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Chapter 2

Ice Fang's POV

I sniffed the ground and looked around. There was nothing to be found. I snarled because I thought I smelled another wolf. "Who goes there?" I asked. The other wolf howled sadly and whimpered. The grey wolf with bright blue eyes walked out into the open. He was limping and had a huge gash running from the side of his face to his chest. He whimpered and had a loss for words. There was nothing either of us could say. What was there to say? The wolf plopped down right in front of me. I howled loudly that it nearly burst my vocal cords. I coughed and collapsed. I lifted up my head to look around again. No one… no one was coming… this wolf was going to die… and it'd be my fault…

Cuon's POV

"B-Blade… did you hear that? It sounded like howling to me," I looked at her.

"Yes, I heard that… it sounded like a wolf in danger. That certainly wasn't a normal howl…," she replied. I nodded slightly and we both began to run as fast as we could without even stopping to look around. I had found the scent of the wolf, flipped around without thinking and slammed right into the wolf that was lying down on the ground. I looked around… there were two wolves.

The first one was a plain grey wolf with no interesting markings except a huge scar from the side of his face down to his chest. He was bleeding from this huge scar. "W-what… the-the h-hell happened to you?" The wolf didn't respond. It was either unresponsive or dead. I figured that it was unresponsive because he was still breathing. The second wolf was beautiful… she looked like the moonlight… except her face was black and she had a scar running down her right back leg. Where had I seen this wolf before? "I-Ice Fang… i-is that you?"

"C-Cuon…," She said softly… "M-my baby…"

"M-mother… I thought you had died… b-back when the fires raged for weeks… I-I seriously thought you had burned up…"

"N-no… I escaped," she got up slowly. "I used all of my strength to run away from the fire. I didn't want to leave you behind but I knew your father would save you… I saw him carrying you away as I ran…," she paused and we were silent for the longest time. Blade was silent too. None of us had anything to say, so I walked over to the unresponsive wolf. It looked as if he were going to die. I had no other choice but to lick the wolf's giant wound. I whined softly and the injured wolf lifted up its head. He whined back at me.

"I-it's OK… I'll take care of you… we all will… w-what's your name?" I asked.

"Midnight…," he replied. "I don't deserve that name… I'm a plain grey wolf with no markings… I don't get why I was named Midnight…"

"It doesn't matter, what matters is, you're about to die. You need to rest. At least the bleeding is starting to stop. Which is good, I guess. If you want me to, I'll lick it so it won't get infected," I stated. He barely wagged his tail; I took it as a 'yes'. I started to lick the giant wound again. It started to coagulate some more. I smiled the best I could. I was curious as to what everyone looked like as a human, but I knew everyone was exhausted. They were all asleep and so, I left them alone. It wouldn't be fair to them. I decided to fall asleep too. I yawned widely, looked around to make sure no one was watching us and fell asleep.