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I guess I should have known that it would never end. After all, no matter how I looked at things, she was still her same, beautiful self and I was every bit as susceptible as before. What could either of us do, it was just so tempting, being near each other once again. The affair was only natural.

Zoe and Mark were none the wiser to out secret meetings, where we would engage in old activities that we thought we had abandoned, but could never truly stop. At last, Sugar was mine once more and I could keep her all I wanted. That is, until it was time for us to head back to our "true" lovers again.

And yet again we snuck out to be together again. I wasn't stupid enough to let her have my heart again until I was sure that she wouldn't break it. Then, then she gave me hers and we were happy together, always in secret, having an affair, but together.

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