24. Ablaze - Girl Talk Pt2

"I love you."

He watched her, face full of anticipation and excitement, the bouquet of roses timidly held in both hands.

She blinked, looked at the flowers -that were gorgeous by the way- and rolled her eyes.

"You have got to be kidding me!"

Lucy, Levi and Mirajane all winced at the same time as they saw Evergreen grab the beautiful bouquet out of Elfman's hands and began to hit him over the head with it.

"And there goes another one..."

Lucy turned around in her bar stool, a clueless expression on her face. "I just don't get it! What is wrong with her?"

Levi shrugged and took a sip from her drink on the bar stool right from the blonde mage. "This makes what? Attempt 21? How many more will it take?"

Mirajane chuckled softly and leaned over the counter, chin resting in the palm of her right hand as she watched her brother droop back towards Natsu and Gray's table near the stage in the drinking hall. "Oh, I don't know, Elfman can take a lot."

Levi chuckled, shaking her head in sympathy for the sole male Strauss sibling. "This has gone way beyond sad and masochistic, Mira. Evergreen is just too cruel on him."

"And enjoying it," Lucy chimed in. "Don't you think that maybe you should go talk to him about this, Mira?" she worriedly added.

Mirajane laughed nervously and shrugged. "I did. He has the stubbornness and tenacity of a Strauss, I guess."

Both Lucy and Levi blinked at the lukewarm reaction before chuckling uneasily in turn.

Mirajane smiled at them in appreciation of their worry. "Look you guys, Elfman hasn't given up on her yet, for reasons that only make sense to him," she reasoned, looking at her brother in the distance. "He believes that she can make him happy like you and your respective boyfriends are; therefore he needs the support of all of you in this." She grinned at both girls. "I mean, where would you be right now if both of your men hadn't pushed through in the beginning of your relationships?"

Lucy smiled gently and turned to look at Natsu talking soothingly to Elfman. "I wouldn't be moving in with Natsu, for one."

"And I wouldn't be presenting Gajeel to my parents," Levi whispered, turning around to face the counter with a questioning expression. "A decision I should perhaps revise."

Lucy raised her eyebrows sarcastically. "You think? The man eats with his hands," she jokingly said.

"So does Natsu," Levi shot back with a chuckle.

"Yeah, but I'm not presenting him to my parents," Lucy replied casually, taking a sip from her drink. "Did I already mention that he passes gas at the most inappropriate moments?"

Levi rolled her eyes amusedly. "And your perfect boyfriend doesn't?" she laughed. "And when Natsu passes gass, there's actually an explosion risk, Lucy!"

Lucy and Mirajane began to laugh. "That's why I have prohibited him from farthing in my house," Lucy informed them with a resolute nod of her head as she prepared to down the last of her juice.

"So, it'll be okay when you two are moved in together in his house?" Mirajane wondered, now pouring herself a glass of pomegranate juice after Lucy refused a refill of hers and shook her head in response to Mirajane's question.

"He thinks it'll be his house, but it'll be our house, which means 'partly mine', which means no farthing in my goddamn house!" she said calmly with a shrug, eliciting the laughter of her friends.

"But how are you going to keep Gajeel from farthing in the presence of your parents?" Mirajane asked Levi, taking Lucy's empty glass away.

Levi grunted in annoyance and threw her eyes up to the ceiling. "I don't know, put a cork in it?"

Their laughter echoed through the entire hall as they stomped their feet and clapped their hands merrily.

"Oh God, I'm completely freaking out here you guys..." Levi whined a moment later, hitting her forehead against the counter. "He's more animal than man!"

"You only now realize after almost two years?" Lucy giggled, shaking her head. "Mira, I think our girl needs a much stronger drink here."

"I'm not arguing with you there," Mirajane said, turning around to reach for a bottle of crème liquor and returning to pour all three of them a shot glass each.

"Then cancel the meeting with your parents if you're not sure about the entire thing," Lucy said kindly, reaching for her new glass.

"Can't! My parens are really looking forward to it," Levi sighed, sipping from her alcoholic drink and wincing. "My mom already decided what we'll have for dinner.

Lucy drank her entire glass in one go, shaking her head to will away the burning of her throat afterwards. "Yeah, that sounds hard to duck under from," she rasped, her face still contorted from the aftertaste of the drink. She tapped her finger against the glass for a refill nonetheless.

Mirajane filled Lucy's glass again while shrugging. "Tell them you're sick."

"All of them?" Levi asked skeptically.

"That won't work," Lucy interjected, already nursing her drink.

"Why not?" Mirajane asked, downing her glass in one go without flinching.

"He'll smell it on me that I'm not," Levi explained. She grunted again and shot her drink down her throat before squealing and shuddering. "Holy crap, that's nasty!"

"But you love him, right?" The elder Strauss sibling wondered.

Levi sighed and tucked back a strand of her hair, looking a little debauched after her drink. "Like crazy," she whispered hopelessly.

Lucy glanced up at Mirajane knowingly and grinned at her blue haired friend. "And he loves you, so he'll understand if you tell him. Just put your foot down."

Mirajane made a deadpanned face and scratched the back of her head. "Not everyone keeps their boyfriend like a pet, Lucy," she said, chuckling nervously.

"Both Lucy and Levi stared at her for a few moments. "Shows what you know," they said in unison.

Mirajane laughed, shaking her head in amusement. "Just be honest with him, Levi. Relationships are like partnerships, decisions like these need to be made together with him. It shows your respect for him."

Levi took a steadying breath, thought about it for a moment and then nodded. "You're right, telling him about it is the best course of action."

"Oh, but that's right! You and Laxus rekindled your relationship," Lucy commented, smirking knowingly.

Mirajane gasped and blushed. "How do you even...?"

Levi's mouth fell open. "Wait, you and Laxus? Mira!"

Lucy grinned. "Erza gushed about the both you after your double date last week with her and Jellal," she answered, smiling at the embarrassed expression on her friend's face.

"We're trying to take things slow. Even the master doesn't know about him and I yet," Mirajane confessed.

"Do you love him?" Levi asked softly.

Mirajane bit her lower lip and smiled at her. "I never stopped."

Both Lucy and Levi sighed dreamily.

"What's the sex like?" Lucy asked, biting her lower lip excitedly.

"Is that all you ever think about?" Levi asked her reprimandingly before turning to their mutual friend. "So seriously, what's it like?"

Mirajane giggled quietly and shrugged, never answering the question.

"Looks like the continuation of the Dreyar line is assured," Lucy said with one raised eyebrow and a smug smirk. "The master will be so happy."

Levi threw her hands on her mouth in surprise, gasping; "You guys are already trying for a baby...?"

"I... what?" Mirajane replied in shock. "We're not..." she took a breath and shook her head absent-mindedly. "At least... not yet, we-"

"Not yet?!" The younger girls exclaimed in unison again. "Are you guys getting married...?" Lucy wondered.

"Or are you maybe moving in together?" Levi asked hopefully.

"You guys are going way too overboard with this," Mirajane chuckled, still blushing. "I just told you that we're trying to take it slow."

Both Lucy and Levi laughed mockingly. "There is no 'slow' with a Dragon Slayer," Lucy said wisely.

"If he's anything like the ones we know, he must love you intensely," Levi agreed. "Which makes the sex explosive, right?"

Mirajane blushed even harder, hiding her face behind her hands. "You two..."

The Stellar Mage nodded. "Yeah, Dragon slayers love hard and without compromise. But above all, their love is durable and pure."

"At least your babies will be good-looking," the blue haired Mage said jokingly.

Lucy shuddered with a nod. "Yeah, I don't want to think about what Ever and Elfman's baby would look like..."

"That's a terrible thing to say!" Mirajane protested.

"Don't tell me you've never had nightmares about it," Lucy said reprimandingly.

Mirajane put up a shaky smile, badly masking her horrified expression. "If they ever decide to have babies, I'll... support it."

Natsu suddenly appeared behind Lucy and Levy, merrily resting his arms around the girls' shoulders. "Who's having babies?"

"We were wondering what Ever and Elfman's baby would look like," Lucy informed him, pressing a loving kiss against his cheek.

"That's a horrible thing to think about..." Natsu said in a small voice, shuddering as he shook his head.

"So how is it going over there?" Levi asked with a laugh as Mirajane huffed, nodding towards the men's table in the distance.

"Well, he doesn't want to give up on her, that's for sure," Natsu replied, gesturing to Mirajane to get him four beers. "Apparently the sex is too awesome."

They all jumped in surprise when the four mugs of beer Mirajane was preparing clattered to the floor. "Please, please tell me they're using some form of magical contraception."

Natsu raised his eyebrows questioningly. "No idea, Mira."

"Lucy, could you please handle Natsu's order for me?" Mirajane said, lifting the movable part from the bar and taking off the apron she was wearing with a ticked off expression.

Lucy nodded, her expression albeit confused as she watched her friend throw the apron behind the bar angrily. "Mira...?"

"There's no way in Hell I'm letting that skank take advantage from my little brother without strangling some sort of commitment out of her first!" Mirajane growled under breath as she looked around the hall for the Raijinshuu table. "That little conniving..."

"What happened to being supportive...?" Levi asked cautiously, scooting her stool back a bit when they all saw Mirajane's hair beginning to lift off her shoulders a bit.

Lucy whimpered in fright and jumped behind Natsu as the Take Over Mage's expression only darkened. "Y-yeah, Mira...?"

"I'm too young to become an aunt now!" she stated, eyes still scanning over the crowd. "There!"

"What about the tenacity and stubbornness of the Strauss family?" Levi tried in another attempt to diffuse the murderous intent that came off Mirajane in waves. "You can't hurt her, Elfman loves her!"

Mirajane never answered but stormed off, and to everyone's surprise, it wasn't Evergreen she addressed, but Laxus, dragging him out of the guild a few moments later.

"I guess, that's one way to get things done," Lucy laughed softly, moving behind the bar to fill four mugs with beer. "Just have your man fix it."

"But of course, they make for the perfect pet," Levi giggled, careful not to have Natsu, who was still looking at the scene, overhear them. "Especially Dragonslayers. She's learning."

They both chuckled again and prepared to join Gray, Elfman and Gajeel at their table when it suddenly hit Natsu.

"Wait, Mirajane and Laxus are together?!"

Both Lucy and Levi giggled and shook their heads.

Guess the secret was out now.

Catch ya'll on the next one!