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Summary: She had blond hair and blue eyes, and she was very naïve. She was fresh meat, and therefore assumed to be an easy lay in ninety-nine percent of the male population's eyes. Namine thought college was about learning, sadly, it only took one day for her to realize how wrong she was.

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Wild Ride

Chapter 1

Namine stood in front of her new dorm. Students were bustling about, carrying pillows; mini-fridges and suitcases that she could safely assume were filled with beer.

Oddly enough, as she stood amongst the chaos, not only did she realize not a single person was holding anything remotely similar to a book, but more importantly that she, with her conservative parents, and innocent composure, did not belong here.

Namine gasped, her sudden lack of breath definitely confirmed this fact; she did not belong here, even God was sending her suffocating signs, literately. "Mom, let go, please," she explained in a broken voice.

Her mother gasped as if outraged by this suggestion and said hysterically, "Never! You're my baby; I won't let you grow up!" Her mother was clutching her for dear life, she was determined, and therefore Namine's chances of escaping alive were rapidly decreasing.

"Honey, time to let go," Her father intervened and peeled the poor women off her daughter.

Namine let out a large sigh, and sent her father a thankful look. "I'm gonna miss you honey," he said, sending her a smile, and giving her one last hug. "Me too dad," She said, before letting go.

"Don't do anything your grandmother wouldn't do!" He said, before picking up his wife and dragging her to the car.

Namine slapped her forehead, and looked away as her mother screamed.

"What! I wasn't done, let me say goodbye! Ah, this is why you sleep on the couch." A few mumbles were heard before she screamed in a shrill voice, "I love you! Don't forget that, write us! Bye!"

After those final and not so reassuring words, the doors slammed, and the care tires skidded forward.

They, her parents, were gone, and other than her best friend beside her, Namine was completely alone.

She dropped her pillow, adorned with a Dora the Explorer pillow case, and whispered to her best friend and fellow victim, "Kairi, I don't think I can do this."

Kairi simply laughed before saying, "Come on, Nam, this is college!" She extended her arm towards the meek dorm building and smiled as if it was treasure island. "Supposedly it's all down hill after this, so we better make the most of it," she winked and picked up the pillow, "besides, in her younger years your grandmother was one crazy ass bitch." Kairi laughed, and with those final words of wisdom, walked straight into the building.

Namine gulped as Kairi entered the building (of doom) and disappeared from sight.

It wasn't too late to take drastic measures and turn and run, was it?

She needed to get out of here, before something horrible happened….turn around and escape….it was simple, no one knew her, besides Kairi, so her absence would go pratically unnoticed. She could leave the city and become a hobo, or travel afar and discover different worlds or...

"Hey, you look lost," A voice said. Namine woke up from her panic attack of self loathing and looked to her left. There stood a guy, a light smirk adorned his lips, and his eyes held a dull interest. His hands were in his pockets and a headphone was dangling in one of his ears. His collar was half popped, and his hair was past bed head and venturing into the category of in drastic need of a comb.

"Not lost, just new." She replied shortly but politely. Somehow she had managed to suppress a look of disgust; he looked as if he had just woken up and it was two in the afternoon.

His smile widened, "So you're a freshman." His eyebrow arched, "perfect," he nodded his head towards the door, "come on, I'll help you get settled in." Before she could argue otherwise he had already grabbed her suitcase. She followed after him, thinking about the best way to politely decline his help.

She didn't want or need his help, what she needed was to get out of here; besides he probably had a mid-day drinking fest to attend.

"Hey ---" but before she could speak he interrupted her by grabbing her information sheet and glancing at it quickly. He muttered, "Room 314, nice," before handing it back to her and taking a sharp left.

Namine remained momentarily speechless, now that was just plain rude. Forget manners, he certainly had; besides this was college, and she was realizing fast that if she wanted to survive she had to play the game.

"Look, I'm fine, so you can go off and do something much more worthwhile like killing brain cells or something."

He stopped and turned around and sent her an amused look, "Finally, a personality, I was beginning to think you really were just an empty shell." He pushed open a door and dragged her suitcase through before sending her one final smirk and letting the door slam in her face.

She clenched her fists before pushing the door open and looking up, stairs, wonderful. She could hear the clunking of footsteps above. The door shut behind her, and his voice called down, "Hey blondie, start climbing and keep up!" He yelled from a floor up. She began to climb and yelled back out of anger, "Hey, bedhead, you don't know anything about me, so stop pretending like you do!"

He laughed then yelled, "Let me guess? You're from a…conservative family; your father's excited about your education and your mom's afraid to let you go, am I right?"

She stayed silent, forgetting to be angry that he had just revealed her history to the entire dorm, and decided to take the steps two at a time. Namine reached the third floor just in time to see him leave the stair case and exit yet again through another set of slamming doors.

She forcefully pulled it open and ran smack into a wall, or well, he sure felt like a wall.

Before she could blink she was on the ground, and the next thing she knew he was pulling her up and apologizing left and right. "Oh shit, I'm sorry. You ok?"

She steadied herself and brought a hand to her head, there was sure to be beautiful bruise there in the morning.

The wall, er guy, was still holding her arms and she blinked a few times to focus. Slowly a blurry brown bush came into view…she blinked again, and then held back a laugh. It wasn't a bush, it was his hair!

He sent her a nervous smile before apologizing yet again, "Really, I'm sorry, I have some ice back in my room ---"

"No, its ok, thanks though," She said, still rubbing her head; she sent him a sweet smile. That bump to the head hurt, but it still wasn't enough to make her forget about the idiot dragging around her luggage. Knowing her luck, she would probably find her suitcase open and sprawled across the pavement, with all her undergarments strewn about.

She was about to move past the guy, and cautiously open the door, when his voice caught her attention.

"Hey, so somewhere between the collision and the fall I think I missed your name," he said, smiling and rubbing the back of his head. It was the most adorable thing she had seen all day.

Then again, her day consisted of the never ending car ride, an overly excited best friend, and a not-so-personal tour of her dorm.

"Right, I'm Namine, it's nice to meet you," she uttered, extending her hand. He took it and said, "I'm Sora, and I'm really glad I bumped into you," he said, laughing at his own joke.

She smiled sweetly before saying, "Well then Sora, it was nice running into you…literately, but if you'd excuse me, some guy is running rampant with my luggage and I kinda need to get it back." She smiled at him before waving good-bye and shrugging through the door.

He looked as if he wanted to say something else, but the door closed before he had a chance. She decided to find her suitcase instead of figuring out what he wanted to say. Like her grandmother always said, securing your life was more important than making friends….or well, at least she said something like that….once….maybe.

Namine shook away her senseless thoughts and focused on dodging flying footballs and Frisbees. Something hit her in the back of the head, she turned around, frustrated and looked down. To her surprise on the ground at her feet was a football wearing pink panties.

A look of confusion and disgust adorned her face; firstly she didn't even know that was possible, wait till she tells her parents that the first thing she learned in college was that footballs could wear lacey lingerie. Secondly, gross. She had no idea where either of those items have been, and together they mean one thing, horny guys, in other words, danger.

A guy with sandy colored hair ran up to her and picked up the football, "Sorry dude," he said almost rudely, she was about to turn and run when she caught him checking her out. His eyes trailed up and down her body as a small smirk crawled onto his lips, "Hey, you want to contribute?" He asked motioning to the football. She stared at him blankly, confused, for a few moments before she paled in disgust. She knew what he wanted, and couldn't help but ask, did she look like a slut? Of course not, so she muttered, "disgusting bastard," and turned away.

He yelled after her, "Welcome to college bitch!" She only sneered and other wise ignored him as she turned a corner.

Namine ventured down the hall in desperate search for 314; she was quickly figuring out that her room would be the only safe place if she stayed; sadly she was having no luck finding her haven, instead she was stuck within the madness of the hall adorned with college guys, other wise known as pigs.

Finally, she spotted bedhead, standing just outside her door. She approached him angrily, but he smiled at her causally, as if he was supposed to be there. "What was the hold up?" He asked nonchalantly, and gave her a small nodd.

"It's really none of your business, now is it?" She spat before grabbing her room key from his hands.

"I met your room mate," he said with a smirk. She rolled his eyes at him and he continued, "she's very…friendly." If Namine was paying attention at all she would have realized that the tone in his voice indicated bad news, but unfortunately she was focused on getting inside her room and hopefully never coming out.

She fiddled with the lock, suddenly nervous that he was standing there watching her. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," he advised as she began to open the door.

"And why not --- Oh. My. God." Namine screamed after opening the door. If her eyes could bleed they would, if she cursed she would, if she could take back the entire decision to go to college she would, but she couldn't, and now she was officially scared for her life.

"Shit!" A girl screamed before pushing a guy off of her and grabbing a Dora the Explorer pillow case on the side of the bed, if Namine wasn't so disturbed she would be angry, that was her pillow case. "Sorry about that," the girl mumbled then nervously smiled, "the names Yuffie," the girl extended her hand, but Namine remained speechless, so Yuffie continued to talk, "Uh…sorry again, it's just that I have been waiting for college all my life, and now I'm finally here, why waste time?" She nervously chuckled and then awkwardly adjusted the pillow case.

Namine winced, Dora should not have to suffer that kind of pain.

Namine stayed silent before quietly excusing herself, exiting the room and slamming the door in her roommates face.

She kept her back to the door, as images of ponies and proms flashed through her head, anything to get that horrible memory out of her brain.

Unfortunately the memory of happiness did not last long because his voice penetrated her brain. "I warned you, but you didn't listen," Namine took a deep breath before sending him a glare.

He sighed then offered, "Do you want me to get ride of them?"

She shook her head in defiance and crossed her arms.

"Well then how else do you plan on sleeping tonight?" He questioned, crossing his arms. He had nice biceps, she thought absentmindedly, "I mean; you are always welcome to stay in my room…" No wait, scratch that last thought, his biceps sucked, and so did his foul mouth.

"Fine, just do it," she spat, hoping that after this he would just leave or pass out or something.

"Kay, but you owe me." She ignored his last comment as he entered the room, and continued to focus on happy thoughts. Moments later the door opened and Yuffie and her man-friend-guy-whore exited the room.

Yuffie continued to sputter apologizes, "Really, I'm sorry, I didn't want to meet this way; it's just one thing lead to another, and BAM, and then you walked in…and,"

"Shut up Yuffie," the guy-whore said as he dragged her away.

"Awww, but Leon, I'm just trying ---" She began to protest, but he slammed a hand over her mouth and lifted her over his shoulder. "You've already done enough for one day," he muttered before turning a corner and disappearing.

Namine sighed deeply and hoped that she wouldn't find any more disgusting or disturbing surprises between her door and the bed. The door was cracked open and Namine took a breath before stepping in.

She turned and rolled her eyes, and cursed herself for speaking too soon. Bedhead was sitting on her bed looking out the window.

"Alright, I guess I should say thanks or something," she mumbled and crossed her arms.

He looked over at her and smiled, "Don't forget you owe me," he winked at her, and she rolled her eyes, "That's it, get out."

He didn't move. She was about to resort to drastic measures and throw him out the window or kill him with a candlestick or something when a shrill voice penetrated her thoughts.

"Namine! This is your room right!?" Kairi screamed as she entered the room. She fell silent once she noticed the blond guy, and then looked between the two awkwardly. "Ah…I can just come back later…" she began, but Namine interrupted her, "No, its ok, bedhead here was just leaving,"

He sighed and stood up, "Meet me out front at 7, you owe me." He winked before walking past her towards the door.

She couldn't help but follow him with her eyes, unable to believe that he had just ordered her to meet him. He turned to face her and hung on the door frame, "Dora the Explorer…really?" He chuckled before ducking out of the door frame and walking down the hall.

The silence only lasted a few seconds before Kairi rushed to Namine, grabbed her hands and practically screamed, "First off, who was that sexy bag of bones? Secondly, why was he in your room? And thirdly, what are you gonna wear tonight?"

Namine sighed, and rolled her eyes at Kairi.

This was her first day of college and she couldn't help but feel like she had just signed her death warrant.


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