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Summary: "You are incapable of human interaction." "You didn't seem to be complaining when I interacted with you," he sneered. He couldn't help it. Being with her just did things to him.

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Blair sent another glare at a freshman who promptly ran away.

"You have got to stop frightening the underclassmen," Serena laughed.

"They have got to stop staring at me," Blair sneered. And it wasn't just the underclassmen.

"So have you been thinking about Prom?" Serena asked.

"Thinking of taking Nate?" Blair teased.

"Ugh, no," Serena rolled her eyes. "If I went with Nate then Chuck would be there and Jenny still hates me after dumping her brother."

Blair's eyes snapped to hers. "What?"

"Blair, you know that Dan and I broke up," Serena said. "Especially since he's been staring at you..."

"No, Chuck is taking that Brooklyn nobody?" Blair asked shortly, not able to help the insecurity seeping into her voice.

"You didn't know?" Serena asked slowly, cursing her stupidity. She had thought that Blair and Chuck were talking again.

"He's taking Little J to Prom?" Blair asked again. Serena didn't like the heartbreak in her best friend's eyes. "He doesn't like her. She's a Humphrey, S. She lives in Brooklyn. She can't even afford to go to Bendel's. You know Chuck doesn't go for girls like that."

"No, he prefers to go for girls like you," Serena said lightly. Blair continued to eat vigorously at their table. "Anyway, Chuck will pretty much put up with anything to get laid. You know that."

"They are so not sleeping together," Blair said, hoping that she sounded convincing enough. She knew Chuck went around, but what if Serena was right? He did just sleep with anyone. So what if she was just anyone to him?

"He tried it on the Kiss On the Lips Party," Serena reminded her.

"And then he lost interest," Blair pointed out. "He likes conquests, not victims."

"Then were you a conquest?"

"No," Blair said. "We were friends. And... we care about each other..."

"Oh my god," Serena said. "You're totally jealous."

"I'm not," Blair said. "I just know him. And he said he wasn't going to do it."

"Do what?" Serena asked.

"Nevermind," Blair muttered. "I'm not going to Prom anyway. Everyone will just be staring at me."

"I'm sure that's the reason," Serena rolled her eyes. Blair wished she could at least just convince herself.

Chuck should have felt her coming. Anger was rolling off her in waves and he wished he could just take it all back. But he couldn't. He wished he could just think logically when it came to her but she made him brainless. He didn't used to be like this. He could handle himself around the female persuasion. But she was different. She was always different.

"You and Jenny Humphrey," she sneered as he froze in the hallway. "Really, Bass? I thought even you had more class than that."

"Hello to you too, lover," he said snidely, turning slwoly to face her. He didn't do well with being attacked as he watched her recoil. He said he was done with games and now he knew she didn't believe it. The first time that he was actually being genuine with someone and she wouldn't take it.

"She's a freshman," Blair said. "And you're taking her to Prom."

"Well it is the time honored classic of the night when you give away your virginity. For some," he said pointedly before adding cuttingly, "we're getting a limo."

He watched her tense like he had physically hit her. He wished he could stop but he just couldn't. He thought she was done with his advances and she was the one acting wronged. He knew he would be terrible at this boyfriend thing. He knew he was terrible for her.

"Well I'm happy for you," she said through tears. "Really. Have fun. Because I can't go. I'm sure you knew that. Not even because I haven't been asked, which I haven't, by the way, because everyone treats me like the plague. But you know my mother actually forbade me to speak to you. I guess it was stupid of me to think that the father of my child would care even the least bit about me."

"Blair," he said unsteadily, struggling to keep the shock from his voice.

"No, its fine," she said cruelly. "Because unlike you, I have my indiscretions for all the world to see even under the clothes my mother had to turn into maternity wear. Because you whore yourself around for a reputation and I sleep with someone once and I get deemed a slut. But its all fine. Because your girlfriend can glare at me all she wants and spread all the rumors behind my back she wants because I can think of better things to do than care about you."

He was quiet through all of this, hurting that she was hurting. But he couldn't show it. She couldn't know how much power she held over him.

"She's not my girlfriend," was all he could stand to say. She cared about him but he couldn't be there for her. She deserved so much better than what he was.

"Oh, I forgot," Blair said. "You are incapable of human interaction."

"You didn't seem to be complaining when I interacted with you," he sneered. He couldn't help it. Being with her just did things to him.

"Believe me when I say I am regretting every second of it," Blair seethed.

"You think you're the one who's wronged?" he asked, finally snapping. "Do you think I want to feel this way? I hate this. I hate how you make me feel for you and then you just take it all away."

"What did I do?" she asked. "So I had sex with you. You of all people know its just sex. If I didn't do it, you would have."

"It wasn't just sex," he said. "It wasn't to you and you made it so it wasn't for me. I hate you for that. We could have gone clubbing. Anything. We could have just gone to Gilt. Instead, you crept into my limo and stripped down for me. For me. You never should have done that and you know it. You never should have offered me something I had no right to take. You think this was a mistake? I should never have felt this way for you. And I know you feel the same way. Or you did."

"Fine," Blair said. "Whatever. I don't care. Take little blonde Humphrey. Guys always like them better anyway."

"That's not..." Chuck breathed out. God, if only just took a brunette. But she still wouldn't be happy. He could never make her happy.

"Goodbye, Bass," Blair snapped, turning away from him. "I won't have anything to do with you anymore."

He couldn't just watch her walk away. He couldn't let her walk away from him and have it end like this. He couldn't have it end. Ever. So he said the one thing he could think of. The first thing that popped into his head. The one thing he treasured.

"Well I still have your underwear," Chuck said after her so many people looked up in surprise and Blair turned around. "Oh yeah, and your virginity."

There was much muffled laughter and snapping picture phones but Blair paid them no attention and stormed back up to him.

"So I guess I'm just another notch on your bedpost, right?" Blair asked.

"At least I'm not ashamed of that night," he shot back.

"Yeah?" she asked. "You can go back to conquesting or whatever it is you do. I'm the one who is followed by whispers and backstabbing. Look at me. I'm a whale."

She wiped hastily at her tears, trying to gather her things to get away from him as fast as possible.

"Wait," he said, trying to help her. He always regretted everything he said to her. Except for the one moment where he was an idiot and actually told her his vulnerable truth.

"Don't bother," she snapped and walked away.

Chuck was certain that the shards of his heart shattering were the reason he couldn't follow her.


Eleanor looked up to see her daughter in tears in the foyer.

"Mom?" she asked again and she began to sob. She was suddenly in Eleanor's lap, her body wracked with tears. Eleanor stroked her daughter's hair, soothing her. "Help me. Everything is so messed up."

"Its alright," Eleanor said, finally finding the right words for Blair.

"I did it, Mom," she said. "You were right. I shouldn't have seen him but I did."

Eleanor hugged her. Her daughter was a fool for love, just like her mother. She knew it. She knew she would just hurt herself over this boy. She wished she could make all her pain go away but that wasn't how it worked.

"What happened?" Eleanor asked gently.

"I don't know," Blair sniffed. "I went... to confront him but all of a sudden we were just yelling at each other and I didn't know what to do. I don't know what to do."

"I only wanted to do what was best for you," Eleanor said. "And I'm sorry if I never made that clear."

"Mom," she whispered into her mother's suit.

"Yes, darling."

"People don't stay together forever, do that?" she asked timidly. "I mean, you and Dadddy... that just didn't work out."

"Your father is gay."

"I know," Blair laughed thickly, tears cascading down her face. "But it doesn't happen a lot, does it? Its rare for people to stay together forever. "

"Its hard," Eleanor said admittedly before adding bluntly, "and you're in high school."

"I know," Blair shrugged. "I just couldn't imagine someone knowing me like he does. I don't know if there is anyone else who understands me so well."

"Its difficult, to be sure," Eleanor said. "But the right person for you will be the person who loves you no matter what. All of your faults and flaws are what they love as well as your better side."

"Is that what you found with Cyrus?" Blair asked.


Blair stood up on shaky legs as her mother surveyed.


"I'll be right back."

"Blair..." Eleanor said. "Apparently boundaries aren't working, but I just hope you know what you're doing."

"Just making sure that someone is ready to love me the way Cyrus loves you."

She couldn't really argue with that. Her daughter was in tears in her lap and she was about to go back for more. She really was a fool for love. Love for a boy just like her.

"Blair," came Eric's voice through the static of the phone as she dialed his number. "What is it?"

"I need a favor."

He saw her coming before anything. He had noticed immediately that it was missing. It never occurred to him it would be her. The crowd had dispersed and as though parting the Red Sea, there she came. Even in her third trimester, she was more graceful than anyone. He thought maybe he would be mad at her but at her precious face, he knew he wasn't. He never was.

"Hey," she said.

"Did you steal my scarf?" Chuck asked immediately, knowing the truth. There was that precious smile.

"Yes," she said. She pulled it out of her purse, handing it to him. "Actually Eric was the one who technically stole it. He just... gifted it to me. I just needed a reason so I would know you would talk to me. After everything."


He didn't put it around his neck. He just held it.

"Are you going to make me apologize for being a bitch?" Blair finally sighed.

"No," he smirked. "Its what I l..."

He almost said it, but he stopped.

"That's just you, Waldorf," he finished smoothly. Blair sighed in frustration. He wasn't going to make this easy.

"Here," she said, grabbing his hand. His intent was to shirk away, but she pressed it to her stomach.

"Whoa," Chuck said in surprise, but he didn't pull away.

"It always kicks whenever I see you," Blair said. "I just thought you should know."

"Okay," he said, still paralyzed.

"I don't know the mechanics of it," Blair said, "but it might have something to do with that I'm sort of in love with you."

She watched his jaw clench. She should have expected a reaction like that.

"I don't know why I'm constantly surprised," Blair said, turning away. She felt his firm grasp around her wrist, pulling her around.

"You don't love me."

"Why?" she asked. "I can talk to you without judgment. You never look down on me for scheming. And you know what its like to vie for attention. And you always look into my eyes, not my stomach."

"That's not the only place I look," Chuck leered.

Trying not to smile, she took a deep breath. She needed to finish this without him derailing her."That's all, I guess," Blair shrugged.

"You defended me to your mother," Chuck said. "When you came over that night. That was why you were there, wasn't it?"


"You shouldn't have had to feel insecure around me," he advised. "You're still beautiful. You're always beautiful. I don't think of you like everyone else does."

"That was almost romantic," Blair mused. "If you loved me or anything."

"Then I guess I do," Chuck said.

"Oh," Blair said, nodding. "Okay then."

"I know because you're the only person I would even consider monogamy with."

"That's sweet," Blair said.

"Great," he said. " Because I've been waiting like nine months to touch you again."

"Oh," Blair said, feeling the baby kicker her in synch with the beats of her heart. He smiled with satisfaction as he pulled her into him.

Her taste was just as sweet as he remembered. Her hand curled around the back of his neck and he felt something rouse in his stomach that he couldn't place.

"Waldorf," he said, breaking away.

"Yes?" she asked, breathlessly. He glared over her shoulder. He knew that kid was trouble and was surprised at the seemingly violent impulses he felt within him.

"That Brooklyn kid is staring at us."

Blair looked over her shoulder and rolled her eyes. Humphrey wasn't looking at her anymore but sullenly lookng at the ground.

"Okay," she said flippantly.

And she let him kiss her again.

She couldn't call him. He told her not to be insecure. In so many words, he told her he loved her. She wasn't expecting any big love proclamation. He was Chuck Bass after all.

"You're not going to call him?" Serena asked Blair in her hospital room as she cringed from the pain. She looked nervous. Like she had reason to be. Blair was the one who was in labor.

"He'd worry," Blair said, before another contraction ripped through her.

"Are you sure?" Serena asked, skirting from Blair's painful moan. Even though Chuck was an arrogant son-of-a-bitch, he would know how to take care of Blair, even in her fragile condition.

"Because of his mom."

And that's all there was to it.

That didn't mean he didn't find her. He always found her in the end.

She couldn't imagine what a state she looked in. She was still sweating and her hair was all over the place. But Chuck's brow furrowed until he stepped in the room and found her. He relaxed as he saw her alive and safe in the bed. She was okay.

Eleanor stood from her daughter's bedside to greet the boy. He stood supremely still, not able to imagine the wrath of the matriarch of the Waldorfs. She just sighed and passed him. He was glad she didn't castrate him. He wouldn't have blamed her though he would have begrudged her. Blair only fell for him after they... consummated. He wouldn't know how to please her without his appendages.

"You didn't tell me," Chuck said sternly, nearing her. She smiled weakly at him, though still with her spark.

"You shouldn't have to see me like this," Blair muttered, wanting to turn away after she remembered how disgusting she must look.

"Since when do you care what I think?" he smirked.

"I can't remember," Blair smiled. "I didn't want you to worry."

"I should have been here," Chuck said. "What if something happened..."

"It didn't."

That was the end of it. He sat on the bed with her as he saw her tears of exertion.

"Don't cry, beautiful," he whispered, wiping them away. She took her hand in his. And then they were holding hands. For good.

It started with a limo, but then again, it always had. She wasn't there to numb the pain of a past boyfriend and he wasn't there because he felt sorry for her. Their timing was always off but now it wasn't.

How long have you wanted this?

How long have you resisted the urge to deflower me?

You have no idea.

Maybe I have wanted this for awhile.

It was the truth. Because when he peeled back her stockings and she stripped off his bow tie, nothing felt more right. Because even through the pain as she gasped, tears spotting her vision, she knew she was meant to be here. Through the pain, they would always find each other.