Chapter 1

Bellatrix Black was sitting in front of her mirror, slowly running a brush through her long dark wavy hair.

She gave her reflection in the glass a self-satisfied smile. The dark green of the low cut strappy dress suited her coloring perfectly… and the tightness of showed off her slender waist and full round breasts. At 24 Bellatrix Lestrange was stunning. And she knew it.

Bella smiled as she retrieved a strand of black pearls from her jewelry box and fastened it around her slender white neck. She grabbed a black cashmere sweater and did up the buttons so the amount of cleavage showing was appropriate to a meeting with the formidable Augusta and her daughter. It wouldn't do to scandalize the Longbottoms now would it?

15 minutes later she was seated in the drawing room, a fake smile on her face as she exchanged pleasantries with Augusta Longbottom and her delicately pretty but rather mousy daughter Alice.

At seventeen Alice was extremely protected and innocent. Augusta had taken no chances with her daughter's virtue, choosing to send her abroad to Beauxbatons, a single sex boarding school in the south of France. Now Alice was back and rumor had it Augusta was keen to have her safely married as soon as possible.

As the Longbottoms and the Blacks had always been friendly, Bellatrix had naturally volunteered to be the one to help her settle in and become accustomed to life back in London. Augusta had been only to pleased to accept, knowing Bellatrix would keep a watchful eye on her daughter.

"I am so glad there will be someone close to her own age to show her the ropes… help her fit into society…" Augusta was saying pleasantly. Bella was only half paying attention. "Yes certainly" she said brightly, keeping the fake smile firmly on her face.

"We shall have lots of fun won't we?" she said sweetly to Alice, who was sitting with ankles daintily crossed, hands folded in the lap of her pristine cream-colored dress. "Oh yes!" the girl gushed, looking up.

The girl's green eyes flicked to her mother and back to Bella. "Tell me… are there any good looking boys around?" she asked curiously. "Alice!" Augusta said with a frown. Bella chuckled. "Not to worry Augusta…" she said. "Most of the pure-blood young men around here are very respectable. Of course there are one of two who aren't…" she finished with a smile.

"Like your cousin Sirius…" Augusta prompted. "Was really it true he was reason that young teacher at Hogwarts got fired?" she asked in a scandalized tone. Before Bella could open her mouth a confident masculine voice rang out from the door.

"Yes actually. Shame that. She was such a good Charms teacher…"

Augusta stiffened slightly as Sirius Black sauntered into the room. Tall and handsome… impeccably dressed …with shoulder length wavy black hair a lot like Bella's own… he seemed to fill up any room he was in. Looking at him it was hard to believe he was only 21, 3 years her junior.

Bella grinned at him at she got to her feet. He held out his arms and kissed her on both cheeks, leaning in her body… lingering slightly too long. She gave him a wink as she pulled away, one the Longbottoms missed as she had her back to them.

They got to their feet, Augusta smoothing her wine-colored dress in a way that suggested she was rather uncomfortable. "You remember my daughter Alice don't you?" she said in an attempt at a cordial tone.

"Why yes" he said with a smile, turning his eyes to the girl. "But she has grown so lovely I hardly recognize her". Alice giggled as he took her hand, raised it to his lips and placed a kiss on the back of it.

Augusta stiffened, her face looking rather peeved as she saw her daughter staring shyly at Sirius, who winked slowly at her.

The older lady cleared her throat. "Well Miss Black we won't take up anymore of your time. We really must be going. Come along Alice."

Alice seemed reluctant to leave but she dutifully started to follow her mother out the room. "It was lovely to see you again" she said brightly to Sirius. "The pleasure was all mine" he said roughishly.

Augusta practically frog-marched the giggling girl out the room.

As long as they were gone Bellatrix burst into laughter. "Oh cuz you are despicable" she said with unrestrained glee. "Thank you for the complement" he said with a grin.

"It's just as well…" she said mischievously. "I have a task I need you do" she continued with a wicked grin. "A task you say?" he said curiously, sitting on the sofa behind her.

"Yes. A task. I know you have bored stuck here… and I need you to help me" she said bluntly. "As always I am at your command" he said, taking her hand and kissing it.

She chuckled throatily, her grin widening. "Do you remember my conquest from the Christmas party? Rodolphus Lestrange?" she said with a trace of bitterness in her voice. "The one who dumped you by New Years?" he said cheekily. "Yes" she said through gritted teeth. "And I want to make him suffer for it. Anyways it turns out he's looking for a bride… and who do you think he sees as the ideal candidate?"

He smirked. "Alice Longbottom." She smirked back. "Precisely" she said smugly. "So what I want you to do… dear cuz… must be fairly obvious" she continued. "Why not attack Lestrange directly" he asked. "Silly cuz" she said amusedly. "That could be traced back to me. And I do have my reputation to uphold do I not?" she said silkily. He couldn't help a laugh. It was a constant source of amusement to him that everyone thought his cuz was proper... virtuous... a lady... when in actual fact her list of lovers was probably longer than his.

He chuckled. "No" he said flatly. "What?" she said angrily, her dark eyes flashing dangerously. "No" he repeated firmly. "It's too easy. She's fresh out of school… she's never been around men… she'd be on her back before the week was out. Get one of your… friends to do it. I have my reputation to think of" he finished.

She snorted. "You do have a high opinion of yourself don't you?" she said with a toss of her hair. "Well I didn't gain a reputation for seducing women because I was bad at it…" he said cockily, leaning in close to her.

"You never managed to seduce Lily Evans did you?" she said wickedly. A. angry look flickered over his face for a moment before being replaced by his usual confident grin. "Lily Evans… now there's a challenge" he said wickedly. "You can't be serious…" she said surprisedly, raising one eyebrow. "She's engaged… to your best friend!" she continued incredulously.

"Exactly. I've never quite forgiven her for picking James over me…" he said with a trace of bitternessin his voice.

"She's coming to stay for the summer you know…" Bella said thoughtfully. "Really?" he said curiously, a wicked grin on his face. "Oh yes. James will be overseas and she didn't want to be by herself. And as my dear mother thought I would benefit the company of a woman my own age she invited her here" she said, her tone suggesting she thought her 'dear mother' could get stuffed if she thought Bella was going to spend any time with that goody goody mudblood.

The look was suddenly replaced by a look that suggested the wheels were turning in her head. A naughty grin slid slowly over her lovely face. "In fact… Siri… why don't we make a little bet? If you fail to seduce Lily by the end of the Summer … I get that flying motorbike of yours you love so much."

He looked intrigued despite himself. "And if I win?" he asked with a curious look.

She smiled seductively at him, slowly undoing the button of the sweater to show the low cut dress underneath. "If you win... you get what you have wanted since 5th year at Hogwarts…" she said suggestively, her voice a husky purr.

A look of pure desire came over his face. "And by that you mean…" he said in tone a tone that suggested he didn't quite belive what she was saying. His eyes were traveling slowly down her body.

She lay back on the couch, flaunting the length of her body and grinning smugly at him. "In English?" she said with relish. "I'll fuck your brains out."

His expression showed that he conisdered it a very tempting offer. "That bike is my most prized possession. "What makes you think I'll agree to this?" he said stubbornly.

She smirked. "Because I'm the only person you can't have and it drives you crazy" she said in a voice that was both mocking and seductive.

He stood up, his expression showing he was seriously thinking about it. She got up and stood behind him, her lips inches from his ear. "Come on cuz…" she whispered, sliding her hands around his waist. "You know you want to…" she purred in his ear, body pressed along the back of his... fingers inches from his groin...

He turned around, grinning at her like the cat who has just got the cream. "You've got yourself a bet."