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An Unknown Disaster

Gray clouds covered the sky and poured droplets of water down upon the ground. The wind picked up making the air chilly. It was weather no one would want to be in. Though, a boy with a greenish-blue tint to his hair stood in front of a house. He stared at the house and allowed the rain to fall onto him. The boy didn't move or blink, and it seemed as if he was barely breathing. His honey brown eyes were emotionless. It seemed as if he was a broken child.

"Echizen!" another boy ran from out of the house. He held on to a blue umbrella to keep hi light brown hair from getting wet. "What are you doing out here in this weather?"

Without saying a word, the slightly shorter of the two wobbled forward. After only taking a few steps, he collapsed into the other's arms.

Holding him up, the taller of them let go of his umbrella and lifted the small boy into his arms. Slowly, he made his way back towards the house and fumbled to get the door open.

"Syusuke, what's going on?" a woman came up to the boy. "This is…"

"Echizen Ryoma," he walked past his mother and up the stairs.


The brunette placed Ryoma on the bed in his room. Moving strands of hair, he touched his hand against the boy's forehead. His skin felt warm and he knew Ryoma shouldn't stay in those wet clothes.

"Echizen," he softly shook the boy. "You have to get up for a minute."

"Nn…" the lids over Ryoma's honey brown eyes slowly opened. "Fuji…senpai…"

"Here," a rather large shirt and a pair of shorts were tossed to him. "If you stay in those wet clothes, you won't get any better."

Again, Ryoma didn't speak a single word; all he did was pull off his clothes and replace them with the fresh ones. He darted his eyes back and forth as if he didn't know where he was. After nodding to himself, Ryoma sat back on to the bed.

"Want to tell me what made you stand outside in this weather?" Fuji stared at the person who sat on his bed.

"It wasn't raining when I left," Ryoma avoided looking at the taller boy. "I just wanted to take a walk…"

"You're lying," he plopped down next to him. "My mom's going to want to know why you're here."

"Tell her I wanted to visit."

"That wouldn't explain to her why you were passed out in my arms."

"Then make something up!" Ryoma covered his mouth. Even with his cocky attitude, he wouldn't dare yell at his upperclassmen like he just had. There has to be something that happened to make him react like that.

Fuji blinked a few times out of shock, but soon regained his composure. "I'll see what I can do, but I do expect you to tell me the real reason as to why you're here."

"I'd like to spend the night," the younger boy looked next to him. "Or would that cause too much trouble?"

Scanning Ryoma, Fuji could tell that there was something that had happened. Feeling as if Ryoma wouldn't go home if he had said he couldn't stay, he came to a decision. "Let me go tell my mom that you'll be staying for the night." Without letting Ryoma respond, Fuji left his room.

"How could I even begin to tell you what has happened?"

Down in the kitchen on the house, Fuji found his mother fixing a cup of tea. Right when she heard the boy coming, she turned to him.

"Syusuke, what happened?" the woman looked at her son. "That person you had in your arms was a teammate of yours, right?"

Fuji nodded his head as she spoke. Then, when he knew she was finished, he began to speak himself. "Yeah…Echizen Ryoma. He was taking a walk before it stared to rain. When it did start, he was already so far from his house that it was faster to get here. From the rain and the chill of the air, I guess his body couldn't take it and he passed out. If it's ok, he's going to spend the night."

"That's fine, but make sure he calls his family so they know he's here."

"I will," he smiled and hurried back to his room.

Up in Fuji's room, Ryoma noticed the small collection of cacti by the window. He carefully picked up one of the potted plants. Slowly, he touched the cactus. When he was pricked by it, Ryoma accidentally let the pot slip from his hand. Getting on the floor, Ryoma cleaned up the mess he had made. Looking at his hands, he noticed the damage that was done to them.

The door to the room clicked open. "Echizen, you need to call your house so they know you're staying the night."

"I don't have to," Ryoma held his hands up to Fuji. "Would you show me to the bathroom?"

Fuji rushed to Ryoma's side and grabbed hold of his wrists. "What happened?"

"I was picking up the pot I broke…sorry…"

"That's not important; lets go get your hands cleaned up," helping Ryoma off of the floor, Fuji pulled him out of the bedroom and into the bathroom.

Turning on the water in the sink, Fuji told the younger boy to rinse the blood off his hands. Fuji grabbed for a towel and wiped Ryoma's hands dry.

"Well, they don't seem too bad," Fuji carefully placed bandages over the larger cuts.

"I'm sorry that I broke your pot," Ryoma mumbled as he watched his hands get covered.

"You don't understand, do you?" the older of the two traced one of the bandages with his finger. "I'm not worried about the cactus…I'm worried about you, Echizen."


"Something had to of happened to make you wander outside in the pouring rain. You're not behaving like you usually would, and it's gotten me curious to know what is going on in that head of yours."

"I…" Ryoma stared at his hands. "I don't want to live there anymore…"


"Because…there's no one there for me to go home to…"

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