The United States of America

Summary: Every nation knows that when one of their own dies, they are gone forever. After a tragic accident that led to America's death, Lithuania was visiting his house, when he stumbles upon a national secret that has been shared with a few others. Just who are the fifty children that are found in his friend's home and what connection do they have with the people of this land?

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"China, can I ask you a question?"

"Go right ahead, aru."

"What happens to our people if one of us dies?"

China, or Yao Wang, shook his head, trying to clear his mind of thoughts of the past as he stood amongst the other nations on this day. He glanced around at all the sad faces as a casket covered by the American flag was carried by.

"Well, young one,when one of the nations passes, their people stay where they live." The immortal nation replied, smiling at the young nation.


China's eyes rested upon England's grief stricken face. The former pirate nation/empire was holding his head, crying. Canada was near his "older brother" trying to console him, but nothing worked.

"That stupid, bloody git!" Arthur Kirkland said, as the tears kept coming. "He had to go and be a bloody hero!"

"Because if the spirit of the people live on, so will the nation." China replied with a smile.

"That doesn't make much sense, old man." The young nation retorted.

"I know, aru. But there is something else you need to remember. You and your twin brother are special cases."


China kept looking around, all of the nations were here, save for one. He hoped that what needed to be found would soon be discovered.


Toris(1), or Lithuania as he was more commonly known as, walked through the empty halls of America's house. He could not bring himself to attend the funeral, as the memory of that fateful day played in his head.

The meeting was going as well as any other. Well, as one could expect with an angry England pacing about.

"Where is that brainless git?!" The island nation growled. "He is late."

It didn't really bug the others much, they had a feeling that the young nation would come in making a "heroic enterance" as he called it. But he never came, fueling England's anger even more.

"If that git doesn't show his face soon, I'll…"

"Arthur! Il est terrible(2)!" Came a voice yelling in French.

Francis Bonnefoy, or France, stood up at once.

"Mon petit Matthieu, Quel est erroné(3)?" France replied, as soon as he recognized the blonde who came running into the room.

"Mon frère…Amérique est…mort!(4)" Canada said, the tears in his eye started to well up as he stood catching his breath.

It seemed that the entire world was focused on France, waiting for him to give a reply.

"What did he say~aru?" China asked.

"He said…"France replied, trying to hold back the tears. "that his brother, America is…dead."

The entire room became silent, until all that anyone could hear was England's cries of anguish.

Lithuania shook his head, he had to focus. There was a reason for why he was here. China, of all nations, had asked him to go and find a "secret" that was hidden in America's house. The immortal nation knew that the funeral would be hard on the Baltic nation, since he and America were good friends. Lithuania agreed.

He searched all over the house, thinking it to be empty, when he heard the voice of a child crying.

"It's all my fault." The voice, a young boy to be exact, said. "If I hadn't told called him away, Pa would still be alive."

"Shh…it is okay, Benji(5)." Another voice, a young woman's from the sound of it, said trying to soothe the child. "No one could of known. Dad would of done the same if it were any one of were in the same position.

"Allie's right, Benji." Another voice replied. Lithuania could tell that there was another young man in the room. "Pa went with his boots on. He did what he knew he could do, and that was protecting you."

Lithuania strained his ears to hear more of the conversation. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and cold eyes glaring into his back. He turned and yelped when he saw that he was no longer alone.

"Who are you?" A young man asked coldly.

Lithuania gasped as he noticed as he was surrounded by 50 pairs of eyes. Who were these children?


Il est terrible=it is terrible

Mon petit Matthieu, quel est erroné=My little Matthew, what is wrong?

Mon frère…Amérique est…mort=My brother…America is…dead

Authors notes:

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(5)Benji is kinda short for Benjamin. I didn't want to go with just Ben.

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