Have you ever wanted to fly like the Flock? Kick an Eraser's butt? Or infiltrate Itex? Now's your chance. To apply, simply fill out the application below. This is NOT first come, first serve; I will pick who I think is unique and who will work well together. Also, please, nothing inappropriate.



Who are you: (flock member, Itex worker, School worker, a human friend like Ella or Dr. Martienez, a parent, leader of Itex, ect… you can pretty much be anyone.)

DNA Combo: (No more then three. One must be human. If you are a member of the Flock, you MUST have a DNA combo. If you aren't, you don't need one.)

Flock Status: Alpha (Max)

Beta (Fang)

Followers (Angel, Gazzy, Nudge, Iggy.)

Tag along (Ari)

Psychical Characteristics:



Casual Clothes:

Formal Clothes:

Powers: (No more than three.)

Is it okay if I pair you with someone:

Is it okay if you die:

Family: (I may have some of the Flock members find their family.)

General Info:

Fave Movie: (nothing Rated R or above)

Fave book:

Fave Way to Relax:

Fave Food:

Fave Color:

Storyline Suggestions:

My Character

Name: Annika Crane

Age: 19

Who are you: Assistant to Itex leader.

DNA Combo: 99% human, 1% bat.

Physical Characteristics: long, stick straight, light red hair down to the end of her back. Slightly-paler-than-normal skin with freckles across bridge of nose and upper cheeks. Skinny and 5'6". Regular build, looks American. Midnight blue eyes.

Personality: Feisty. But is meek and submissive around the director. Very efficient and organized at her job.

Past: Parents are both dead. She was kidnapped off the streets when she was she was 7 and taken to the school. She escaped a year later. The Director doesn't know that she is a school experiment.

Casual Clothes: Comfy sweats or capris paired with a T-shirt and/or a hoodie.

Formal Clothes: A power suit with pants, not a skirt, sometimes with dark sunglasses, or a white dress.

Powers: Super-sonic hearing and her scream is as piercing as a bat's and stronger.

Pairing: I'm not sure.

Die: Not sure.

Family: Parents. Both dead. Possibly siblings.

General Info: Doesn't swear or say OMG! or anything like that. Doesn't watch Rated R movies. (I'm Mormon and I like my characters to reflect who I am.)

Fave Movie: Men In Black

Fave Book: The Eye of The World by Robert Jordan. (May change.)

Fave Way to Relax: Curl up and read or watch a movie. Both while eating popcorn.

Fave Food: Spaghetti with meat sauce, canned corn, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese all mixed together.

Fave Color: Light green and light blue.

Well, there it is! If you want in, review! :D