Desmond shook himself awake with a little help from Lucy. His clouded mind had him reacting before thinking and ended up hitting his ass hard on the floor. "Wait? What?" He groaned against the harsh light, his head was splitting. It was almost like coming out of the Animu after a long session at Abstergo Industries. He buried his face in his hands, "can you turn it off please?"

Lucy did as requested her heart aching as she watched him move onto the bed. "Are you okay?" She softly asked sitting on the edge of the bed.

"I think so." He lowered his hands to study her face, "why?"

"You were shouting in your sleep, some of it In Arabic." And now he was paler and thinner then the day before. The bleeding effect was taking a toll on him, even if he denied it. Knowing that made the guilt even worse. This was all her fault. She should have fought harder with Vic to shorten his sessions at Abstergo. If she had done just that one little thing, there work here wouldn't be affecting him. They were keeping him under much longer then at Abstergo. Though the Animu 2.0 was suppose to be better in stopping the bleeding affect, it couldn't account for the amount of hours they were making Desmond do. Maybe she should talk to Shaun and Rebecca about that. If they kept pushing him past his limits, they would not succeed in their mission. If they didn't there would be only death and destruction. Knowing that much put a hell of w eight on Desmond's shoulders. "You kept saying think about Maria. Did you access another memory?"

"I think so." Desmond's brow furrowed as he struggled to keep his mind from jumping. "this was way before the night on the tower. Altair had the apple and was trying to understand it, Maria was there. I think Altair used her because they were going into templar territory, but it was clear as day they longer saw her as an ally. Somehow I think despite their opposite belief they were working together to try to understand it."

"You're not going into the Animus today." Lucy decided.

"What? No, I am!" Desmond corrected. "Lucy I'm fine."

"Desmond you're not." Lucy shoved him back down when he tried to stand. "the bleeding affect is getting worse and I'll be damn if I let you go under today. I won't-no can't let anything happen to you, do you understand?" It will kill me, she silently added cursing herself for even thinking it. Personal feelings had no room these days, they had a mission.

"I understand that you're just trying to protect me, but I'm not subject sixteen. I'm stronger than that. I know you're doing this because if something happens to me it means we fail."

"That's not why!" This time Lucy spoke before she could catch herself. She had been so good about keeping the mission first. But something happened while at Abstergo, something she didn't see coming at all. She began to fall for Desmond. Of course it had to happen at the worst possible time and there was no guarantee that anything could ever come of them. Shaun and Rebecca would kill her if she let her feelings sway her opinion on this mission. Not to mention she was sure her feelings were completely one sided. On that note, she back peddled to correct the situation, "I mean you're no good to me or anyone if you're out of your Mind, Desmond. If you keep pushing yourself that is what's going to happen."

"I know, but seeing this helps me understand Altair. It might show me that there is more to an assassin then mindless killing, I can't be like that. No amount of time in the Animu will change that. I'm learning about my lineage and the apple of the Eden, isn't any information just going to help us more?" Desmond wondered.

"help you lose yourself. What if you can't bring yourself back next time? What if I-we lose you?"

That time he hadn't missed the hitch in her voice or her misspoken words. His heart swelled but for good reason kept his mouth shut. The boyish part of him wanted to go run down the streets screaming 'She likes me!' Back at Abstergo she had been the only light of hope he had. Every time Vic had pushed him, Lucy would be there with a small friendly comment or a smile. Hell she even saved his life after the session with Altair discovering the apple of Eden when Vic wanted him dead right then and there. Sadly Abstergo hadn't been the time to bring up his feelings and neither was now. Maybe if they pulled of the impossible they both could get piece of happiness in the world they saved. "You won't." Desmond gave her hand a quick squeeze, "I promise I will do everything in my power not to let you down. I can't and wont fail Lucy." The corner of his mouth lifted in a smart ass grin, "the world depends on it."

Damn his, Lucy silently cursed as she laughed, "Get something to eat. Only a short session today."

"Shaun isn't going to like that." He smirked pushing to his feet to distance himself before he allowed himself to do something stupid. Bright side was he felt closer to Altair more than ever. Both wanting a person at the worst possible time and place. "Let's see what Eizo has in store for us today."

Lucy scuffed, "well I'm sure flirting with every female in the city is a guarantee."

"Come on Lucy lighten up on the man."