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Well here it is, the sequel to Returning Home. If you haven't read that story yet, I suggest you do, this will make no sense otherwise!

The monotonous beeping was beginning to drive him crazy. Beep… Beep… Beep. He felt the pain run through his body and noticed that it was increasingly difficult to open his eyes. What happened? The last thing he remembered was fastening his seatbelt for the descent, then a loud boom, then blackness. The only logical scenario his mind could formulate at this moment is that the plane had crashed. How serious was it? Obviously he was in the hospital, the beeping proved that. Funny, he expected people to be by his bedside if he was in the hospital! Why wasn't anyone there? He couldn't hear anyone in the room, just that damn beeping.

Ryan groaned. He tried to ask if anyone was there, but he couldn't bring himself to say the words. His lips felt like lead, holding him down. Is this what a coma was? He had always heard the stories that some people in a coma can hear what people around them are saying. However, he could not hear anybody talking to him- Oh god, what if he was in some sort of coma that all he'd be able to hear was that beeping. That would drive any sane person into insanity!

He heard somebody cough; a deep male sound. The first thing Ryan could think was thank god he could hear more than just that stupid beeping. The next thing that came to his mind was who was that man in his room? It sure wasn't Dalton.

Suddenly, without warning, the memories of the past five months came back to him: internship, Jeffersonian, agent Booth, Parker, squint squad, hockey game, the crazy bitch Stephanie, karaoke night, heart attack, Dalton, father! All these memories came flooding back into him in an instant. Wow, is that what having your life flash before your eyes is like? The man must be Booth- it has to be. Does this mean he knows?

Wait, if he knows it means his mom must have told him, and that means she is here, and the doctors said she couldn't travel for a while… ok Ryan, just stop thinking. You are going to give yourself a headache worse than that beeping sound.

Ryan willed himself to open his eyes. Come on, it can't be that hard! Finally, he succeeded in his seemingly impossible task. Perhaps he wasn't in a coma after all.

Once his eyes opened, the bright light flooded in. He was blinded for a few moments. Finally, his eyes began to adjust to the room around him. He was definitely in a hospital. He located where the beeping was originating from, and lifted his had to smash the thing until it was silent. However, as he tried to lift his hand, the pain shot through his body. Ok, that plan failed.

Ryan continued to listen to the sound of his heart. Beep… Beep… Beep. Suddenly, he realized his whole goal of opening his eyes. He quickly scanned the room for agent Booth- his father. He gasped at the sight he was met with. Out of all the scenarios he could have possibly imagined, this one was unexpected.

His mother sat in a recliner, with a pillow under head; fast asleep. Next to her was his father, sitting in a chair he pulled up, his head lying on his mother's chest.

Wow! He never thought he'd see this sight in 100 years. Wasn't this every kid's dream? Having their parents together? Somehow the though wierded him out. As of two weeks ago, he did not even know who his father was! Now, he was in his hospital room sleeping with his mother! One thing he knows for sure, this is bound to be one interesting show when they wake up, and he for one could not wait! So what if he has to put up with the beeping for a few more hours, the end result was bound to be worth it!

I know, it's kind of short, but I need some time to think about where I want to go from here. You're ideas are welcome. I have been mulling over the idea of getting a beta for this series. It would be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of. However, I have no idea how the process works; so if anyone is interested let me know how it works! Remember to review… it is miraculous that I actually finished a story! That was only because of the feedback! So, make sure you review what you think so far and any ideas you have for the future.