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As the last customer of the night stepped through the door, Tifa invited them back to the seventh heaven and waved goodbye. The day had been pleasant, she thought, smiling to herself as she picked up the remnants of glass on the counter. Not a thing was shattered, no fights broke out and aside from the merriment of drunks, it had all been relatively quiet and peaceful. Due to the fact Yuffie was gone away on a mission. The ninja was a catalyst for most of the commotion in the bar: from invoking a sort of tournament of skill and strength, to gambling and cheating, which in turn was a sort of tournament of skill or strength depending on if she was caught or not.

Most of all, she looked forward to Cloud's return home today from his long delivery trips.

Tifa had cleaned the glasses and was in the middle of putting them away when she heard the motor of Fenrir pull up. Quickly, she placed the last cup into the cupboard and walked around the counter just in time to meet the blonde ex-soldier coming through the door with a hug.

He enveloped her in his arms instantly and seemed to breathe her in, placing a hand in her hair and on the small of her back, embracing her tightly to him. They remained like that for a moment, simply enjoying the feel of holding one another till he pulled back and looked into her eyes, his hand sliding from behind her head to her cheek. "I missed you, Tifa."

"I'm glad you're back, Cloud," She murmured shyly, her gaze dropping to the floor between their feet and resting her head against his chest. They had been going out for nearly a month now, but due to the demands of his job, they were rarely able to spend enough time together to go on dates and such. So their relationship was still very fresh, very new; They had kissed twice. The first time was on impulse and everyone was there to see it and promptly made quite the scene. The second was quickly stolen in the empty hall before he left. So it wasn't a surprise that being so close to him like this left Tifa's heart racing like the moment they had revealed their feelings. She wondered at the beat of Cloud's heart and laid a hand over his heart. She hadn't expected Cloud to greet her in such a way, and it seemed from Cloud, that he hadn't either. It surprised her, and she welcomed it.

Cloud dropped his hand onto her shoulder and gently pushed her away from his body where she hid her flushed face. She looked up at him wondering why he pulled away from her, then lowered her eyes when she found she could not hold his gaze; it seemed they were going to kiss a third time, as his hand urged her head tilt back to access her lips. He called her name so she would look into his eyes and he could see the emotion there before he kissed her. He drew closer, tilting his head to one side as the inches between them disappeared. Her eyes slide shut, her dark lashes resting against her rosy cheek.

Perhaps it was because they were alone or the dangerous way Cloud held her so tightly to him and the look in his blue eyes that made her warm and short of air, her heart beat louder in her ears and that if she didn't feel his lips upon her, she'd never quite catch her breath suspended there on Cloud's lips. In other terms; she'd be very, very frustrated. The only thing that could stop this kiss was a force of nature.

And lo' and behold, one tore through the door step of Seventh Heaven- Yuffie Kisaragi.

"Vinnie, I hate you!" The young ninja wailed as she ran passed them, hands held up covering her face. She sped straight through the bar and up the stairs, and the loud bang of a door being slammed followed a second later.

Cloud and Tifa looked from the stairs - having broken apart the moment Yuffie rushed in- and to the door when they heard the gunman enter. It looked to them like a bad break up, but that was ridiculous. The two weren't dating as far as they knew and it was even harder to imagine Vincent saying yes to anyone not dead and not frozen inside a crystal. So they thought, had Yuffie confessed and been rejected?

Tifa put aside the great frustration she felt as her friend was quite distraught and it seemed selfish of her to dwell on her lack of a kiss from the man who shared her feelings.

Knowing Vincent wasn't going to openly explain the situation, Cloud asked him, "What happened?"

"I made a joke and she lost the control of her bladder." Vincent said as if he was giving he details of a crime scene.

"IDIDNOTLOSECONTROLOFMYBLADDER. YOU MADE ME PEE MY PANTS, YOU JERK!" Was the yell from upstairs. And another followed a second later. "AND DON'T TELL THEM, GAWD!"

Tifa thought forunatelyMarlene and Denzel were with Barret.

Cloud blinked and looked at Vincent who stood beside him. "I didn't know you were a such a funny guy." On the other side of Cloud, Tifa slumped onto one of the tables, laying her head on crossed arms as her shoulders silently shook.

"Perhaps it was my delivey," Vincent deadpanned in the same quiet tone Cloud ever heard him speak. Cloud stared at him. He couldn't tell if the guy was making a joke then or if he was serious.

And that's when he noticed Tifa defeated on a table, sobbing.