203,' Suzaku repeated in his mind like a never ending mantra. He had not noticed the tears already cascading past his cheeks as he trudged up the stairs with lightning speed.

In his panicked emerald eyes, he could see the lifeless form of his mother, hovering prettily over his black violin. The strings were gone, but instead, wrapped securely around her dainty little neck.

Right there, hanging loosely from the ceiling, Nadeshiko Kururugi finally left the world of the living.

And the pristine white of her dress was painted in crimson.

Again, Suzaku heard the screams.

Willing to get the image out from his head, Suzaku concentrated on the tiled hallway facing him. 'Oh, god…Don't take him away from me. I don't want to be alone. Please…please, I beg you.'

His heart threatened to come out of its cage as his gaze finally settled on the door of Room 203.

Suzaku clutched the door with trembling fingers as he opened it with an anguished shout.

"FATHER!" he cried.

But the sight that greeted him was not his ailing father.

Rather, it was a man with amethyst eyes.

"W-who are you?"


(1) That line was not mine. All rights reserved to Dan Brown's Deception Point.

(2) Graves Supercomplication was one of the most complicated pocketwatches in the world. It was created by Patek Phillipe in 1932 and had a total of 24 complications. In 1999, it was sold at an auction for $ 11 million.

Trivia: The most complicated pocketwatch, also done by Patek Phillipe, had 33 complications and was sold for only $ 6 million.

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Suzaku was suddenly filled with dread.

It was his transcript of records (and other things involved).

"Well, look at that," Lelouch drawled, scanning the transcript's contents. "You got four remarkable 'Fs' in your major subjects, fifty reports of tardy and absences, and two expulsion warnings for," he bristled, "being caught doing disgraceful acts inside the principal's office." His laughter echoed in the four walls of the room, obviously amused. "Honestly, Suzaku, are you always this creative with your trysts?"

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