word: drip
word count: 100

Drip, Drop, Drag

"…they heard driiiiiip…drrrrrop…draaaaag…" the older boy intoned.

Sammy shivered, riveted to the gruesome story. When the scare came, the preschoolers all jumped. Some started crying.

Sammy's lip quivered. His tummy felt twisty and sick. He wanted Dean.

"Whassa matter, Sammy?" Marcus sneered. "Scared? Why don'tcha cry, little baby?"

"My not a baby," Sammy refuted hotly, frowning. "My not scared. My big bwover would beat it up. He don't lets nuffin' hurt me." Sammy's raised voice summoned Dean, who stared Marcus down. "Wight, Dean?"

"Right, squirt," Dean responded firmly. Nothing bad was gonna get his little brother. Not with him around.