Authors note: This is my very first Black Jack fanfiction! So you all know, I'm relatively new to the series (I haven't been able to find the manga or scanlations of it anywhere!) so I've been going by the anime and I've looked it up. Please, if you notice something that seems out of place regarding the series, kindly let me know and I can revise it! But please don't flame me about it, either! Now, Angie Greene pays homage to two characters from two different series. Her first name comes from Angie Thompson from the Trauma Center series, and her last name Greene comes from Dr. Mark Greene from the E.R. series (who died from the same illness that Angie currently has) With that being said, I own no characters except for Angie and her family. I hope you enjoy this, and I'm sure that I will enjoy writing this!

Fourteen year old Angie Greene looked out the window of her father's car, watching the buildings pass by. However, she could not stare at them long, for it gave her a nasty headache. The sun was shining brightly that day, and the white clouds cast against the blue sky were absolutely beautiful.

"How are you holding up, Angie?" Her father asked, reaching behind him and squeezing her knee gently. She smiled at the affectionate gesture and wiggled her knee.

"Okay. My vision hasn't doubled yet, so I think I'll be fine for now." She said as he brought his hand back to the steering wheel. Angie could only hope that her vision wouldn't double today, but it was inevitable. It would double, and then the headache would come, just like it did every single day.

"Dad, why are we seeing another doctor today? He's just going to say the same exact thing as every other doctor." She said quietly, rubbing her temples with her fingers. About two months ago, she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Since then, her father had spent thousands of dollars on doctors, looking for one who could operate on her, but they had all said that it was far too risky to even try and remove the tumor. Her father would spend all night researching doctors, trying to find just the one.

"I think that he might be the one, Angie. Everybody says that he can cure any disease and perform any surgery. Let's just give it one last try, kiddo." He said as he turned the car right. Her mother had died when she was about seven from Leukemia, and she had to wonder how her father was handling her illness.

"Dad, I'm sorry." Angie blurted out without thinking. She felt bad that he was trying so hard to save her when she could not be saved. She had accepted the fact that she was going to die. There was no use in running away from the inevitable.

"About what, Angie?" He asked, looking at her in the rearview mirror with raised eyebrows. She thought for a moment, and decided to not say anything. It would be better if she didn't say what she was sorry about; it might make him cry again.

"Nothing, nevermind." She said, opening the window to let in some fresh air. She could smell the sea on the wind as her father drove up a hill. Angie stuck her head out the window, curious to see where he was taking her that was so close to the ocean. On the end of the cliff was a cabin, and a large one at that!

"This isn't the hospital…" she said as she stuck her head back into the car. Why was he taking her here? Wasn't he taking her to a doctor?

"Angie, the doctor lives here. He owns a clinic, which is also his house." He said as he stopped the car. He put it into park and he climbed out, Angie following. She could hear the gulls crying above them, the sound of the waves crashing against the cliff soothing.

"Now, Angie, be on your best behavior. Remember your manners, and if this doesn't work out…We'll keep on searching. I promise that you will live, Angie." He said, giving her a hug. She didn't say anything as he rang the doorbell.

"Coming!" A small voice said, running towards the door. It swung open, and at first, it didn't look like anybody was there. Angie looked ahead, confused.

"Um…Down here." The voice said, and Angie looked down. Before her was a small girl with short red hair.

"Can I help you with something?" The girl asked Angie's father, who couldn't stop staring at the small girl.

"O-oh, uh…We have an appointment with…" He reached into his pocket and withdrew a slip of paper. He read the name off of it with a confused look on his face.

"Dr. Black Jack?" He said, raising an eyebrow. Angie couldn't help but mimic the action. Who was named Black Jack?

"Ohhhh, you're his three o'clock! Doc! Your three o'clock appointment is here!" She said, inviting the two inside. They followed the girl into a small office, where a man was sitting at a desk, looking at something on a computer screen.

"Excuse me? Are you Dr. Black Jack?" Angie's father asked. The man twirled around, and Angie had to surpress a look of horror. He had a different color patch of skin on his face, and the scar was quite visible. His hair was black with white on one side. For some odd reason, it made her think of Frankenstein's monster. All that was missing were the bolts on the side of his neck.

"Yes, I am. And you are…" He started, his tone somewhat irritated. Angie wondered if they had bothered him. She hoped not, seeing as how her father had made an appointment ahead of time.

"Oh, I'm Derek Greene…" Derek said, giving Angie a nudge with his foot. Obviously, he wanted her to introduce herself.

"…Angie." She mumbled, not looking him in the eye. He was most likely going to say that he wouldn't be able to treat her; that her tumor was too risky to remove. There was no sense in being proper about it if she was just going to get the same disappointment.

"Did you bring her medical records?" Black Jack said, looking over Angie with observant eyes.

"Yes, here they are." Derek said, handing him a manila envelope. Angie knew that it contained all of the x-rays and scans that she had accumulated in the last two months. Before that, that folder had been relatively thin; now it was about the size of a school textbook. Black Jack took the folder and leafed through it, holding up a see-through picture of her CAT scan.

"When were you diagnosed with this tumor?" He asked, not taking his eyes off of the picture.

"Oh, she was-" Derek started, but Black Jack cut him off.

"I wasn't asking you. I was asking her." He said, jerking a thumb at Angie. She immediately looked up, startled at the firmness in his voice.

"Uh, about two months ago…" She said. Black Jack remained silent for a while, and then he rounded on Derek.

"Why did you allow the tumor to get this bad?" He said harshly. Derek winced as he looked at Angie sadly.

"W-well, all of the other doctors said that it was too risky to remove it. Even if they did remove it, they said that there is a chance that she may die from it, or that it will come back." He said, looking down.

"…I can remove the tumor." Black Jack said after several moments of silence. Both Derek and Angie looked up, Derek's face filled with hope. Angie couldn't believe it! He could remove the tumor!

"However…" Black Jack said, cutting their hope short. "Of course, there's always a however" Angie thought bleakly.

"It's going to cost a lot…" He said, standing up. He faced Derek and didn't hesitate to name the price.

"One million dollars. That's my price for performing the procedure on your daughter." He said calmly. Angie felt her hope flush down the crapper. There was no way that her father had that kind of money! Sadly, she turned away to leave…

"Fine! I'll work for the rest of my life if it means that she can have a life too! I'll do anything! Just please save my daughter!" Derek said with firm finality in his voice. The room was silent for a moment.

"Fine. I'll operate on her tomorrow night. Pinoko, show Angie and her father where they'll be staying." Black Jack said, turning back to the computer screen.