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Summary: Have you ever wondered what any of the seekers bears fear? And what would happen if those fears got tied into their dreams.

Chapter one: Lusa's Nightmare

Lusa looked around at her surroundings and only saw the pitch black color of the night and the tree strong form. Normally, the thought of the bear spirits surrounding her would calm, but, strangely, she felt an extremely eerie sense of dread, and felt as if something was out of place. She looked around herself to see if she could find any of her friends, so they could reassure her that it was just her being a tiny bit paranoid, yet they were nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, a scent of burning filled her nose. She suddenly got onto all four paws as she felt that the tree around her could possibly be on fire, and if such was the case than she would have to make a hasty retreat from her current position. Yet, the scent seemed to be a lot more isolated than it would be if the forest was on fire, so she slowly began to follow the scent to see where it was originating from.

All the while as she searched for where the scent of burning was coming from, she could not get ignore the worry in the back of her mind for her friends. 'What if they decided to look around the forest for anything that could be a danger to us?' She thought while remembering the incidents with the giant fire beast and the flat faces. 'No, that couldn't be. Why would they just leave me in the middle of the night alone? Or why would they go anywhere a night, unless something terrible happened to them.' She thought as her worries began to increase.

When she finally arrived at the source of the scent, her worries were at a peak. The source of the scent was a small flat face fire that was burning brightly in the night. Lusa saw flat faces all around it. They were talking in deep, almost, mocking voices. And right behind them was a flat face den similar to the one that she and her friends had had their first negative encounter with flat faces. She kept her distance from them as much as she could, as to prevent another incident from happening, but as she turned her head to look at the top of the flat face den, her fears were instantly realized. What she thought was just some discolorations on top of the den, turned out to be three bear skins. One white and two brown. She knew instantly what had probably happened to her friends now, her friends must have been killed by the flat faces.

She quickly tried to turn and get away from this horrible sight but was stopped by a loud banging noise and a sharp pain in her back. The flat face fire stick.

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