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Rating: T
Spoilers: Death in the Saddle (3x03)
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The Spark

Temperance Brennan's mind was spinning as she watched her partner from across the table as he began devouring a piece of his favorite kind of pie at the diner. She had to suppress a laugh as Seeley Booth's eyes closed and a satisfied smile spread across his face. The man sure enjoyed his pie.

"You want some, Bones?"

A small smile lighted Brennan's face at the tease. Even with a spoonful of apple pie dangling between them, all she could see was his mischievous smile and the way his eyes sparkled with laughter. For what seemed like the zillionth time, she refused, decidedly stating she still did not prefer her fruit cooked. Besides, I have something far more important to think about right now...

She'd thought this moment through a thousand times, deliberated on every imaginable way she could convey the most crucial thing she'd ever said to him, gone through every possible reaction Booth could have, and she was still apprehensive. What if he really does love me only in an "atta-girl kinda way"? Get a grip Tempe, everyone knows he's in love with you. But what if –

"Everything alright there, Bones?" Booth interrupted her thought process, shoving the last piece of pie into his mouth, a hint of worry flashing behind his chocolate eyes.

"Yeah, I'm fine Booth. I just— I need to tell you something."

"Okay, go ahead Bones."

Brennan smiled tentatively, and Booth gave her an encouraging smile, finding her hand on the table and squeezing it softly.

"You remember when you told me that every once in a while, you know, when two people meet there's… there's that spark?"

A small crease formed on Booth's forehead, but his smile never faltered as he nodded to her. Yes he did remember, better than he cared to admit.

"Well Booth, I think I found that spark."

Wait a minute, is she telling me she found someone? Is that what this is all about? She isn't supposed to believe in love! What the hell…

Booth's grip on Brennan's hand tightened and he had to cough and take a moment to make sure his voice came out even, "Yeah? Umm. Well, great Bones. Who's the lucky fella?"

I don't know what that means… Instead of voicing her thoughts, Brennan got up, made her way around the table to where Booth was sitting. Without a word, she pulled him up by his collar and pressed her lips to his. A shock ran through Booth's body, and he wound his fingers in her hair, pulling her closer as their lips caressed each other.

After what could've been anything from a half a millisecond to innumerable weeks or months, Brennan pulled away softly, catching her breath as Booth caressed her cheek with his signature charm smile on his face.

"There," she whispered, placing her hand gently on his chest, feeling his heartbeat, "There's that spark."

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