"Isn't this weird?" Eric asked in an excited tone, his eyes wide and his fingers drumming on the lunch table. I munched on my sandwich, debating on whether or not to answer or just let him continue rambling. The latter, I decided would be best.

"I mean, for the past three years we've been in the other lunchroom, ya know? And now, finally, we're in the senior lunchroom!"

"Yeah. It's pretty awesome," Mike responded and sat down next to me.

"Incredible," I sarcastically added.

Mike turned to me and immediately I got a whiff some of nasty cologne. His eyes shined and a smile tugged at his lips. Was he trying to be sexy or something? I started to smile at the hilarious idea and immediately tried to cover it with my sandwich. I also noticed some small hairs on the top of his lip. Ah, little shit face is finally starting to get some testosterone. Amazzinggg.

"How was your summer, Bella?"

"It was good. Spent a lot of time with Hayden and I went to visit my Mom for a couple weeks." It was just what I needed, actually. The water and beach had been incredibly relaxing and had lulled away the worries of college and living on my own while Renee was at work. However, as soon as she got home, we usually discussed college, where I would be living, money issues and such; it was all thrown at me in almost a taunting way.

I wasn't worried about living on my own. As long as I had a stable job, I'd be fine. It was almost like living by myself anyway with Charlie. He was quiet, just like me and only a few words were spoken during dinner routinely. The usual, obligatory "How was your day" and "Mine? Good" statements and we were fine.

Mike was still staring at me like I was his personal salvation and I was starting to feel incredibly uncomfortable.


He shrugged. "It was alright. I didn't get to see you much, though. So it wasn't amazing."

Gag me.

Just then, a pair of arms slid around my waist and a gentle kiss was placed on my neck. "Hey, baby," his soft voice floated into my ear. Mike's face twisted into sadness and for a moment, I felt sorry for him. Only for a moment though.

"Hey, Hayden."

My boyfriend, of six months, let go of me and slid into the seat next to me, subsequently snatching one of my chips and stuffing it into his mouth.

…hm. I don't like that. Those are my chips. Get some of your own. I shot dagger eyes at him while I picked up my bag of chips and moved them to the other side.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry," he smiled. Why do boys do that? They do something wrong and assume that with just a cute, hot smile, you're forgiven? He leaned in, kissing me softly on the lips before he pulled back and nodded at Eric. They did a fist bump over the table. I cringed. Not cool. I've always thought that looked stupid as hell.

"What's up, bro?"

"Nothin'." Eric shrugged. "Hey, did you hear about that new Math teacher, by the way? She's supposed to be really hot, I hear."

"Excuse me?" Angela sat down just as he said that. She raised her eyebrows, waiting for the answer while he squirmed.

"That's just what I heard. I haven't seen her. That's… what I heard. I'm sorry," he smiled and grabbed her hand, kissing it quickly.

"You better be," she playfully retorted before acknowledging me. "Hey, Bella!"

I gave her a small smile since my mouth was full of food.

"How old is she?" Mike asked. Of course Mike would taste an interest in her even though Jessica is oh so, obviously pining after him. Boys are so dumb.

"I don't know. She just got out of college so maybe mid-20's?"

Mike already looked smitten. I just smiled to myself while Hayden softly stroked the small of my back. Underclassmen started coming out of the lunchroom and stood out in the hall where we could see them, all close together, obviously scared and nervous to be so close to the senior lunchroom.

"Maybe we should scare 'em, huh?" Hayden chuckled darkly next to me.

"I don't think so. You shouldn't get in trouble on the first day, Hayden," I muttered. I don't know why he has to act so tough. Yeah, he could beat the shit outta some freshman but that doesn't mean he has to an ass bout it.

"Aw. You worried bout me, babe?" I could tell there was a hint of mocking in there.

I turned my head to look him straight in his green eyes, surrounded by thick black eyelashes. I had to admit, I had a pretty hot boyfriend.

"No. I just don't want you to get grounded so you can come over and help me," I teased, biting my lip at the end.

He started laughing, pulling back slightly so he could at a greater volume and then smiled, his dimples showing on each side. "That's all I am?" He came closer so he could whisper, his hot breath on my ear. "Just some fuck buddy?" His whisper made me shiver and I could feel his smile against my neck before he kissed it quickly.

"Maybe. You're beginning to lack in that department though so you may be neither my boyfriend nor my fuck buddy soon," I whispered back in his ear, playfully biting it. He laughed while I grabbed my trash and walked over to the trash cans, seeing a few freshmen out of the corner of my eye fidget at the sight of me. Really? I don't even look remotely scary.

Hayden followed closely behind, intertwining his hand with mine and pulled us through the mob of underclassmen to the front, to the doors. His eyes scanned the lunchroom to make sure none of the security guards were looking before opening the doors and pulling me through to the empty hallway.

"Where's your next class? I'll walk you," his hand left mine, only to wrap protectively around my waist.

I reached around to grab my schedule out of my back pocket but Hayden moved his hand lower and grabbed it for me, grabbing my ass in the process. Sometimes, I thought this was the only good thing he was good for. Sex. He was amazing in bed. His personality, like the little things that pissed me off, begins to add up over a while. He was obnoxious, jealous, too protective, and knew that he could kick anyone's ass. He and I usually got into huge fights once the little things added up, which of course, just ended up in us having really rough make-up sex. But I knew that he really liked me. Practically worshipped me, actually. I felt bad because I had accepted the fact that we weren't going to last in college so I was going to break up with him one day after graduation.

The bell rang just as we reached my locker. He looked at my schedule, frowning for a second.

"Who the hell is ?"

"No idea."

"Hey, maybe she's the new chick. Maybe she'll appreciate me," he playfully pinched my waist while I rolled my eyes. I never got jealous. Maybe that was another sign that I didn't really care about our relationship except for the sex. I think he knew it too, which is why whenever I failed to tell some girl to back off my man, I saw his eyes fall.

"Which building is it in, Hayden?"

"Building 3. I don't think I can walk you, babe. I'll be later for Gym."

"Ok. That's fine," I said while I shut my locker, my notebook in my hand. "I'll see you later." I kissed him briefly on the lips and then set off to meet the mysterious new Miss Brandon.