Yes. This is not a story, but it will be!

I am running short on idea's for one/two shots or min stories.

Consider this an oppptunity to have your story written!


-I will write any kind of Genre. Romance/Angst/Family/...etc.

-It has to be Twilight Saga and it's characters.

-Cannon couples.

-Events of the story must conspire with evens in the books. (Like you can't say Jasper was born a magical unicorn, because that is not accurate book-wise.)

-We are going by BOOK standards, NOT movie standards.

-It may be based off of yours/or others storylines...slightly. I want it to be my story, not just a remake of someone elses. And if you are basing it off of someones story then give me the Title/Author.

I am open to anyones suggestions and I will read all of them.

If I like your story, I will PM you or if you are reviewing anonymously, leave me your email. And I will give you credit for the idea AND run all stories by you before I post them, if you would like.

EVERYTHING IS WELCOME EXCEPT FLAMES! (Please don't flame this post, I will delete your reviews and be very pissed off.)

Leave a review or PM. Grazti, loves!