Alright, so you wanted me to rewrite 'Stay Puft' my first G.B. story. Well, here is the new first chapter. I hope you all like it!

{~Stay Puft~}

"Excuse me?" A young woman with golden hair, dressed in black dress pants and a v-necked brown sweater asked as she leaned against the counter of the library. The man she had spoken to turned to her, his eyes asking her what she wanted, "I reserved a book a little while ago."

"Oh, you're name?"

"It should be under Hope Thurman." She replied as the man went into the back room where books in holding were. Hope tapped her nails on the counter as she looked around the library, "Some things never change."

She sighed as she shook her head. It may have been over four years since she had been back in the city, but the library seemed to be the only thing that hadn't changed in the years apart from her childhood house that now belonged to her brother.

Her brother...that was one of the only things that had kept her from wanting to leave the city. He may be older then her, but he was childish, gullible, and trusting of people. Three things that Hope knew a person shouldn't be this day in age because more times then not it would steer you in the wrong direction.

"Here you are Miss." Hope turned back to the book that the man placed on the counter. She took it and thanked him before walking away to a table she had set her things down at.

"Got it. Now let me see that paper McNamara wrote." Hope took the paper from the woman that sat at the table with her. She looked at the paper and then began to flip through the book of Ancient Mesopotamian Civilizations, "What he described seems to be a pot of sorts."

"Uh-huh." Was the respond the woman beside her gave, "Who's that?"

"Who's who, Laura?" Hope asked as she looked up from the book and the brunette beside her. Laura didn't answer. She only took the pen she had been chewing on from her mouth and pointed across the library at someone. Hope looked to where she was pointing and couldn't help but give a small laugh.

The man Laura pointed to was walking around the library slowly in a sweater and suit pants which were hidden somewhat beneath the long gray trench coat he wore on top. He was tall, had dark brown hair, and wore glasses. On his head was some sort of stethoscope that was connected to the end he was holding by a tube. It seemed as though he was listening for something and, as he wasn't paying attention to anyone else in the room, hit a table full of stacked books, knocking them to the floor with a series of loud bangs.

"I have no idea." Hope responded to Laura's earlier question as she stood from the table, "But I'm going to go find out."

"Where're you going? Hey...!" Laura called after Hope, who had walked away from the table and up to the man picking up the books. He didn't look at her as she approached or even when she stood there a minute. He looked at her when she bent down beside him and swiped a book away as he was about to take it.

"Thought you could use some help." Hope smiled at him as she picked up another book, stacking it onto the other three she had acquired.

"Thank you." He responded as he watched her a moment and then began picking up the rest of the books before him. Hope stood from the ground with her stack and set them on the table, sighing happily to herself. The man stood beside her and placed his stack beside hers.

"I'm Hope Thurman." She announced and outstretched her hand to him.

"Dr. Egon Spengler." He took her hand for a second and then turned from her, placing the funny looking stethoscope back on his head. Hope looked back at Laura.

"What's going on?" Laura mouthed to Hope, who only shrugged back. Hope followed Egon to his next 'subject', watching what he did.

"Doctor of what, may I ask?" Hope inquired curiously as she walked behind him and up to his side when he stopped beside another table.

"Parapsychology and physics." He answered laconically as he placed the end of the stethoscope to the top of a book that sat on the table.

"That's funny." Hope gave a small laugh, not at him, but at the coincidence that her brother was also a doctor in parapsychology and physics, "My brother has degrees in the same subjects."

Egon stared at her for a moment and then walked to another table. Hope watched him and then followed, curious about this Dr. Spengler character and slightly attracted to him. She had a thing for the silent bookworms since she was so outgoing and open-minded.

"So you study the paranormal right?" She asked, sitting on the table as he 'listened' to the table top, "Like ghosts and things?"

"I don't like the term 'ghost'." Egon responded and took the stethoscope from his head, reaching into his pocket and pulling out what looked to be like a calculator.

"Oh, um..." Hope thought for a moment about what else to call a ghost, "...entity?"

"Yes." He answered and picked up the stethoscope once more, "In a sense. I also do paranormal detection."

"So, are you looking for entities here?" Hope followed him to his next table where he sat beneath it, scope to the bottom of the table top.

"There was a sighting earlier." Egon didn't bother to look at Hope as he continued with moving his scope along the bottom of the table top.

"Wait, there was a sighting here?" Hope asked as she pointed to the floor, slightly disturbed by the information.

"Yes, in the basement." Hope couldn't think of what to say to his response so she kept her mouth shut. She looked back at Laura, her eyes slightly wide in an 'oh my god...' expression.

Hope wasn't a believer of ghosts, entities, or the whole paranormal and other side thing. Oh she believe in Heaven and spirits, but just not that they came to visit the living or anything like that. Whether her disbelief came from the worry of her parents coming back and visiting or just the idea of having someone or something see-through stand before her, she didn't know.


Hope jumped off the table and spun around, heart beating rapidly in her chest as her hand lay over it. She stared down at the book that had been slammed onto the table and then at the two men that had joined Egon.

"This is big. There's something definitely here." Egon responded to something one of the other men had said.

"Egon, this reminds me of the time you tried to drill a hole through your head." One of the men countered with a sarcastic laugh in his voice.

"You tried to drill a hole through your head?" Hope asked suddenly, earning the attention from the three men.

"That would have worked if he hadn't stopped me." Egon shot back at her, completely convinced of the success rate he would have had with the experiment. Hope shook her head, thinking about what she had gotten into by trying to talk to the guy she had thought was 'adorable in a nerdy way'.

"Ray?" Hope asked suddenly, recognizing the man to Egon's right. The three men looked at her and for a moment Ray didn't know who it was that had spoken to him. Realization suddenly set in on him as his confused expression turned to surprise.

"...Hope?" He asked carefully, not knowing whether or not it was her. She didn't look the same, she knew that. Her hair was brighter from all the sun she had been in and her skin wasn't as ghostly pale as before. She was also thinner from the lack of foods she would actually eat while she was away..

"Yeah." Hope nodded her head as a smile graced her lips, looking over the man. His hair was shaggier then she remembered and he wore more respectable clothing, but that enthusiastic expression she recognized. They quickly shared a hug and looked each other over again, "Gosh, look at you."

"Me, what about you?" Ray indicated towards her, eyes lit with happiness, "Your not pale anymore and your hair is lighter. You've also lost weight."

"Not exactly what a girl wants to hear Ray." Hope gave a small scoff and tightened her jaw.

"No, I...I just meant you look different. That's all!" Ray tried to correct himself. Hope laughed and smiled again, knowing what he had meant all along.

"You've changed too. You haven't gone hungry though. So, that's a good thing." Hope laughed as Ray took his turn to scoff. Egon exchanged a look with the other man beside him, both wondering the same thing.

"Alright, time to explain Ray." The man on Egon's left spoke up, looking from Hope to Ray.

"Uh, well," Ray began and looked over at Hope, unsure of how to explain, "She's...she's uh...she's my..."

"Spit it out Ray." The man huffed, earning a look from Hope.

"Who the hell are you?" She snapped as she crossed her arms over her chest. Hope already wasn't liking whoever this man was and stared him down with only a look a girl could give. The man looked at Egon and then at Ray before looking back at her.

"I'm Dr. Venkman, but you can call me Peter." Peter debonairly returned, outstretching his hand to her. Hope narrowed her eyes at the gesture and then took is apprehensively.

"Dr. Hope Thurman." She replied, shaking his hand and tugged on it when he wouldn't let go.

"Wait, Thurman as in...?" Peter began and looked over at Ray, a question in his eyes. Hope tore her hand from Peter's, wiping whatever germs she had gotten from him off on her sweater. When Ray didn't answer Peter he looked over at Hope, "So you two are..."

"Yeah, we are." Hope answered quickly, recrossing her arms over her chest.

"I feel as though I'm missing something vital." Egon spoke up, looking around at them all awkwardly. Hope looked at him about to answer before she was beat to it.

"You mean you don't know, egghead?" Peter asked, sarcastically pretending to be surprised, "They're related."

"She's my sister." Ray clarified when Egon seemed to not grasp how they were related, though anyone else would have been in the same boat. The two didn't look that much alike apart from similar facial structures, but how many people can notice that?

"Excuse me! Are you the people from the university?" The owner of the library approached them all before anyone else could say something. They all looked at him.

"Yes, we are. Well, except for Hope here." Ray nodded his head towards Hope, hands moving to the camcorder around his neck. Hope looked at him and shook her head.

"I'm Roger Grimsby. Thank you for coming. I hope we can clear this up quickly and...quietly." He started as he led them all toward the front desk, Hope trailing behind them.

"Let's not rush things. We don't even know what you have yet." Peter spoke and walked passed them all. Hope took hold of Ray's jacket and pulled him off to the side.

"I'm going to be over there." Hope indicated to where Laura sat, looking through the book Hope had brought over some time ago, "When can you and I catch up?"

"Okay, um, well you could come by the university today or tomorrow if you wanted." Ray responded, liking the idea of catching up on lost time between them.

"I'll see you tomorrow afternoon then. We'll get lunch or something." She smiled and gave him a tight hug before walking back to her seat. She sat down beside Laura and looked back to where Ray and the other two had gone into the back room.

"Who was that cute one with the camcorder that you pulled to the side?" Laura asked as she looked up from the book.

"My brother." Hope closed her eyes tightly and gave a laugh, facing forward in her chair and taking the book back.