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Wild Ride

Chapter 5

Namine sighed deeply as Kairi asked her for the fourth time why she was out all night. "You're not going to give up are you?" Namine half-heartily asked. Kairi shook her head and threw her hands in the air, "I wouldn't have to be so persistent if you would just answer the damn question!"

Kairi was making this situation much more dramatic than it needed to be; Namine didn't want to answer the question, simple as it was, and it was driving Kairi insane.

Not only did Namine not want anyone to know about her short-lived visit down fraternity row, but she also wanted to forget the awful experience herself. Besides classes started tomorrow, and she wanted to make a good first impression; in other words, sleep was a necessary evil.

"Namine, really, all you have to do is give me one sentence – one sentence, and then I will leave you alone!" Namine looked towards her best friend, and rolled her eyes.

In the past few hours Namine has learned at lot through her ultimate college experience; not only has she discovered a new country called frat-boy-land, where their major export is beer and their occupation is to fail out of college, but she has also discovered a few unexpected similarities between her best friend and her parents. One of them, and the most significant in her opinion, is the fact that they are both nosey and eager to live their lives through her.

"Let's just say it was the worst experience of my life, okay?" Namine was exasperated, she was tired before her little extravaganza - imagine how she felt now.

"Oh no," Yuffie, Namine's silent roommate, until now at least, piped up, "The worst experience of your life will be the day you wake up with no recollection of the previous night, look down, and find two huge bruises on your knees."

"Gross," Kairi spat and then rolled her eyes.

Namine looked around confused before saying, "I don't get it."

Yuffie spoke again, "Well, the imagination is a funny thing, the only reason I could think of as to why I had bruises on my knees was because -"

"And so, that's enough of that!" Kairi practically yelled before sending the very outspoken girl a glare. "Besides, we have class tomorrow, and Namine probably wants to get some sleep."

Namine nodded her head; at least Kairi has her back when it comes to people, other than herself of course, torturing her. "She's right Yuffie, I am exhausted, you ready for lights out?"

The last thing Namine remembered before her alarm clock forcefully woke her up was Yuffie jumping into bed. Not the nicest lullaby, but at least it was somewhat peaceful, and represented the end of a very interesting day quite nicely.

The seven hours of sleep Namine got felt more like seven minuets. She wanted to blame her lack of comfort on the springy mattress, the creaking walls and the drafty window in her room, but the sad truth is she had a dream. Correction, a nightmare, because guess what it was about – none other than the wonderful Roxas and his brother Sora.

As Namine lifted her head from the pillow and shook the sleep from her eyes she was forced to face the fact that she could not escape the presence of these clearly impressionable brothers even in her dreams.

Luckily a very extravagant distraction, in other words, her roommate, stole her attention.

Literately, she jumped on her, physically jumped on her.

Namine groaned, still half asleep and mumbled, "Yuffie, you squishing my kidneys."

"It's okay; you only need one of them."

"And I'd rather wait until I am old with a deadly disease to give one of them up," Namine mumbled into her pillow. Almost instantly the large weight puncturing her abdomen lifted and Yuffie muttered, "Dang girl, you don't have to be so morbid."

Namine sat up from her pillow and muttered, "I am going to be a nurse therefore I have to be a realist."

"Well then, you really should get out of bed, doesn't your first class start.." Yuffie quickly glanced down at her watch, "uh…ten minuets ago."

"What?" Namine literately flung herself out of bed, and landed smack on the floor; she scrambled for her clock and panicked when it took her eyes a few seconds longer to focus. It's almost as if the universe was working against her; if this pattern kept up, her only option would be to join the life-sucking Greek system she despised so greatly.

Namine's eyes grew wide at the sight of those little red numbers: 8:07.

Her class started at 8:15.

Namine somehow managed to lift herself off the floor, matrix style, simultaneously grab a pair of pants and a toothbrush and run out the door. Unfortunately, not only did she forget toothpaste, but she also had absolutely no idea where she was going.

Namine bolted down the stairs and headed for the front door. If she ran fast enough she could run to the campus map, figure out where her class was and then go there, hopefully with a few minuets to spare.

Unfortunately, Namine was a bit bored on the campus tour, and she regretfully didn't pay attention to where the map was, funny, she didn't think she'd need the information at the time.

Besides, running down stairs was a job in itself, and it was taking half her brain power just to make it down them without tripping. It was pratically a miracle that she somehow managed to get her pants on, hopefully with no observors to tell the tale.

She jumped onto the landing, she only had one more flight to go, and then five more steps; it was already too late when she realized she was running fast, too fast.

She heard his voice before she saw him, but her feet were moving too quickly for her to just stop, even though that is exactly what she did, or rather, attempted to do.

He rounded the corner just as she hit the bottom step, and of course, because gravity hated her, her feet stopped, but momentum threw her forward and she ran smack into the poor and clearly shocked boy.

They landed on the floor in a position that was becoming more and more familiar; embracing the other and out of breath.

Odd, if Roxas was here, he would probably make the situation perverted.

But this wasn't Roxas, no this was the nicer, other brother, Sora.

"Namine, at first I thought you running into me was an accident, but now I am starting to think you're actually trying to kill me."

Namine instantly jumped off the guy, and stuttered a hurried apology. "Trust me; the only person I want to kill right now is your brother for taking me to that stupid party last night."

Namine slapped a hand over her mouth; she hadn't even realized she was thinking about the obnoxious yet attractive blond until his name slipped right out of her mouth.

Sora's eyes saddened for a moment, but he managed to mask his disappointment well.

Namine knew he misunderstood the relationship she and his brother shared, and she instantly regretted being so inconsiderate. Sora was too sweet, nice, and all too tolerant of her constant, yet completely unintentional beatings, for Namine to be mean too.

She started to apologize again, but Sora stopped her with a fake smile, "its okay Namine, you don't have to apologize."

She stood there awkwardly with her mouth half open for a few moments. Luckily, Sora was good at acting and didn't allow the silence to last long. He bent down, picked up a now polluted toothbrush, and chuckled to himself. "Didn't they teach you it's dangerous to run with a toothbrush?"

Namine smiled slightly at him, and of course conveniently forgot to take back the filthy toothbrush, "I was in a hurry, and dental care is important."

He laughed at her comment, side glanced at the toothbrush he still held in his hand and asked, "I take it you don't want the toothbrush back?"

She shook her head quickly and grimaced, "nope, just thinking about putting that thing in my mouth is disgusting."

He stared at her for a moment, mostly likely concurring that she was not only ridiculous but also partially insane before asking if he wanted her to dispose of the 'disgusting item' for her.

Namine animatedly shook her head and said, "Would you really do that for me?"

"Sure, of course, I know this really great toothbrush recycling center, so it works out perfectly." Namine's face instantly lit up, "that's perfect -" Sora let out a small chuckle, and Namine's words faded.

She looked at his playful smirk for a moment, unable to keep the thought that he looked all too much like his brother from entering her mind, as she tried to figure out what was so funny. Then it hit her, "no such place exists."

"Correct you are," he chuckled and poked her in the forehead, "you seem especially out-of-it this morning, something wrong?"

It's amazing how Sora can go from teasing to concerned in a matter of words, "yea, actually I have no idea where my class is, and I am late…" Namine paused for a moment, as if to absorb what she actually said and then, as if she counted to three in her head screamed, "Wait! I am going to be late, I have to run!"

She began to head for the doors, in a quick, but controlled pace when Sora stepped in front of her and took her class list from her all in one swift movement. Talent.

"Calm down Namine, and let me help you."

"Fine, but lets help and walk at the same time," Namine suggested. Sora nodded, "compromise is always good, let's move!" They were out of the building moments and later and practically power walking to the academic side of campus when Sora broke his stride.

Namine, focused as she was, almost didn't notice his absence until he exclaimed from a few feet behind her, "Namine, you have Biology 101 with Strife!"

She stopped, whirled around to face him with a confused look on her face and said, "yes, I do, that's why I am running, I am going to be late!" She turned back around and began her stride again. Namine knew Sora was pledging a frat, but he made it to college, therefore solving a prolbem as simple as late = run should only take him moments to fingure out, five seconds at the most.

That was mean, Namine thought, she took a deep breath and muttered, "you're only stressed, stop mentally dissing people and focus."

Despite all her mental reprimanding Namine still managed to hear Sora chuckle behind her, and then she felt his hand in hers, stopping her from sprinting ahead. At first she didn't know how to react, so instead of panicking like a typical middle school girl would, she took a deep breath and turned around to face the guy that so softly held her hand within his.

Before she could speak he said, "Namine, I have the same class, there is no need to rush." She was so shocked by his words that she almost hadn't noticed how his hand slipped slowly from hers once she turned to face him.

"Other than the fact that I am glad I have a class with you, I'm confused." Wait, did she just say she was glad? Yep, those were her words. Namine surely was becoming very confused. She dismissed the thought and continued her sentence, "shouldn't you be running too?"

"You didn't get the email, did you?" Namine hesitantly shook her head, Sora chuckled again and smiled at her, "Mr. Strife sent it out last night; he said he was a college student once and that the first class is always the hardest, so he postponed class until 8:30."

Namine stared at him, mouth agape, for a few moments before she shook her head and cleared her mind enough to speak, "are you trying to tell me that we still have twenty minuets until class starts?"

Sora nodded, "yep, that's what I am saying."

Namine sighed loudly, threw up her hands and smiled, "well, now I feel like a complete idiot." Sora chuckled, "it's cool, were already past first impressions, so it's not like this little morning extravaganza changed my opinion about you."

Namine smiled slightly, and nodded, not quite sure how to reply to his comment. Instead she said, "Glad to know."

Sora began to walk and after taking a few steps, turned back to face the blond and asked, "So now what do you want to do?" Namine shrugged her shoulders, "I dunno, I guess we could just get to class early."

Sora chuckled, "no way, I'm not really the kiss-ass type." Namine's mouth fell open, what he had just said was offensive, but he only paused for a moment to smrik at her before he continued his thought without letting her express her mildly outraged opinion. "How about we grab something to eat? After all breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

At first Namine didn't know how to respond, firstly because the way Sora just acted; smirking and insulting her was something Roxas would do. She resisted the urge to stop and bang her head on a nearby brick wall as she muttered, paincky, in her head that despite the fact that they are brothers they are still two different people with very different likes and dislikes...well hopefully at least.

The second reason why she didn't know how to respond was just as trivial but still seemingly important; honestly she didn't know if breakfast after a stressful morning constituted as a date or not. After a few moments of serious thinking she still hadn't come to a decision, but as she walked off with the younger brother, she sure hoped it didn't because she said yes.

Breakfast was a bust and unforunately only added more stress to her chaotic morning. They both walked into class with only moments to spare, literately; Namine was having a small panic attack as they walked through the door.

It was Sora brilliant idea to check out a local coffee shop he had heard about…off campus. It was Namine's not so brilliant idea to follow him.

They both sat down in the only two empty seats left, ones in the very back. Sora looked pleased with this arrangement, but Namine sat down hesitantly; she always liked the front, a quality Sora not so nicely reffered to as kiss-ass mentality.

Unfortunately Namine lost her coffee on the frantic run back; running with a full cup had been too much of a hassle, so she eventually dumped it on the side walk. Sora, unlike Namine, was now sitting down with a full cup of hazelnut coffee; he was an athlete, and apparently had better balance skills than the average, or in Namine's case, below average, human being.

As they took their seats Namine muttered, "You owe me coffee."

Sora gave her a confused look before muttering, "I bought you that coffee, if anything you, and your major lack of coordination, owe me coffee."

She crossed her arms, and sent him a small, yet playful glare, "I didn't have any money."

He looked at her with a smirk, "And whose fault is that?" Her mouth fell open, "I was late…or at least I thought I was." Sora chuckled, "Who leaves their room without their wallet?"

Namine took a deep breath and muttered, "A panicked freshman who woke up to a kidney squishing roomate and a decieving schedule, with the unfortunate luck of physically running into a guy that oddly resembles a porcupine."

Sora chuckled again and muttered, "You're unbelievable," just as he pushed his coffee slighly towards her.

Namine shook her head in defiance, grabbed the coffee and took a much needed sip. Still holding the coffee she turned to face the now lecturing teacher. Even as she listened to Mr. Strife ramble on and on about the complex molecular structure of a ginkgo tree cell she couldn't help but find herself smiling not only about the words, and somewhat compliment, Sora just uttered, but also about his very presence as well.


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