It's dark in here.

I wonder how long I've been in here.

It's dark in here.

Voices. There are voices.

Sounds like me. Oh yeah, polyjuice potion. Who am "I" talking to? Harry Potter?!

It's still dark in here.

How long has it been? I know, I'll count.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… 782…1,234,948…Dang, I fell asleep.

It's dark in here.

It's really dark in here.

Is he EVER going to let me out?

He's opening the box…and taking some of my hair for more polyjuice potion.

I'm never getting out of here. I'll die in a box. It's ironic really; greatest auror of all times dies in a box. That'll make headlines.

I swear I'll go mad in here. Oh, wait, I'm already mad.

Did I mention it's dark in here?