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Summary: Naruto had always been a smart boy and he learned quickly that he was the container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and that was why he was hated. Rummaging through the Hokage's office, he happens upon something that will take him for a spin and be the catalyst for a change that will rock the world.


Human mental speaking

"Human thinking"

"Bijuu speaking"

Bijuu mental speaking

"Bijuu thinking"


The Maelstrom and the Water Princess

Letters from the Deceased

7 year old Uzumaki Naruto sat quietly in the Hokage's office, waiting for the old man to return from his council meeting. His legs dangled idly off the sides of the couch as he sat alone in thought.

Hm, what kind of ramen should I have today? He thought, but those were by far not the only thoughts that were running rampant in his head.

He always wondered who his parents were and he sometimes thought that he looked like the Yondaime with the blue eyes and blond hair. The man had a kind face as Naruto studied the image behind the old man's desk. In fact, up close, he did look like the Yondaime. The old man had described him as level headed and cool in the face of a dangerous situation and took everything in stride as it happened.

Naruto was by far not the dumbass everybody usually thought he was. Underneath that playful and mischievous exterior was a profound intelligence that shined only in the presence of those who could keep up with him in the game of wits and words. He kept it hidden under lock and key lest somebody decided that he was actually dangerous, which he was with him talking to Kyuubi at such an early age.

He remembered his first meeting with the monstrous demon a week ago. The twin red eyes and the menacing growl, he remembered everything about it. It was on his seventh birthday when he had locked himself up in his room, scared out of his mind of the people that usually attacked him on his birthday. He had hidden under the bed in hopes that people would ignore the very obvious spot and go for the more hidden ones within his room. Safe to say, it didn't happen.


Shinobi, civilians, anything and anybody went after him and he didn't know why they did up until that day where he was beaten to near death, both his eyes gouged out and bleeding from the empty orifices. They had dragged him out of his apartment and had tossed him into the forest surrounding Konoha. They left him for dead, floating in a stream as he struggled to stay awake and afloat, but he soon succumbed to the blood loss and he found himself drifting off and he lost the will to live and allowed his eyes to close on their own volition, okay with the idea of death.

When his eyes snapped open, the only thing he saw was black, black, and more black (1). This is death huh? Kind of creepy, but cool nonetheless, He idly mused as he toyed with the thought.

All of a sudden, a white light flashed before his eyes and he immediately closed them to keep out the influx of light rays, but he still saw them from underneath his eyelids. The sudden flash had surprised him and had caused him to fall backwards into something wet and he distinctly heard the sound of dripping water as it hit the floor of his black prison.

Instinctively his eyes flew open at the new sense and the first thing he noticed that the darkness had morphed into what looked like blood red walls that had been chipped and marred with age. Beige and copper colored pipes ran along the ceiling and walls of the room as he spun in a circle to get a grasp of where he actually was.

Red, red usually designates hell. Hm, I was probably in limbo while the Shingami was deciding where to put me, Naruto idly thought as he walked down a blood red corridor that he had spotted on his turn.

His footsteps echoed and reverberated off the old brick walls as his sandals slapped against the red floor. The only other sound was the dripping of something that Naruto noticed did not look like water, but a dull auburn color that was a cross between brown and red. It was a lighter shade than the red of blood, but it creeped him out anyways.

The sounding of his footsteps soon transitioned into splashes and he looked down to find the floor completely covered by the red liquid.

He continued through the murky liquid as the corridor opened to a larger chamber that had the same red walls, but of a different material and lighter shade of red. The room was nothing special, but to the right of the opening sat a 150 story tall cage that had a yellow like seal with black markings on it attached to the metal bars above the keyhole. Darkness lay behind it as he wandered into the room, his head swiveling on his neck as he looked at every nook and cranny of the room.

The pipes that had followed him through the corridor went into the cage and back into the dark expansion as he stumbled into the middle of the room. He studied the small yellow seal and noticed that it looked like something that had once thought he's seen in his stomach once when he showered. It was black in color and had a little spiral in the middle with a ring of eight spikes that jutted outwards from the ring. He had thought it had been a trick of the eyes, but apparently it was real.

He walked up to it, only to jump back as a deep, yet feminine voice bellowed from the cage. The sound reverberated off the red walls, making it seem like the voice was coming from all directions, "Ah, you are finally here."

The voice was chilling and it sent shivers down his spine as he stared into the dark abyss behind the cage, already knowing that was where the sound was coming from. Faint breaths could be heard emanating from the dark abyss and he took a step back, "A-Are you the Shinigami?"

A deep rumble that seemed to be a laugh, boomed out of the darkness, "No, I am not the Shinigami, and you're certainly not dead little one."

He grew curious, but fear still hung on him like a coat hanger would a rack and it was palpable in his voice, "If you're not the Shingami and I'm not dead, then who are you and where am I if I'm not in hell?"

"Those are questions that will only bring about more questions that I cannot answer at this time. Alas, if you want to know the answers to them, I will tell you if you so desire," the loud voice said sagely.

Naruto by now had figured out that this thing could not hurt him, if that cage was anything to go by. His fear had disappeared with that realization, "I would like to very much. I will try not to ask questions, but I would also like to know why this cage is here."

The voice rumbled and Naruto could imagine the thing inside nodding its head, "Very well little one. I will answer your second and third questions first. As to where you are, you are in a place that your mind has built called the mindscape or a physical representation of your mind."

Naruto decided to cut in here, "If this is a physical representation of my mind, does that mean my mind is built like a sewer system?"

The voice bellowed out what seemed like an amused chuckle, "No, your mindscape is this way because of all the negative thoughts that you have about your life. The mindscape represents a person's emotional output. Your sadness simply spawned a sad place, and it simply just happened to be a sewer system."

"What about when I'm feeling happy?" Naruto asked curiously, finding this more interesting than the three academy jutsu that he had already learned.

"When you are feeling happy, your mind happens to turn into what you remember as the meadow behind the Hokage Monument that I know you are very fond of."

Naruto looked up with a suspicious gaze, wondering how it would know that, "How… how do you know that? I have never told anybody that piece of information."

An amused snort erupted from the never-ending dark depths, "This is where I answer the third question. Do you see the yellow tag little one?" Naruto looked at the small yellow tag that he had noticed when he walked in and nodded, "Good, that is what is keeping me locked up in this cage. The cage emanates from that small tag that you see there and hypothetically"

Naruto cut off the voice, "Hypothetically, if I were to rip the seal off, the cage would disappear and you would be free. And that leads me to another question, why are you trapped in my mindscape?"

The massive figure smiled, the boy not being able to see it, "Very good Naruto. Now, that we have that all cleared up, I will explain your fourth question. I am trapped in your mindscape because somebody sealed me inside you. That person sacrificed their life to seal what the village knew as the Kyuubi no Kitsune inside of you."

Realization dawned upon Naruto as he stared into the endless abyss, "T-That c-can't be… the Yondaime killed you!"

The now revealed Kyuubi opened its red eyes and snorted down at the small boy, "That is just an embellished story that adults tell their children so they don't have to know the truth and be scared. Everybody who survived that night knew what you had inside of you and hated you for it."

Another revelation hit Naruto as he stammered for words, "So… that's why they hate me. I really am a dem-"

A growl emanated from the abyss and a grating voice sounded out, "Don't you dare even finish that sentence Naruto. You are not a demon, and people think wrong when they associate you with me. I am a true demon; you are but a simple human boy who had the awful burden of imprisoning me within your body. Never consider what those animals say about you to be true."

The passionate defense of him stunned him for a moment and he looked down in shame, knowing that what she said was correct, "I-I'm sorry. It's just… that I finally understand why people call me demon and why they attack me. I couldn't help but jump to conclusions. Forgive me."

The Kyuubi smiled sadly at the jaded boy's thoughts, knowing that the civilians and shinobi had done a number on his psyche, "There is nothing for you to apologize for Naruto. If there should be anybody, it should be me for snapping at you. Besides, I am at fault here as they attack you to try to get at me."

Naruto looked up and glared into the dark, "Don't you dare think that one word of that is true. You're just a part of me as I am a part of you. You have been with me since I've been born and I'm pretty sure you have saved my skin more than once in the short life that I have already lived. I've already managed to piece together that your chakra enhances my healing ability so that I heal faster. Am I correct in my observation?"

"You are," Kyuubi said, smiling at the simple deduction the boy had done, "… and thank you. I, I am honored that you are my host. I have seen you grow up in this dangerous environment and I'm sorry that your childhood has been taken from you."

Naruto smiled, albeit a small one, "Maa, maa, it's fine. I was never a child anyways if you think about it. Between having you sealed within me, being chased by mobs, and learning how to avoid them, I'm pretty sure I never really had a childhood in the first place."

"I see that you really are not a child. You may look it in physical form, but your mind is well developed for a 7 year old. I have an offer for you and you are free to take it up if you want to. I will respect your decision either way," Kyuubi said, in a more calm tone than before.

Naruto looked up at the eyes of the Kyuubi and noted the sincerity in them, "What do you have in mind?"

Kyuubi let its lips appear from the darkness and it twitched upwards in a smile, "Simply put, I want to train you in the arts of the Shinobi. I know you may be a skeptical as I am not a shinobi myself. I do have a human form that can use jutsu. I have more than millennia worth of knowledge locked away within my mind and I am willing to share with those who I respect and want to learn. I respect you and your sacrifice to shoulder the burden of imprisoning me, but it is up to you if you want to learn. Tell me, do you want to learn Naruto?"

Naruto looked up simply with his blue eyes and mulled it over. He always dreamed to be a ninja and here was a demon that had a well of knowledge that he can learn from. Who wouldn't want to learn from it?

On the other hand, how could you trust a demon? True, it had seemed truthful with him all the way up to now, but who knew what it could do after. He looked up into the red eyes and noticed the sincerity in them and he couldn't deny the fact that it sounded very, very genuine.

"I do."

The Kyuubi bared its teeth in what could only be described as a grin, "Good, your new eyes should be finished forming right about... now."

Naruto's eyes snapped open, "New eyes?"

"Yes, new eyes. I have taken the liberty to create you new eyes. By using somatic cells in conjunction with my chakra, I can stimulate them to form into any organ of my choosing, in this case, your eyes. That is what I do with you when I heal you. I just speed up cell reproduction from existing tissue cells to recreate any muscles and bone you damage (1)," Kyuubi explained.

Naruto nodded and Kyuubi said, "Well, I also gave you a little gift which I will show you how to use later. You will have to get used to your new eyes first before you can correctly use my gift (2)."

Naruto smiled and said, "Thank you for this. I, I don't know how to repay you."

The Kyuubi shook its head, "The only way you can repay me is by trying your hardest to learn and grow into a better person and shinobi. Do that for me and the debt will be repaid. Now, it is time for you to go. I have one last thing I wish to tell you."

Naruto had turned to leave, but he spun back around and looked at the Kyuubi oddly, "Yes Kyuubi-sensei?"

The Kyuubi grinned happily at the suffix, but it warped into a grimace, "The old man lies to you when he says he does not know your parents. In a week's time, you will be able to access your eyes and I will help you use them to scan the room. I believe there may well be files hidden within the old man's office. This is just speculation, but I advise you to try this method."

"Hai Kyuubi-sensei, I will," Naruto said solemnly as he disappeared from his mindscape.

His blue eyes flashed open as he looked around the white room he was in. The beeping and the whirring of the machines around him aroused him into full awareness as he struggled to sit up. His whole body was sore as a small pain erupted in the space behind his eyes, but he endured it as had felt worse. He tried to flex and arm and found that he couldn't and he sighed, lying back down on the soft mattress.

His mind flashed back to the meeting with the Kyuubi and he went over what Kyuubi said about the old man. Now that he thought about it, the signs were always there when he asked the old man about his parents. A sad smile here, a sad glint in his eyes there, and a small pat on the head with soft words were some of those. Anger erupted and welled within him as he remembered all the times that the Sandaime had hidden his parentage from him.

Why would it be so important to hide? Naruto thought as he also remembered that the old man had hidden the Kyuubi from him, but Naruto was sure that he had a good reason for that.

He sat in thought for a little bit and then the click of the room door opening caused him to look up to find the man of his thoughts. The man was short and had on the formal white Hokage robes and a soft smile played on his lips as the pipe dangled from his mouth. The man walked slowly and deliberately, the smile never waning as he took a seat next to Naruto's bed. The anger in Naruto didn't dissipate as he watched the Sandaime take a seat next to him and the smile did not help any either.

When the Hokage walked in, the nurses had told him that the boy had lost his eyes in the attack and here he was eyes intact with a little variation. He still had the same blue irises, but the blue now accentuated a majestic silver color that was no doubt the work of the fox itself.

As the Sandaime looked into his eye's, he noticed them cycling through different emotions. Pain, sorrow, regret, pity, and most of all anger seemed to burn behind those eyes. His eyes seemed to pierce the Hokage's as he stared on at Naruto's and he had to break eye contact and look away from Naruto. A sad smile appeared on his face as he walked to Naruto's bed and sat down on the chair provided next to his bed.

The Sandaime smiled and patted his shoulder, "How are you Naruto?"
"Cut the crap old man. We need to talk about this," he took off his shirt and willed the seal to appear and the Sandaime gulped and understood what the anger behind Naruto's eyes were for.


Naruto's eyes flashed dangerously, turning from the blue and silver to a dangerous gold and red. His eyes had changed as well, morphing into crimson slits with a golden background. His eyes scanned the room, carefully taking note of any discrepancies he could find within the office.

Naruto, pump more chakra into your eyes and envision what you want. Access your x-ray vision by willing your mind to it, Kyuubi said through their mental connection.

Naruto did as he was told and he could suddenly see through the objects in his office. He noted that inside the table were a few volumes of Icha Icha Paradise and Naruto rolled his eyes, Who knew the Hokage was a closet pervert?

Hm, having a high-stress job like this could probably push a person towards that. He probably reads it for the perverted stuff and to relieve tension, but who knows what he actually does with the book, Kyuubi mentally answered back.

Tch, still a closet pervert, Naruto said as he passed over the portrait of the Yondaime.

As he passed over, he noticed something out of the corner of his eyes and then he spotted it. A little symbol sat under the picture of the Yondaime and he used the zoom function of his eyes to take a closer look at it.

That's a blood seal, Kyuubi whispered from the depths of his mind, Swipe your blood over it. Go.

He did as he was told and bit his thumb open with his canines. He quickly swiped it over the seal and it shined before it ebbed away into nothing. This changes things… Kyuubi mumbled.

What do you mean Kyuubi-sensei?

Well, this means that you are the son of the Yondaime. A blood seal is created to seal things so that others cannot get access to important documents or files. Now, a blood seal only reacts and unlocks itself when the creator or another person with the same blood deactivates the seal. With you opening the seal, this means…" Kyuubi thought, letting Naruto finish the train of thought.

That means… I'm the son of the Yondaime?!

Yes, your own father sealed the demon into you. I'm so sorry Naruto…

But… why? Why would he seal a demon into his own son?

Kyuubi grimaced grimly at the boy's thoughts and he offered an explanation, Your Yondaime was a noble man from what I can understand from listening to the conversations you have had with the old man. I don't think he wanted any other family to take the burden of their children imprisoning me. He was too noble for the good of Konoha and chose you to be put into. There also may be the fact that you were just born and that may alone be the reason. Human babies do have chakra coils, but they grow and stretch with time and by being a baby, it allows your chakra coil to accommodate the influx of my Youkai.

Ugh, I'm getting a headache just thinking about this, Naruto mentally groaned as he looked into the little inlet behind the painting as it swung open.

He reached a hand inside and felt around and pulled out the contents. When he pulled his hands out, he saw that they were documents and that they were addressed to him. Two of them in fact, one of them saying Uzumaki Kushina and the other, Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha.

His hands shook as he looked on at the documents and unfurled the scroll and began to read.

Dear son,

If you're reading this, either you're a Jounin or 18 at this time. The last time I saw you, you were just a little baby and I can only imagine what you look like now from the Heavens above. I am sorry for leaving you alone for all these years, but please understand that I did this for the good of Konoha. I couldn't die peacefully if I knew that I sealed the Kyuubi into another baby. I hope, actually I know you can handle the burden and I wish that the people of Konoha look at you like a hero, but alas I doubt it has happened. Can you forgive an old man for doing this to you? Can you forgive your father for his transgressions against his own son?

PS: Even if you don't forgive me, I would have understood and I have left you my most valuable possessions. They are all locked away within the Namikaze estate and I wish for my possessions to be past onto you. My Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God) and the Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere).


Your Father

Tears had welled in his eyes as he turned towards the other scroll.

Dear son,

I am sorry for leaving you alone to live your life. I know that your father right now is fighting the Kyuubi and I know about his foolhardy plan about using you to seal the Kyuubi. I fought tooth and nail against it, but he wouldn't relent and pulled out the "I am the Hokage and must protect my village" card on me. Oh, if I could be out there I would bash his head in, but alas it is not to be. Remember Naruto, even though your father and I may not be around, we will always be with you in spirit. I understand if you hate us for leaving you alone, but I hope you can at least forgive us for doing so. I love you son, I will always love you. Believe it.

PS: As your father may have stated, inside the estate are our belongings and a scroll that will help you with the bloodline that you have gained from my side of the family. Use them well and be safe Naruto. We love you.

With love,

Your Mother

Tears by now were freely flowing down the valley of his cheeks now as he read and reread the letters. The Kyuubi stayed silent during the whole ordeal as it watched from the shadows of Naruto's mind. Naruto's mind was in flux as it changed from happiness, sadness, anger, and sorrow. Due to that, Naruto's mindscape was currently changing and Kyuubi was forced to wait it out until his mindscape was stable enough so that he could communicate with Naruto.

When the waterworks ended, Naruto wiped the excess tears away from his eyes and there was determination set behind it as he said, Kyuubi, we're leaving.


When the Sandaime came back, he opened the door expecting Naruto to greet him jovially. Instead, he found Naruto to be nowhere in site and the hole behind the Yondaime's portrait empty.

"No…" he whispered silently as he rushed to the empty inlet.

He quickly snapped his finger and an ANBU appeared next to him, "Gather a team and gain access to the Namikaze estate. I want you to surround it and wait for one Uuzmaki Naruto to emerge. You are under no circumstances to harm him and anybody who did will be stripped of their position and relegated to a civilian and have their chakra locked away. Understood?"

"Hai," the ANBU saluted as he disappeared.

The Sandaime slumped into his chair and buried his head into his hands as he waited in silence for the report from the ANBU.

An hour later, the same ANBU appeared and said, "There is no sign of him at the estate. Either he is still inside or he has already disappeared."

The Hokage nodded, "Keep constant surveillance, I want a report every hour on the hour. Go."

The ANBU disappeared as a fox poofed into existence on top of the Sandaime's head. The sudden weight caused the Sandaime to jump back and the small fox kit to fall onto the desk. It was red in color with two waving tails behind it. It dropped a scroll onto the Sandaime's desk and disappeared in another puff of smoke.

The Sandaime picked up the scroll and opened it up, and scanned its contents and promptly dropped the scroll.


Dear Ojii-san

This is a goodbye letter. I'm sorry for not telling you, but it needs to be this way. Too many things are hidden in Konoha and I need to get away from it all. We may see each other in the future, but it's not written in stone. I may come back, I may not. Living in Konoha is too overwhelming and when I learned of my heritage, I couldn't take it anymore from all the things that you hid from me. You were a grandfather to me, but that's all you were. I'm sorry.


Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto

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(1): Okay, Kyuubi's chakra essentially does the same thing as Tsunade's Genesis Rebirth which essentially speeds up cellular reproduction within a human body. The downside of that is that you lower your lifespan because a call can only divide so many times in a cell lifetime. Now, for Naruto, the chakra of Kyuubi is more potent and stimulates the cells like the proteins do in Genesis Rebirth. So, Kyuubi's chakra = Genesis Rebirth without the cutting the lifespan BS.

(2): Onigan: Demon Vision or Demon Eyes

Function: Able to see aura around people. X-ray vision, zoom function, thermal-vision, night-vision capabilities.

Design: Red slit, golden irises