Continuing on my GajeelxLevy binge; here is a steamy little lemon for all of you!

26. Reflection.

He wanted her, only her. No one else affected him the way she did.

Everything that was hard and rough around the edges about him was soft, gentle and refined when it came to her.

Even the way she moved, it was like watching a true fairy dance and glide through the air. It was truly mesmerizingly enchanting.

And he had her love.

She chose to be his, deeming him worthy of her and there was nothing he wouldn't do just to keep her happy and by his side.

The life he'd known until he met her compared to nothing, he now realized. This was how life was supposed to be, she was who'd he'd been waiting for. The meaning his life had been lacking, he'd found in her and her love.

She supported him and recognized his weaknesses, which she accepted as part of the man she wanted to be with. In return, he made sure she was appreciated and loved in every way that mattered.

To him, everything was perfect.

Except for maybe one thing.

"Hey, shorty?" He called from his seated spot on his bed. "Can you come here for a minute?"

The light of the bathroom went off and she appeared wearing one of his black t-shirts that were much too big on her small body. "What's up?" She asked, rubbing that deliciously fragrant lotion that drove him wild on her forearms as she walked up to the bed, halting by the end of it.

Gajeel rubbed the spot next to him on the bed. "Come'ere."

She bit her lower lip and smirked, jumping onto the bed next to him. "Is it time to play?" She giggled against his lips, mounting her boyfriend as she finished her sentence.

He grinned back at her, laying his hands on her hips and giving them a soft squeeze. "Whatever my kitten wants, but I want to talk to you about something first."

Levy stilled in quiet surprise, not knowing her man to get into his serious voice so soon before sex. She tucked a few of his hairstrands behind each ear before resting her arms on his naked shoulders, looking him in the eyes. "What is it?"

Gajeel took a small breath and closed his eyes. "How long have we been together, kitten?"

Levy pursed her lips and thought about it for a short moment. "Well, if you count Tenroujima, almost 9 years now."

He nodded to himself and smiled at her. "And stuff's been going well between us, right?"

She shifted a bit on his lap and smiled tenderly, endeared by his unneeded insecurity about their relationship. She kissed him lovingly and looked him in the eyes. "We're good, stud. I've never been happier."

"Ok," he said nervously, smiling in relief. "Me too."

Levy grinned back, though she felt a bit confused about the tone of the conversation. She searched for his eyes when he averted them bashfully. "Is there something I need to know? Gajeel?"

He turned his head to his bedside table and reached for the small enveloppe that lay there readily. "I asked master a favor today and he came through for me," he said, now holding the brown enveloppe between them. "I mean, I felt like it was time."

"What is that?" She wondered.

He only smiled and shook the opened enveloppe onto his left hand, revealing a steel key. "I bought a house today."

Levy's eyes grew wide as she gasped in pleasant surprise.

"Master helped vouch for me with the Home Owner's Association Of the city of Magnolia," he whispered with a small smirk.

"Is that why you've been going on missions that often lately? You've been working non-stop for months," Levy said with an understanding nod, clapping her hands once merrily. "Congratulations!"

Gajeel placed the empty enveloppe on the bedside table again and then took her right hand in his so he could slide the key onto her opened palm. "Those jobs were for the refurbishment of the new place, so you'd be comfortable spending time there."

She closed her hand holding the key and pressed it against her chest, smiling up at him. "Thank you," she whispered, moving in to kiss him softly. "Where do I need to move my overnight stuff to?"

He licked his lips and then bit his lower one nervously, scratching the back of his head with an embarrassed blush on his face. "Well, that's the thing... I was wondering if you- you could ask your landlord to let you get out of your renting contract."

"Gajeel?" she whispered in astonishment, following his hands as they moved to grab hers again, the key now lying on the bed next to them.

He looked at their joined hands between them and closed his eyes. "I know you can take care of yourself, kitten, but I just want you to know that you can lean on me." Gajeel opened his eyes and stared into hers longingly. "I want to take care of you too, I want to be your man, the one you can always come home to, the father of your children... your husband..."

Levy's breath halted in her throat and she blinked the tears, that had filled her vision, away, lips trembling.

He chuckled a little, taking another calming breath and giving their joined hands a gentle squeeze. "I keep thinking that you are the best thing that has ever hapened to me. I want you to have all of me... if you'll have me, shorty. I'm a complete idiot without you, I think that that's been established over the years."

She laughed, closing her eyes with a small nod. "But you're my idiot," she whispered, looking at him lovingly.

"And you help me become a better person," he replied, lifting his hand to wipe away her tears that were now freely flowing. "And I love you for that. Everyday a bit more."

She sniffled and whispered his name, rubbing up against the hand cupping her face, kissing its palm.

"I see us living together, having a little kid... and I hope... I hope you see that too, for us." He placed his other hand against her face and pulled her in. "I love you, shorty."

"I love you too, Gajeel," she murmured before the kiss, letting their lips meet tenderly, pouring all the love she had for the man in it. "And yes," she said resolutely afterwards, holding his face in her hands as well. "Yes to everything."

"Yes?" He echoed, his eyes looking for a sign of hesitation but not finding any. "Wait, yes to what?"

Levy laughed heartedly and kissed him again. "Yes to moving in with you."

"Oh, ok," he murmured, still a bit dumbfounded as he watched her retreat with a misschievous grin.

"Yes to marrying you."

She kissed him again and he blushed. "R-right."

The petite Mage giggled and moved in again, eyes darkening with desire. "And yes to having your baby," she murmured against his lips, kissing him wantonly a moment later.

He kissed her back this time, his need for her now awakened. "So, are we trying for that right now?" He whispered, staring at her sinfully engorged lips, groaning at the sensation of her little hand fondling his clothed groin.

"Caught up on that, have you?" She moaned huskily, biting her lower lip afterwards. She took off the black oversized shirt she was wearing, leaving her dressed in nothing but black, sexy lace shorts. "We're doing this right now, lover."

Gajeel let his hands and eyes roam down her enticing, petite form, his mouth watering. "Fuck, shorty..." he groaned, watching her climb off of him agily and laying herself next to him on the bed, her hands running down her body until her thumbs hooked beneath the hem of her panties.

"Fuck?" Levy whispered sultrily, her eyes never leaving his as she slowly lifted her hips and pulled her underwear over them, raising her slender legs up in the air and sliding the garment over them until it dangled on her left ankle and she wipped it in the air nonchalantly. "Yes, please."

He was on her with a low growl, his lips attaching themselves to the side of her throat, suckling eagerly to the sound of her moans. "You're so fuckin' sexy, Levy..."

She arched her back, her fingers threading through his black mane while his lips and tongue ravished her right nipple, her mind reeling from the dual sensations of his licks and gentle bites. "Gajeel... yes...!"

A satisfied smirk formed on his features as he glanced up at her and saw her lost in the pleasure he was procuring her. He slowly began to work his way down her heaving chest, dropping hungry kisses along the way and dipping his tongue in her belly button until he found himself inbetween her legs, nuzzling her inner right thigh.

Levy bit her lower lip in anticipation, her hands still playing in his hair when his tongue darted against her tentatively, teasingly, making her arch her back and moan her approval throatily, smiling. "Keep going, stud... just like that..."

He chuckled, loving how lascivious she got when they did this, only wanting her more, his need for her now rampant. "You taste so fucking good..." he murmured in between licks, soon returning to ravishing her ferociously, making her scream in pleasure.

He brought her to the brink of ecstacy, like always, before she felt him mount her, eyes heavy with desire. "You better be ready for me,"Gajeel murmured, looking down upon her naked body displayed in front of hi, as he pulled the string of his pants loose leisurely, building upon the tension with his trademark chuckle.

Levy lifted drowsy eyes his way, her mind hazy and her heart racing. She heard his pants fall somewhere near the bed and saw his proud, muscular body crawl on top of hers, the weight of his longing rendering her breathless. Her hands reached up to cup his face first, before she slid them down the sides of his neck, over his collarbone and over his strong chest, taking in the gorgeousness of his skin and all its scars and imperfections, making sure not to miss a single bundle of his impressive torso muscles. Her tighs spread apart and closed around his flanks, her hands holding on to his hips when he finally settled on top of her, teasingly rubbing the tip of his erection against her.

He pressed their lips together in a demanding kiss and pushed inside of her without further delay, having reached the limit of his patience. "Oh fuck yes..."

She grinned at this exclamation and searched for his eyes, wanting to lose herself in them while their bodies got lost in each other. Leaning into the touch of his fingers playing against her face while he braced his arms on each side of her head, Levy sighed contently, reveling in the feel of his member warm and throbbing inside of her. "I love you, Gajeel. I love you so much."

Gajeel captured her lips with his again, picking up the speed of his shallow thrusts and smirking at the empassionated response of her body, wanting more of her with each roll of her hips against his, with each slide of her soft skin against his. He couldn't get enough of it and so he drove deeper, loving the feel of her small nails digging into each of his buttcheeks, encouraging him to go harder, making the whole bed squeak and shake.

Knowing that neither of them would last much longer, Levy gave him a small nod moments later and he braced both his hands on the top edge of the headboard, keeping their eyes locked. Her small hands held on to his flanks now, her thighs quivering with anticipation next to them.

Gajeel licked his lower lip saliciously and grunted at the full blown body tremor that coursed through her, nearly sending them both over the edge. "Hold on thight, shorty... stay with me," he panted, a drop of sweat rolling off his chin and landing on her chest, where it mingled with her own.

The weight of his body against hers was just right, his strength and soothing presence envelopping her caringly. Being with him was the safest place in the world to her and she knew that there wouldn't be a time when she wouldn't be in love with this man.

He'd gone through such a remarkable evolution, and he kept willing to grow in character for her, setting new goals for himself and more importantly, for their couple.

He kept surprising her and that's what kept her tethered to him with love. The Iron Dragon Slayer was everything she'd hoped and unknowingly wished for. There wasn't a more caring person in the entire world to her.

He'd make a fantastic father.


She would follow him no matter where he'd go, a life without him in it was something she couldn't even imagine.

"I love you."

Her hands pulled his face down on top of hers again, kissing his gasping lips as he spilled inside of her, trembling in her embrace. A heated look of his afterwards was all it took for her to reach her climax, the grin on her face only growing wider when he brushed his mouth against the side of her neck and lovingly nuzzled his way up for a last kiss.

She knew all of his insecurities and he knew hers. He wasn't perfect and she wasn't either, but together they made the impossible possible.

The headboard quietly continued hitting the wall with each of his lazy thrusts as they carried on their lovemaking through the night, lost in their own perfect little universe.

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