A/N: Chronology Report!


It's Annie, and I was looking through my Without Naruto Chapters and realized it might get a little confusing for those who aren't in the loop (i.e. everyone besides me and my Inner Sakura). I am not only writing a chronology, but also POV drabbles (Why? Cause I'm lazy.).

I'll try to place my stories on this guide by the Arcs, but mind that some might not happen at all (i.e. Valley of the End and Gaara/Naruto's first fight because NARUTO ISN'T THERE!!) So I will adjust this as I go, for now this is so people can look and see what happened when, and what in MY timeline would correspond with the ACTUAL timeline. *Enjoy*

Pre-Naruto/The Kyuubi Attack:

Chapter 2: Kyuubi

5 Days After Naruto Becomes a Genin and Saves Iruka:

Chapter 5: Mizuki

Team 7 Meets Up for the First Time and the Bell Test:

Chapter 4: Team 7 Part 1

Chapter 6: Team 7 Part 2

Chapter 8: The Bell Test Part 1

Chapter 9: The Bell Test Part 2

Elimination Tournament of the Chuunin Exams:

Chapter 3: Hyuuga Hinata Part 1

Unknown Release Date but Almost Written: Hyuuga Hinata Part 2

Sometime After the Chuunin Exams, Date will be Defined Later:

Chapter 1: Hyuuga Neji

This enables me to accept requests for different character's POV whenever YOU GUYS ask, not have to wait for the timeline to catch up with me. Yes, Jun-Gin, I WILL write that Haku drabble for you... Its ALMOST DONE, I promise.

I wanted to thank all of my WithoutNaruto!Verse subscribers and alert(ers?): Sarah1281, Jun-Gin, HoshinoUtau, and The High Demon Lord. You guys make writing worth (ummm... writing?). Make me feel like I've made a difference, you guys are amazing! And for all my new readers, I hope you enjoy, read, review and subscribe. (In my dream world, but don't worry, just getting visitors makes me smile... I feel like I say that every frickin time... but its true!)