I shoot. I duck. I shoot, I duck.

I do that over and over again. It's second-nature to me now, like and over.

I repeat this a few times until the feeling comes back, slowly. It feels like something is shocking me lightly all over my body, even under my armor. Then my skin starts to tingle and get hot, quickly, the red lines showing up fast. That feeling only lasts a second because the next one comes faster. It starts in my stomach and spreads fast.

My gut clenches and I feel like I really have to throw up, but I have to focus or I'd die.

I hate this part of the Aggro. My vision blurs and I get more nauseous. I stop my shooting and sit against the box I've been using as cover. I tried to sturdy my breathing, which was hard with the salt in the air from the ocean. Just my luck to, damn seasickness.

Then, slowly, the feeling starts to drain from my body. My head clears and the nausea fades. As I start to feel normal again, I continue my actions.

I shoot. I duck. I shoot, I duck, I thank Rios for taking the Aggro off'a me.