I wasn't gonna put this up…but I'm bored and I haven't submitted anything DP in a while (since most of my plot bunnies have revolved around the 9 fandom lately). I haven't lost interest in DP, oh no! Far from it! It's just more plot bunnies for 9 have been formulating in mah head XD

I actually began writing this fic a while ago and the basic plot is already firmly in my head. Dunno how often I'll update this since I still have to finish Danny Phantom of the Opera and Stellar, and half my other started fanfics haven't been updated in MONTHS!(frigging DP plot bunnies) lol

Well, I'm gonna stop rambling. I will say this fanfic is EXTREMELY AU. It might be a bit confusing in the beginning so if you have any questions, just ask. But I may not be able to answer all of tem since that might spoil something –shh-

Alright, I'll shut up now. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Jake and Danielle Manson rushed down the stairs when they heard their names called. Their parents were waiting for them at the bottom of the staircase. Jeremy and Pamela Manson were extremely strict about their children's behavior and often needed to remind them to behave.

Jake Manson was a couple of months older than his sister. He had the same blonde hair as his father and bright green eyes. He often liked to play radical games and dress up. The boy refused to be acknowledged by the name Jake, he preferred his made up name, Youngblood. The only time he answered to the name Jake was if his parents were yelling for him, which was the case at this moment in time.

Danielle Manson was twelve years old and tended to listen to her parents more often than Jake. Still, a part of her yearned for adventure and every so often she would play with her brother. Unfortunately, every time she would even step foot into her brother's room while he was dressing up, her parents would discover her and get right on her case.

"Jake, Danielle," their mother, Pamela, began.

The children sat at the foot of the stairs and looked up into their parents eyes.

"Can you explain to us what this is?" their father, Jeremy, asked holding out a sheet of paper with math homework on it. Underneath all the numbers were drawings of Jake and Danielle in a boat trying to catch a fish.

"It's Danielle and I in a boat," Jake responded plainly.

"Jacob Manson…" Pamela began.

"I told you it's Youngblood," 'Youngblood' retorted.

"Your name is Jacob or Jake and nothing else!" Pamela shrieked.

"Children, what have we told you about doodling on your math homework?" Jeremy asked.

Danielle looked down at her shining onyx Mary-Jane's and answered: "We're not supposed to..."

"Exactly," Jeremy said.

"But it's not my homework! It's Youngblood's! I may be in the picture but I had nothing to do with it!" Danielle protested.

"Danielle!" her father boomed.

Danielle looked back down at the floor.

"Danielle, sweetie, how many times have we told you not to encourage your brother that Youngblood is his name?" Pamela hissed.

"But he won't answer to Jake! Not when I call him that!" the black haired girl explained.

Pamela ran her fingers through her bright, swirly red hair. "Look, children, you shouldn't be indulging yourselves in crazy fantasies like this. You'll end up being hunted down and an angry mob will burn down the house just like they did with that old ghost writer."

"You mean the one that wrote the story about the raven?" Youngblood asked.

"Don't speak of birds! They frighten me," Danielle shuddered.

"Darling, we've told you a hundred times, birds don't exist," Jeremy reiterated to his daughter.

"I'm not so sure, father. I thought I saw a person with wings instead of arms outside the other day," Youngblood chimed.

"You probably just saw a shadow, Jake dear," Pamela said.

Thunder boomed and lightning cracked across the sky above.

"What's that?!" Youngblood shrieked.

Pamela and Jeremy turned to look out the window. There was a flash of lighting and the outline of a person with wings in place of their arms. Danielle unleashed a blood curdling scream and buried her face into Youngblood's sleeve.

"Jeremy…" Pamela began.

"I'll go see what's out there," Jeremy said.

He grabbed the coat rack and shook the contents off of it. As the coats landed on the floor, Jeremy opened the front door and walked outside.

"Be careful, dear!" Pamela called.

The cold rain poured down on Jeremy's head, ruining his perfectly combed blonde hair. He squinted to see through the dark. Another flash of light and the shadowy figured seemed to be moving closer.

"Who are you?!" Jeremy called into the darkness.

When no answer came, Jeremy swung the coat stand like a baseball bat. Suddenly, something ripped it from his grasp. Another flash of light revealed that Jeremy's weapon of choice was being gripped tightly with a foot and a big foot at that. The light disappeared before Jeremy could see who the foot belonged to or even what gender this person was, if it even was a person.

Before Jeremy could call out again, he felt something rip the coat rack from his hand. He heard a whooshing sound and felt the coat rack crash down on his skull. The impact had cracked the top of his head open. Jeremy fell to the ground as he continued being beaten. The attacker paused when Jeremy stopped moving.

"JEREMY!" Pamela cried.

The attacker dropped the coat rack and fled.

"Jeremy!" Pamela called again as she as her children ran outside.

A flash of lightning revealed Jeremy lying lifeless on the ground, drenched in blood. Black feathers stuck to him and rustled in the wind.

Pamela shrieked at the sight of her dead husband.

"Mother!" Danielle cried. "Mother, what's wrong?"

"Children, go back inside!" Pamela cried.

"What happened?" Youngblood asked.

Pamela wiped a tear from her eye and answered: "Your father has been attacked…by a bird."

For those wondering why I made Youngblood's name Jake, it's cas he's voiced by Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob in Twilight. And although I'm not a fan of Twilight, I figured the name fit, plus Youngblood looks kinda like a Jake to be 8)

Enjoy. I'll try to update soon.