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30_kisses prompt: Theatre




Ichigo stared at the movie under hooded eyes. He lifted his watch and glared at it under the light of the flickering screen. Only thirty minutes had passed and yet it felt like an eternity. He looked around at the nearly empty movie theatre. No wonder the film's theatre was practically empty and yet it was only on its second weekend out; it was a shit movie.

He looked over and down at the soft sound of air being sucked in and his eyes widened at the sight of his girlfriend yawning. Even the worst movies would hold some kind of interest for her; some obscure thing in the background that would set her imagination going or something in the dialogue that she'd find funny, especially when it wasn't supposed to be funny. But he realized he hadn't heard the smallest peep from her.

This movie really was shit.

He sighed, untwined their hands, and wrapped an arm around her, smiling slightly when her head fell to his shoulder. Only a little more than an hour.

Ichigo grunted and scowled. Shit, that was gonna be two more eternities.

And fantastic. The main couple were having a sex scene that dropped out of the sky. Did the filmmakers even try to have a decent flow?

But. A slow grin started to spread over his face as he looked behind them at the emptiness and ahead of them at the one couple in the front. It did give him a great idea to alleviate the boredom.

He flipped up the chair arm on the other side of him. Just in case they needed the extra room. One had to be prepared for these things.

He started slowly, rubbing her shoulder with his thumb and then moving his hand up and down her arm, eventually letting it smooth down her side, "accidentally" brushing the side of her breast. She shifted against him and then giggled softly when he hit a ticklish spot on her side.

His fingers casually slid under her shirt, stroking the soft skin underneath. Orange eyebrows suddenly rose high when Ichigo felt a small hand tentatively touch his thigh. He looked down and watched her play with the fabric of his tight pants. Her pale hand flattened over his leg and began smoothing down the crease line. Her fingers reached the end of his thigh, and she danced her fingers over his knee.

Ichigo bent over and let out an involuntary grunt of laughter. "That tickles!" he hissed as she giggled and tried to tickle him again, but not before he grabbed her mischievous hand.

Her head tilted up against his shoulder and brown eyes that looked silvery in the film's light blinked up at him. "I didn't know you were boy crazy, Ichigo," she whispered.

"What?" he choked. "What are you talking about?"

"Boy crazy," she quietly replied. "If your knees are ticklish, you're boy crazy."

He scowled down at her. "You're crazy."

She grinned cheekily. "Crazy about you."

Ichigo groaned and rolled his eyes as a smile tried to sneak its way onto his face. "You wrote the dialogue for this movie didn't you?"

Orihime stuck her tongue out at him and tried to retrieve her hand, but before she could even blink, he'd bent his head and captured her pink tongue between his lips. She squeaked in surprise and stared at him with wide eyes as he sucked her in further. When she found an opening, she quickly pulled back.

"Ich-" He pressed his lips to hers before she could protest and swept his tongue inside her mouth, clamping his arm around her waist, pulling her hard against him. "Ichi...mm...Ichigo, we're...there's people..." she tried to protest between his kisses.

"They won't...notice us."

"But...they might-"

"Whatever...you don't really...care. You're the one...kissing me...aren't you," he smirked as her lips came back to his again and again and her body pressed further against him.

"Oh..." Orihime apparently decided to forget where she was and allowed her leg to be pulled over his hips until she was straddling him, her hands sinking into his hair as she rose above him on her knees and dominated his mouth, plunging into him deeply as she rolled her curvy body against him.

Ichigo's hands cupped her bottom through her skirt, squeezing them lightly and then moving underneath the flirty fabric to pull her sex roughly against his. Orihime bit back a moan at the feel of him against her and spread her legs wider, her knees chafing against the rough fabric of the theatre seats. She whispered his name and her hand traveled down one side of his neck as her lips trailed down the other.

His hips bucked up against hers when she rubbed against him, her hand slipping under his collar to feel the hot skin on his shoulder. Ichigo let out a soft curse as she began to rhythmically rub herself against him, his hands on her hips as they steadily bucked up and down against him.

He let one hand slid a little ways down her thigh and then circle to the front, brushing once against the hard, little nub through her panties. The mouth that had been licking at his neck, bit down on his skin to keep the noises from escaping her mouth. She tried to press against his hand, but he returned it to her bottom and squeezed her hard, pushing her hard into him and bucking against her.

One of her hands frantically slipped between them and grappled with his belt. "I-Ichigo...I need..."

He groaned as her fingers pushed aside the belt and undid the button and zipper on his pants, giving some freedom to his painful arousal. "I know...Ori-"

A stream of yellow light caught his attention and his hazy eyes widened at the security officer waving his flashlight around at the front of the theatre. Ichigo clamped his arms around Orihime and twirled them around, landing her on her back on the seats. She gasped and let out a small squeak of surprise.


Ichigo pressed his hand over her mouth and gently shushed her. He could barely make her eyes out, staring up at him in confusion. His finger pressed to his mouth and slowly, he raised himself up on his hands, just enough to look over the seats. The officer was grouching to the people at the front that had apparently gotten the same idea he and Orihime had, but had been found out. The man was watching them embarrassedly straighten their clothes and then he casually began to swing his light around the rest of the theatre.

Ichigo fell back down on top of her, barely avoiding the beacon as it sailed over their heads. Orihime was completely still underneath him as she realized the gist of what was going on. He shifted on top of her to get his leg in a better place - which was a mistake as he found out when his barely clothed erection brushed against her. Her hips involuntarily lifted up against him.

He bit back a low groan as his head fell to her shoulder. His hand then apparently couldn't resist moving over her breast and massaging it through the thin clothing, despite the imminent danger. Her heated body relaxed and wriggled underneath him. He pressed himself against her and moved her skirt above her hips. Lifted up slightly on one hand, he slipped his finger underneath her panties and dragged his finger along her sensitive flesh in one long, seductive stroke.

Orihime bit down hard on her lip to keep from crying out, gripping his waist with her hands, her hips wantonly meeting his slow strokes even though she could hear the officer's grumpy scoldings as he led the people out the door.

When she heard the door clang shut, her hands fumbled quickly to push down his clothes. Fingers curled around him and gently pulled him towards where she needed him, her legs spreading wide, one bent and pressed flat against the seats, the other foot on the floor and spread as far as she could get it.

"Ichigo," she groaned when she felt his tip pressed against her covered slit, just above where she needed him. Her tight chest filled with relief when he shoved aside the flimsy fabric and heat shot up through her body, sharply tingling her nerves as his hips snapped forward, filling her.

Her hands drifted down below his waist, pulling him hard against her, sinking her fingers into the soft flesh. His voice was hoarse when he said her name before pressing his lips against hers and finally moving inside her.

Ichigo could hardly breathe as he was buried inside of her, her walls clenching tight around him as his hips moved up and down, his legs barely braced against the seats. She was always so hot, so tight, so addictive. He couldn't help but pound her mercilessly, hitting her hard and deep. Her hips lifted off the seats, taking everything he gave her.

His head fell to rest on her heaving chest as her head fell back, his pace coming faster. He managed to nudge the fabric of her shirt aside and flicked the skin of her breast with his tongue. He felt her clenching tighter around him and then a soft, broken cry escaped her lips as she fell apart underneath him. He pressed his mouth to her trembling chest as he thrust into her once more before letting himself release, spilling deep inside her.

They lay their for a few moments, catching their breath as awareness started gradually coming back, their pounding ears slowly hearing the sounds from the movie again.

Ichigo cursed as he slowly withdrew from her heat and then struggled for a minute as he pulled his clothes back up and redid his belt. He grinned down at the satiated girl splayed across the seats and pulled her up so that she straddled his hips. Her limp arms rested around his shoulders as he smoothed down her rumpled shirt.

Orihime lifted her head and looked at his face with cloudy eyes before leaning in to press a soft kiss to his lips and then slumped down onto his shoulder. Ichigo grinned and ran his hand down her back. Staring unseeingly at the moving screen as he pressed a kiss to her shoulder.

Minutes later when they found their strength, they decided to leave early and walked out with their arms around each other's waists. Just outside the door, the same security officer was standing there, twirling his flashlight and chatting with a theatre worker. When Ichigo and Orihime came out, he blinked and his flashlight stopped in mid-swing, stunned at seeing people come out of what he had thought had been an empty theatre.

Ichigo watched his wheels slowly turn and gave the officer a smirk and a mock salute as they passed him.

One second passed. Two. Three.

"Hey! Wait a second you two!"

"Run, Hime!"