Baby Love

by 1sab3ll3 W16tlock

A/N: Hi, I've re-written this chapter too many times, but I'll do it until it's perfect! So here goes nothing, hope you enjoy! ;)

Edward P.O.V

I was running through the forest. A couple of birds were flying above my head, high in the forest.

Emmett was running with me, he was somewhere out there not far away. We were hunting, the others had been out hunting a week ago, so it was just the two of us. I was almost full when I heard a baby cry. I frowned and quickly ran in the direction the crying came from.

I found the baby in the middle of a beautiful meadow: she or he was lying in a dirty green towel. I slowly approached the little human. It smelled wonderful, almost sweet. The fire in my throat was difficult to ignore, but I tried with all my power to overcome it.

I was now close enough to look down at the little baby's face, I was sure then: it was a girl. She looked up at me with big brown eyes; she had a little bit of brown hair on top of her fragile head. She looked to be about 3 months old.

She looked at me confused, though curious.

"Edward!" Emmett suddenly appeared behind me.

"I'm right here," I said quietly not wanting to scare the little girl.

I could hear him talking to himself in his mind: he could clearly smell her.

"It's a baby," I explained his unspoken question, and turned to him.

"A baby?" he said surprised, and looked down at the little girl in my arms. He immedately started thinking about Rosalie, and tried to take the baby girl from me.

"No way Emmett!" I said and looked down at the beautiful girl in my arms.

"Oh come on!" he begged me.

"Maybe when we get home," I said and started running. He wasn't happy about it, but quickly followed me.

"Alice, please. Stop this," I heard Rosalie complain from inside the house.

"Aw come on!" Alice giggled excitedly.

"Just please, take this off of my eyes." Rosalie mumbled.

"Okay, okay. Maybe that was a bit too much!" Alice laughed and took the folded cloth off Rosalies eyes.

"Surprise, surprise!" Emmett yelled as we entered the living room.

"I found a baby in the forest!" proudly informed the others. I glared at him.

"Okay, okay we found a baby in the forest!" Emmett said and rolled his eyes, turning to Rosalie swiftly.

"A human baby?" Rosalie asked as she walked towards me, her eyes on the baby in my arms.

"Yes," I smiled and held the baby up for everybody to see her.

"Can we please, please keep her Carlisle?" Rosalie begged without looking up from the baby.

"I don't know.." he started but as soon as he saw Rosalie's face he hesitated. "Fine, we'll keep her." he said slowly.

"Thank you!" Alice said, not even glancing away from the girl.

"What should we call her?" I asked and looked around.


What about Elisabeth?





"Wait, who said Isabella?" I said.

"That was me." Jasper said from the corner. He didn't dare go closer, he was too afraid of hurting her.

"That's a beautiful name," Esme said, and looked down at the now sleeping Isabella.

"Someone against Isabella?" Alice asked and looked around. Nobody said anything.

"Isabella it is!" Carlisle said with a smile, and looked back down at the girl: Isabella.

So… what do you say?