{~Stay Puft~}

Hope opened her eyes slowly to see white. That's all she could see; white. Everywhere. She was sticky too for some reason. She raised a hand to her face and wiped away the marshmallow, clearing most of it off.

She looked around where she was and found she was in a small corner, unsure of how she had gotten there. She stood up and walked from the corner, searching for any of the boys to tell her that this wasn't a dream or worse.

"Ray!?" She called out as she stepped over a piece of the building that had fallen. No response came and she tried holding back cries of her worries, "Raymond Francis Stantz! You answer me right now! Do you hear me!?"

"Hope! I'm alright! I'm okay." Ray answered back as he pulled himself out from underneath one of the platforms. Hope gave a small laugh as she noticed he was completely covered with marshmallow and for the fact that they had survived. Ray walked up to her grinning like a Cheshire cat and pulled her to him, giving her a big hug.

"Now we can be marshmallow siblings." Ray laughed as they pulled away from each other, Hope now having more white on her clothing. She smiled and nodded her head as a figure moved, catching her eye.

"Egon!?" She called out, but then noticed it was Winston who walked forward, also completely covered in marshmallow.

"You alright?" Ray asked Winston, who nodded, trying to throw the marshmallow from his arms. Ray looked down at Hope and then around for a moment, "Venkman!? Spengler!?"

No response came. Ray and Winston walked away to try and find the others as Hope walked the opposite direction, looking fervently for any signs of the two still missing.

"Egon!?" She called out on her own as she wandered back towards the stairs leading to Danna Barrett's apartment. A groan came from her left on the middle of the stairs. As she turned and looked down she spotted Peter on the ground. She rushed forward and knelt down beside him, "Are you okay Peter?"

"Oh, I'm great Princess. I'll never be able to eat marshmallows again, but great otherwise." He commented as he stood up and looked down at himself and the marshmallow bits. Hope didn't laugh. She looked behind her at Ray and Winston that walked up behind her.

They had found Peter by himself. That meant that there was only one more still missing; Egon, her Egon Spengler.

"Where is he?" Hope asked, looking from Ray to Winston. Ray shook his head, unsure of what to tell her. Hope looked back at Peter, her eyes speaking for her of her worries, "Where is he!?"

"I don't know, Princess." Peter shook his head. They all fell silent, each of them thinking the complete worst for their friend. Hope stood up from the ground and turned her back to them.

He was gone. Egon was gone. She had thought that the world ending was horrifying, but this was worse. The powers that be were forcing her to live a life without him; without Egon. Hope bit her bottom lip and placed her hands on her hips, looking around as tears found her eyes.

Suddenly she threw the proton pack from her back in anger and despair. She gave a straggled breath and sniffed, trying to hold back her tears.

"Hey! Come look at this!" Hope spun around to stare at her brother, thinking that she was hearing things. Ray stared back at her, both thinking they were hearing ghosts, "Ray! Venkman! Come look at this!"

The three boys took the lead following where the voice had come from. Hope trailed behind and then stopped dead in her tracks when she saw him. Egon turned from staring at one of the dogs that had become stone again and looked at them, marshmallow covering him from head to foot.

"Go get him." Ray whispered to Hope as she watched Egon carefully.

"You guys, come look at this." Egon urged as he waved them over, turning to look back at the dog. Hope didn't need a second invitation and ran forward, knocking him to the ground. Her arms wrapped tightly around his waist as she hugged him tightly, tears falling from her eyes freely. Egon sat stiffly for a minute and then wrapped his own arms around her, pulling her flush against him once he realized what was going on, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah...I'm alright..." Hope choked out through her silent cries. Egon laughed whole heartily and gently squeezed her, enjoying the feeling of holding her, "Are you alright?"

"I feel like the floor of a taxi cab." Egon spoke through a smile and leaned his forehead against hers. Hope gave a small laugh and closed her eyes, sniffing her tears back. She opened her eyes to Egon's closed, an idea in her head.

Hope moved her arms to wrap around his neck, her fingers grasping his hair lightly. His eyes opened and he stared back at her, both of them knowing what the other was thinking.

Hope felt the butterflies flap around in her belly and her hands began to tingle as she slowly inched forward. Egon watched her as her eyes closed halfway. He swallowed hard as he felt her warm breath against his lips, teasing him, encouraging him to make a move.

He felt his eyes flutter close as his breathing became unsteady. He moved forward carefully, unsure of what to do. Hope waited patiently, feeling his breath on her face as she listened to the sound of her heart pounding in her chest.

Their lips met in a gentle kiss as the butterflies and tingles suddenly disappeared from Hope. She felt his hold on her tighten as they lost themselves in the kiss.

"Hope," Egon began as they moved away, "before I wanted to tell you-"

Hope shook her head and pulled him back to her, kissing him again. She knew what he had wanted to tell her. It had been the same thing she wanted to tell him. He loved her and she knew that. She took a quick breath and kissed him again, her eyes watering as she scolded herself for being so emotional inside her head.

"Ahem. You had something you wanted to show us?" Peter asked, his sarcasm coming back in full. Egon and Hope pulled apart slightly and stared at the other three. Ray and Winston smiled at the two as Peter smirked, "Or was you two spilling your guts for each other it?"

Hope laughed and looked at Egon, not bothering to try and hold back. Egon shook his head and looked back at the others. They slowly stood up from the ground as Egon motioned to the petrified dogs back on their platforms. Ray moved forward and looked over the one closest to them.

"Smells like barbecued dog hair." Ray commented as he rubbed his nose and scrunched his face at the smell that floated in the air. He looked back at the others and his face fell slightly, "Oh Peter...I'm sorry. I didn't...I'm sorry."

Peter stared at Ray a moment with a blank expression and then turned away, actually hurt by the comment. Hope watched him quietly, feeling sorry for him since she knew that he had really cared for the woman. She looked up at Egon, who stood beside her, his arm wrapped around her waist. She laid her head against him and sighed, closing her eyes.

Hope opened her eyes slowly and looked back at the crumbling statue that used to be the dog Dana had turned into. Pieces of the statue broke off and fell to the marshmallow ground of the apartment buildings roof. She narrowed her eyes at something that seemed to move unlike the rest of the crumbling pieces and then lifted her head from Egon's shoulder.

"Hey look." She spoke up while the guys looked to where she was staring. They all watched as a hand suddenly appeared in place of the statue's paw, "Look! She's alive!"

A small moan surfaced from inside of the statue and suddenly Peter rushed forward, trying to break up the rest of it to free Dana. Ray and Winston helped, clawing and pounding on the statue. Chunks came off, falling to the ground freely as Dana fell backwards from it and straight into Peter's arms.

"Somebody turn on the lights!" A yell filled the air as Hope looked behind her and Egon at the man, who had been turned into the other dog. She pulled herself from Egon and moved to the man bumbling around with the top of the dog statue on his head.

"Hold still." Hope commanded as she began trying to lift the statue head off of him. Egon walked up beside her and together they released the man from the last of his cocoon, "Are you alright?"

The little man looked at her a moment, wobbling from left to right and then looked around the rooftop.

"The superintendent's gonna be pissed." He commented as Egon helped him step down off the pile of rubble he was on. Hope gave a small laugh and looked to Ray who had just walked over with Winston, "Who're you guys?"

"We're the Ghostbusters." Ray stated with a smile, proud to announce who they all were. The man looked at Ray and then studied them all for a moment.

"Who does your taxes?" He asked, his eyes landing back on Ray. Hope gave another small laugh and moved to Egon's side. She looked him over and noticed the amount of marshmallow that was still stuck to him.

She raised a hand and wiped some of the white fluff from his face and then tried to take some out of his hair, trying to suppress the laugh that was in her throat. Egon watched her carefully, noticing the grin that was beginning to form on her lips.

"You look like you ran through a car wash." She gave a laugh, her hand stopping on his cheek and cupping it gently as she stared at him.

"You know Mister Tully, you are a most fortunate individual." Ray's voice brought Hope and Egon back from their world. Hope looked at Ray as he and Winston were beginning to lead this 'Louis Tully' to the stairs. Hope looked back at Egon and wrapped an arm around his waist, smiling brightly. Egon's arm wrapped around her shoulders, leading her behind Ray and Winston.

"I know." Louis answered back to Ray as they approached the stairs.

"You have been a participant in the biggest inter-dimensional cross-rip since the Tunguska blast of 1909." Ray's lips curled into a sly smile as he looked to his right at Louis.

"Oh great." Louis commented though Hope could hear in his voice that he had no idea what Ray was talking about.

"I'd like to get a sample of your brain tissue." Egon spoke up from beside Hope. She looked up at him, her face contorting to say 'are you kidding me?' while Louis gave a small 'okay' in reply. Egon gave Hope a small look and then turned back to the stairs, allowing her to go first.

"Brain tissue...Can we not just enjoy the fact that we just kicked marshmallow ass and lived from a deadly particle reversion without trying to analyze it all yet? Or is that really all you can think about right now? Experiments?" Hope asked more to herself then to anyone else. She hit the last step of the stairs and crossed her arms over her chest while she watched Egon descend the stairs. He followed her into what used to be Dana's living room and then out into the hallway.

"There are a few experiments I'd like to do on you too." Egon replied from behind Hope as she slowly walked down the stairwell they had all climbed up earlier. Hope rolled her eyes and shook her head, "We'll need to use your apartment for them though."

"Did you just...?" She faltered as she stopped mid step on the stairs and thought about what he had just said. Egon walked passed her on the steps and looked back at her, a sly smirk playing on his lips, "Egon!"

Hope gave a laugh and followed after him, surprised and also enjoying the playfulness he was showing her. She walked beside him through the main entrance to the apartment building, holding his hand in hers.

They stepped outside and were greeted with their ever faithful fans, cheering and shouting for them. Peter and Dana shared a passionate kiss, pleasing the crowd of cheering Ghostbuster fans. They then walked down the last of the steps and hopped into the car.

Hope and Egon stood by the front doors of the apartment building, watching everyone and everything that was happening around them. Hope spotted Ray a few steps down and walked up beside him. He reached into his uniform and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it up as though it had been years since his last one. Hope stared at him with an eyebrow arched, causing him to stop and pull the cigarette out of his mouth.

"Give me a break Hopie." He begged as he stared at her with the puppy dog face. Hope shook her head, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Fresh out of breaks Ray." She laughed and pulled the cancer stick from him, throwing it to the ground. Ray gave a small scoff, nudging her as he waved to the fans before walking down to the car.

"Egon!" Hope turned and watched Janine run up the steps to where she had left Egon standing with Winston. She watched as Janine flung her arms around Egon and pull him to her in a tight hug. Egon returned the hug, causing Hope to avert her eyes, jealousy rising in her. She felt an arm wrap around her shoulders and looked to her right, smiling up at Winston.

"Scientists right?" Winston asked sarcastically, trying to keep Hope from going after Janine. Hope nodded her head and wrapped her arm around his waist, each giving the other a side hug. She took a deep breath and sighed heavily.

"No, Egon." She laughed lightly as they began walking down the steps together. She felt a pull on her other arm and stopped to look back at her captor. Egon stood behind her smiling down at her. Winston let her go and walked over to the car where he and Ray stood staring at the two.

"What? Janine's not good enough?" Hope smirked at him as she watched Janine from the corner of her eyes. Egon stepped down onto the step she stood on, removing his gloves in the process. He threw his gloves to the ground and took her hands in his own, rubbing his thumbs over the smooth yet sticky peach flesh.

"I've got something better." Egon smiled and stared down at her. Hope's cheeks flushed and she gave a small laugh, squeezing his hands gently in her own. She looked back up at him and bit her bottom lip, taking one of her hands and resting it against his cheek.

"This is where the Knight kisses the Princess, Egghead!" Peter stuck his head out the passenger window and tapped the hood of the car twice. Hope turned back to look at Egon from the car and smiled.

"Yeah, that's how fairy tales usually end." She joked as she smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, "Kiss me Egghead."

Egon gave a small laugh and wrapped his arms around her waist. Hope let her fingers settle in his hair as he lowered his lips upon hers in a chaste kiss. The cheering from the fans grew louder, causing the two to break apart, Hope laughing without control. She leaned her forehead against Egon's, her giggles quieting as she kept her eyes closed and relished the feel of Egon holding her.

"Shall we?" Egon inquired as he lifted up a hand for her to take. Hope looked over at it and bit her lip, placing her own in his.

"We shall." She replied as they walked down the steps hand in hand, fingers laced. Egon helped Hope into the back seat of the car and then settled himself beside her. Hope smiled softly and leaned her head against Egon's shoulder, exhaustion creeping up on her. Egon lifted his arm, wrapped it around her, and laid his head against hers. Hope pulled his other hand onto his lap and entwined their hands together, sighing contently.

"So," Hope and Egon opened their weary eyes and looked across the back to where Peter and Dana sat in a similar position as them. Peter looked down at Dana and then back to the two, "How about a double date?"

Hope laughed and looked up at Egon, her eyes telling him her answer. Egon smiled and looked over at Peter, feeling the same as Hope.

"We'd rather have our dates alone." He answered and kissed Hope on her forehead.

"Smart answer. Cause otherwise Hope would have killed you." Peter pointed at Hope and then leaned his head back, closing his eyes, "Or I would have."

Hope shook her head and sighed, closing her own eyes once more and yawned. Egon laid his chin on the top of her head and closed his also, feeling exhausted. The car pulled away from the apartment building, heading back to the Ghostbuster building and home.

They had done it. They had saved the city, proved themselves, and for some had found love. Hope rearranged herself, taking her hand from Egon's and wrapping it around his waist, holding him tightly to her.

To her all that mattered was him and him alone. He was Egon Spengler; her socially awkward, straightforward, and always serious scientist that collected molds, spores, and fungi for a hobby and had the largest sweet tooth she had ever known. She would now get her chance to take that once fearful leap that was now welcoming to her, knowing that he would always be there to catch her when she fell.

"Hope..." Egon whispered softly into her hair, earning Hope's attention. She mumbled back a reply, feeling herself drift away slowly. Egon's words were soft, but they brought a bright smile to her face when he whispered them in her ear, "I love you."

The End

This story came out better this time. Hope you all enjoyed. Thank you!

- Winter