A/N: Yes, another pregnancy SL. I don't know what I was thinking when I came up with this. In actuality, I really don't like Blair pregnancy stories, but here it is. Its ripped off from Juno (I know, Gossip Girl and Juno have nothing to do with each other) but I think it really worked. Its just omitting the Mark and Vanessa stuff (if you've seen the movie.) I've already written all of it, so tell me what you think. I didn' t know how to split it up, so the chapters are going to be different lengths. This one is one of the shorter ones so tell me what you think. This is really AU so just roll with it. No beta, I just wanted to get this out to get reactions. Yay, another multi-fic for me.

Summary: "That unfortunate chain of events has unfortunately led to another unfortunate chain of events," she stated blankly. "I'm pregnant.""Is it mine?""Why else would I be talking to you?" she asked. "Of course its yours. I'm not some slut like you."

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Gossip Girl and the SL is Juno.


It started with a limo. No, really. A limo.

I don't suppose that it was supposed to happen. But his dark eyes were so penetrating that I couldn't remember if I was a complete whore or not. Probably the former since I continued to strip off my slip right in front of his lewd eyes.

The strange thing was, he didn't look disgusted which was what really threw me for a loop. It wasn't that I was about to lose my virginity to my scheming partner.

How long have you wanted this?

Even though he really should have been thinking about my needs and my comforts since it was my first time, he could never really resist the urge to stoke his own ego.


I just couldn't figure out why I found it so damn... charming.

How long have you resisted the urge to deflower me?

Then again, I couldn't help but banter with him. It was just our genetic make-up.

You have no idea.

That was the answer that surprised me as well. No one really wanted me. My ex boyfriend slept with my best friend. Me breaking that off was the best decision of my life. I just had no idea it would lead me here. And I found that maybe I had wanted to be here for awhile.

Maybe I have wanted this for awhile.

Admitting things to him were dangerous. But instead of holding it over my head for blackmail, he did something else. He enveloped me with the most searing kiss I had ever felt. And I knew this was right.

Blair knew this was wrong. She shouldn't be here, here of all places, but here she was.

In a grocery store.

Someone should just shoot her right now.

The only good thing about this was that she knew there was no risk for Gossip Girl spies. Like even they would be caught dead where commoners frequented.

Without even a moment's hesitation, she walked up to the cashier and put the box down, paying whatever measly amount that should have been going to the new Marc Jacobs collection (but then again, it was like ten dollars, and how much is that anyway?)

In all honesty, she was just in denial by now. This was the third test she had taken and she was surprised that her mother hadn't found out by Dorota discovering the empty boxes in the trash. But as she stared at her reflection in her bathroom mirror, commanding herself not to be pregnant, she knew it was for naught. Because 90 seconds later, the plus sign was as clear as the complete lack of her virginity and she felt as though she were a suicide risk.

That would teach him for knocking her up.

"Hello?" came Serena's cheery voice on the other hand. Blair wondered where she could buy a handgun.

"I need help," Blair announced.

"Blair..." Serena said.

"Just shut up for a second and if you say 'I told you so,' your mom will know what you were doing with the swim captain freshman year."

"Okay," Serena laughed. "You don't need to threaten and I'm sure my mom wouldn't be surprised anyway."

"Just shut up, okay?" Blair asked, hearing the tears near her voice. "Can you just come over?"

"Oh my god," Serena said. "What did he do?"

Serena's blue eyes were wide and Blair was glad that she wouldn't get turned into Gossip Girl for this. She was glad she could trust her best friend unlike every other girl on Park.

"I told you this would happen, didn't I?" Serena asked immediately.

"That sounded vaguely like an 'I told you so,'" Blair snapped. "And since when did you say that Chuck would knock me up?"

Serena rolled her eyes. "I told you that you were playing with fire."


"When you broke up with Nate."

"Right, because I should just let it slide that he cheated on me."

Serena let the with you hang in the air.

"Chuck's dangerous, Blair," Serena warned.

"You're not the least bit surprised that I went and had sex with him in his limo?" Blair asked dryly.

"Well I'm surprised you said yes," Serena said. Blair narrowed her eyes. "Oh, come on, Blair."

"What?" Blair asked, afraid of the outcome.

"He's a predator. Of course he would go after you when you and Nate split. You're the only girl he hasn't violated. Well, not anymore."

"It wasn't like that," Blair shook her head. "It was... he was different with me."

"You don't..." Serena said hesitantly. "You don't love him do you?"

"Love him?" Blair snorted. "Please. Its... No. Just no."

Serena raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow.

"Its complicated," Blair muttered uncomfortably.

"Oh my god," Serena said under her breath again. "You didn't... like it...?"

"Its sex, Serena," Blair retorted shortly.

"So you did like it," Serena grinned.

"I thought you hated him."

"Its just weird," Serena said. "How he's different around you. Even when you were with Nate."

"So you realized this and didn't tell me?" Blair asked in annoyance.

"Don't tell me you didn't know," Serena said in astonishment.

"If you must know," Blair said stiffly, "I made the first move."

"Since when do you do that?"

"Since he looked at me like he wanted me," Blair said honestly.

"So it was good," Serena pressed.

Blair laughed. "Yes. It was... good."

She really couldn't find another synonym for magnificent.

He combed his fingers through his dark hair. He fit his St. Jude's tie around his neck. He placed his scarf over his blazer. What he didn't do was expect to see the porcelain goddess leaning against his limo. Usually he was the stalker.

Chuck Bass walked down the steps of The Palace to see the only girl he had fantasized about having sex with over and over and over.

"Hey, Bass," Blair said prettily. The breeze fluttered her flattering plaid skirt. He remembered what it was like underneath there. She watched him like his lips at her obscenely. She had forgotten the effect he had on her.

"Waldorf," he said smoothly, sidling up to her. "Its been awhile."

"Not long enough," Blair rolled her eyes, leaning away. He didn't like that.

"Really?" he asked skeptically. He threw an arm around her shoulder and she reluctantly leaned into him. "Because I distinctly remember how much you enjoyed our last encounter. I have the scars to prove it."

"Chuck," she said uncomfortably. He pulled away, his eyes narrowed. He didn't like that tone. That tone meant death. That tone meant she didn't want him anymore and that just wasn't acceptable.

"That unfortunate chain of events has unfortunately led to another unfortunate chain of events," she stated blankly. She didn't know how else to go through with this. With him.

He didn't answer but just stared at her intently. She took a deep breath, deciding to get it over with.

"I'm pregnant."

He said the first thing that came to mind. "Is it mine?" He didn't mean for hurt to well up in her beautiful dark eyes.

"Why else would I be talking to you?" she asked. He pretended there weren't tears there. "Of course its yours. I'm not some slut like you."

Chuck cleared his throat, looking at the ground. Blair looked at him, commanding his gaze.

"You can at least look at me," she whispered savagely. He raised his slanted eyes to hers. "I can obviously see your feelings in the matter so don't worry about it. I'm getting rid of it."

She pushed off the limo, starting to walk down the sidewalk to school. He wished he could call her back. He wished he could be strong for her but he just couldn't. If anyone deserved to have this happen to them, it just wasn't her. And it was all his fault.

"You know," Blair said, turning back to face him. "I'm sorry you had to have sex with me. I know if you had it your way you would have just picked up some socialite at a club. You just felt sorry for me."

Chuck stared in disbelief as she walked off. He couldn't understand how someone so perfect could feel that way about herself. But he knew she would never know. He knew that she couldn't know about how different she was to him. About how much he missed her.