Burger King's General Prologue

He rules his kingdom in his castle,

With his smile always bashful,

With hair a chestnut brown,

And his gleaming gold crown,

He wears his never fading red robe,

With fur lining that reaches his earlobe,

Voted as the creepiest mascot,

Even though he does not wear an ascot,

He has this frilly neck thing,

And he sometimes wears bling,

Ireland is where he wants to go,

To demolish his clown foe,

Even though he seems carefree,

He cannot stand that clown always cheeky,

Harnessing myspace to obtain friends,

But of course, it really all depends,

If you add him or not,

But watch out if he finds you in an abandoned parking lot,

He'll punch you in the face,

And spray you with mace,

Even though we don't know why,

We just can't deny,

That he has anger management problems,

And he doesn't like goblins.