Well, hello there. I decided I would spend my birthday updating my fanfictions ('cause Lord knows I need to, I haven't updated most of my stories in at least a year). So yeah, hope you enjoy! Also, sorry for the short chapters. Future chapters should be longer, I promise.

The Foley's usually went on camping trips when they had the time. Mrs. Foley wanted to go camping before her new baby came along. She had brought along her knitting needles and yarn to make baby clothes.

Her husband, Maurice, was busying rummaging through his bag whilst Mrs. Foley was making a red bureau cap.

"Oh, crap!" Maurice swore.

"What is it, darling?" Mrs. Foley asked.

"I accidentally grabbed Richard's reading glasses instead of mine. He has a different prescription than I do and his head is smaller than mine…" Maurice sighed. "Oh, well. I can try and read without them I suppose."

"Oh, Maurice! Isn't this darling?" Mrs. Foley asked holding up the finished bureau cap.

"That's adorable, sweetheart," Maurice smiled.

Mrs. Foley beamed and placed the cap into a woven basket beside her sleeping bad. "Do you think Richard and Cecelia are behaving with the nanny?" she asked suddenly.

"I'm sure they are," Maurice assured.

"Ugh!" Mrs. Foley sighed. "If only they were willing to come along with us I wouldn't be so worked up and…"

"Don't worry dear. Right now, all we need to worry about is what's in there," Maurice said pointing to his wife's stomach.

"Oh, Maurice," Mrs. Foley giggled.

Suddenly, there was a rustle in the trees. The couple froze as the rustling became louder.

"Ma-Ma-Ma-Maurice?" Mrs. Foley shuddered.

"Don't worry, dear. I'm sure it's just the wind," Maurice comforted his wife.

"The wind, is it?" asked a haunting voice.

The Foley's screamed as something hit the back of the tent.

"Let's get out of here!" Maurice cried.

"But-but what about our things?" Mrs. Foley asked frantically.

"Forget our things! We need to save ourselves!" Maurice cried gripping his wife's wrist and yanking her out of the tent.

The couple ran for their dear lives as the tent behind them collapsed. Danny laughed and began rummaging through the content within the tent. A flashlight, a book, two sleeping bags, a woven basket of knitted clothes that would probably fit him perfectly, a pair of glasses…

Just then, something nipped at his ankle.

"Yipe!" Danny squealed and he pulled his head out of the tent.

Standing behind him with a disapproving look on his face was a boy about his age and height with dark skin, dark green eyes, and short black hair. Like Danny, he wore burlap pants held up by a string and sported two wings in place of his arms. Unlike Danny though, his wings were an array of reds, blues, and yellows instead of pitch black.

"I was wondering when you'd get here, Tucker," Danny laughed playfully kicking the other bird's leg.

"I would've gotten here quicker if you hadn't have taken off so quickly. I swear, I think you go 112 miles per hour! You know I can't see far away that well!" Tucker cried.

"Relax! I have a solution to that," Danny said.

"Oh, you do, do you?" Tucker asked not believing a word of it.

"Yes," Danny said reaching into the tent and pulling out Richard Foley's glasses with his teeth. "Here!" he said grabbing the glasses with his toes and placing them on Tucker's face.

The glasses were a bit big on him and slid down his nose but other than that, they fit Tucker like a glove. "What in the hell?" Tucker gasped when everything blurry suddenly became clear as day.

"Humans use them to see better," Danny explained. He wiggled his way back into the tent and rummaged through the woven basket. When he emerged from the tent, he held the red bureau cap in his teeth. "And here!" he said putting the cap on Tucker's head. "You keep whining about how your head's cold, so here ya go." He patted Tucker's head with his wing and stepped back to admire his work.

Tucker arched an eyebrow. "You're a bit too generous for a dark bird, you know that?" he asked.

"Yeah. You point that out A LOT!" Danny said rolling his eyes.

"I think you just pretend to be a jerk! I think you really were a light bird but you fell into a vat of coal or something and just assumed you were a dark bird and…" Tucker began.

"…and I decided to take on the role…blah, blah, blah…you've told me your theory a hundred times Tucker. I already told you it's not true," Danny said. "If I was, would I sneak away so often?"

"True. Where do you sneak off to anyway? You've never told me," Tucker pointed out.

"It's none of your business," Danny said spreading his wings and taking off from the ground.

Tucker's eyebrows narrowed and he followed close behind. His new glasses slid down his nose and he used his wing to push them back up. Danny was in clear slight of him.

"I'm your partner, Danny!" Tucker shouted. "I'm supposed to know where you are every second of every day!"

"And yet you don't. You don't do your job very well, do you?" Danny joked.

"I'm serious Danny!" Tucker shouted.

Danny stopped mid flight and flapped in place as he allowed Tucker to catch up. When he did, Danny took off again. Flying wing to wing, Danny said:

"I go into human's homes."

"What?" Tucker shrieked.

Suddenly, he ran into a tree branch. Danny swerved around and grabbed Tucker by the leg of his pants with his teeth pulling him out of the tree. When he was released, Tucker immediately nipped at Danny's ankle.

"Ow! What was…?" Danny began.

"You know you're not supposed to go near humans! How long have you been doing this?" Tucker snapped.

"Eh…few years…talked to that Ghost Writer. How do you think I found out about names?" Danny asked. "If it weren't for me going into the human's homes, I'd still be calling you Parrot!"

"But that Ghost Writer got all the inside information about us and published a book of it, now all the humans know about us and it's all because of you!" Tucker shrieked.

"Yeah, but it wasn't a totally loss…" Danny said.

"How?" Tucker growled.

"He got his house burned down and he died. Serves the bastard right for blabbing about it after I told him humans shouldn't know about us," Danny muttered under his breath.

Obviously having heard this, Tucker kicked Danny in the stomach. "Ow!"

"It doesn't matter what happened to him, the point is you did the wrong thing and exposed everything about us! This is your fault!" Tucker cried.

"And you said I wasn't a dark bird," Danny smirked.

Tucker swiftly kicked Danny in the stomach. "Gah! Cut it out!" Danny shrieked.

"I know you have a conscience Danny, try listening to it," Tucker spat immediately flying away.

Danny sighed. He did occasionally do the right thing, yet a yearning for the knowledge of human's stopped him from hearing his conscience, no matter how loud it yelled at him.

Ever since he had met the Ghost Writer, Danny had been sneaking away more and more. Humans were fascinating, occasionally annoying, and had something Danny wanted. Hands. Hands allowed humans to do so much. They didn't have to handle things with their feet. Danny envied them.

So far, Danny hadn't actually spoken to another human. Ghost Writer remained the soul human to have verbalized with the Raven. Danny did want to talk to one though. There was one human in specific he had taken interest in. A middle aged man with white hair he always pulled back into a ponytail. Danny would perch on the man's window sill and watch him read. The man had many books and seemed to have a different one every day. Danny wondered what the man was reading, or rather, what reading was. He had never read anything before.

The man would often be drinking tea while he read and Danny had never heard a sound out of the man aside from a cough every now and then. He could faintly hear him muttering what he was reading but it was never audible what exactly he was saying.

Danny wanted so badly to see what the man was reading, especially one day when he saw the man reading a book with a picture of a bird on it. That must've been the book the Ghost Writer had published. Once, Danny had half a mind to tap on the window and talk to the man, but he decided against it. Not because it was the wrong thing to do, but because he could faintly here Tucker's squawk in the distance and would rather not get caught in the act. Guess it didn't matter now since Tucker knew.

Tucker was a pretty good partner. He was stubborn and did whatever he could to keep a tag on Danny but every now and then he would leave Danny be. Tucker knew better then to pester Danny every hour of the day and besides, everyone needs some alone time.

Danny remembered when he and Tucker were first partnered up. They were both just chicks and Danny was an unusually quiet bird. Tucker was not. He would squawk and squeal almost every chance he could get. Danny didn't like it and promptly bonked their heads together to shut Tucker up. Despite what the wind whispered to him, Tucker refused to be anywhere near Danny. Without having to be told, Danny went to apologize by gently nudging Tucker's ear and resting his head on the Parrot's shoulder. Tucker relaxed and rested his cheek on Danny's head. Since then they were able to get along, for the most part.

Danny decided to head back to the hollow trees with Tucker.