Hey guys, this is a new, yet not so new fanfiction of mine. It was first published on my old shared account with my friend. We were under the alias of DeamonRain, her being Deamon and me being Rain (as I've also gone by Ame in the past). We used the names Skye and Haylie Lavander. This was written back when I was in grade 10 I do believe so it's at least 4 years old, I took it down after having it up for a year or so because we stopped using the account actively and now I've decided to read through it, edit it and publish it on my current account and the only account that I now use actively since I've finally concluded on the alias of Arra Frost being my permanent penname. I warn you that I've only edited for grammar and spelling and did very few revisions that would bring the flow of it up to speed with my current writing style because I'm the kind of person who doesn't really like changing things too much once they've been finished. But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless, it was the first completed fanfiction I've ever written and I'm proud of it.

Warnings: Course language (I swear a lot and for people who've read FAKE, there is swearing, especially with little Bikky), yaoi (obviously), LaixBikky, spelling errors (there are several spelling errors made on purpose because of the way Bikky and the guys speak. Like dropping the g's off the end of words).

Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own Fake and no amount of me behaving like Dee will grant me ownership.

Chapter 1

The school bell rang loudly and annoyingly, dismissing the class from their studies. The students rose from their seats as quickly as possible, most looking happy as they could finally talk freely to their friends without the teacher slamming that ruler down on their desks and humiliating them with an algebraic problem that was fit for university, not high school.

"Alright class!" Ms. Spacey raised her voice over the commotion of her students. "Don't forget! I want those booklets done by Monday!" She paused and added in a strict, threatening tone, "Or else!"

Diana Spacey was not a normal teacher. She talked like the average teen, only more sophisticated at times, and the outfits she wore were more revealing than most of the girls in her class on Friday nights. Today she was wearing a grey mini skirt and a tight black shirt that practically made her boobs fall out of her shirt. Most students were amazed they haven't already… as a matter of fact, it is that very factor that causes most of the boys to actually take Academic math, even though they should be in Foundations math, or as most kids referred to it as "sped" math.

As the class piled out the door, hurrying to lunch, Diana reached out accurately into the crowd and grabbed a hold of the end of a short blonde ponytail and hauled a black boy from the crowd.

"Ow, ow, ow!" the boy protested. "What the hell is your problem? Whaddid I do now, huh! And pullin' on a dude's hair is so not cool!" He stood back, nursing the back of his head as though he had been inflicted a fatal wound.

Diana put her hands on her hips and glared. "Don't speak to me that way, hun." She lifted his chin with her index finger. "You may be cute Bikky, but that doesn't allow you to talk to your professors like you talk to Dee."

Bikky pulled away. "Ya, and you may be one cool chick, but that doesn't allow ya to yank on my hair like Ryo!"

She sighed and shook her head. It was never like this with the young Bikky. When he was a kid he had been a fan of hers and couldn't wait to get to high school so she could teach him. Now that he was a teenager he just mouthed off in class, talked none-stop and never did his work. Thus causing them to have these little 'arguments'.

"So, whaddid ya want, Di?" Bikky asked, breaking the other blonde's train of thought as she was imagining life without Bikky.

"Huh? Oh right. I finished marking your last test."

Bikky smirked arrogantly. "Really? Did I get over fifty this time?"

The young teacher sighed. "No, Bikky, you got a twelve."

"Twelve? Sweet! Five points higher than last time!"

Diana shook her head. "Bikky, it was out of a hundred! You need a tutor. Actually, you've needed a tutor since the first day of class. Your total grade is twenty-four."

He scratched the back of his neck where his short pony-tailed blonde hair laid. "Well, Math was never my strong point. And where'm I saposed ta get a tutor?"

"Bikky, Kenny could tutor you and you'd still be getting a better grade. Someone in Junior High could help you raise your grade to a pass! Just find someone before I'm stuck with you in my class for another year!"

"Alright, alright. Maybe Carol will tutor me." Bikky had gotten used to Diana's nagging about his lack of grades and he found it easier to agree with her, or just make something up to shut her up, instead of arguing. Their arguments could last a long fucking time and Bikky did not want to waste his lunch hour fighting with a teacher.

"Good, now get out of my class. I don't wanna see you until after the weekend. Actually, I'd much rather never have you in my class again, but I owe Ryo a favor, so I have to teach you and try to encourage you to pass Academic Math."

Bikky shrugged and mumbled, "Ya, not to mention it's your job." He turned to leave but, as he got to the door, Diana called to him.

"Oh and Bikky dear, I want that homework done by Monday. And don't just do it on the bus in the morning."

Bikky laughed sourly. "I don't take the bus Ms. Diana." And without pausing for Diana to retort, he took off down the hall towards the cafeteria.

"Hey Bikky, how's math treating ya this semester?" Kenny laughed as Bikky took his seat next to the silver-haired Carol, who always came to visit for lunch, at their usual table.

"She hates me. And so does high school. Been here for almost two years and she's never liked me. The only thing I actually get good grades in is P.E., Computer Tech, and my Sciences. It's a good thing I'm only actually failing one course…" Bikky slammed his head on the table, just missing his tray of what he assumed the cafeteria was serving as food, and mumbled sarcastically, "or Ryo would've killed me by now."

"Aha, I'm glad my parentals aren't like Ryo. I'd be worse off then you cuz right now I'm failing my English and the Science that I failed last year."

"Man, am I ever lucky I graduated last year. But if you guys are gonna complain like little babies about 11's work - and 10's work for those who failed - then y'all are gonna die in grade 12… if you pass."

"Hey come on! Cheap shot from a graduate!" Kenny grumbled.

"Yo! Don't anger the woman or I'll never get her ta help me!" Bikky silenced Kenny but received a raised eyebrow from the silver-haired girl.

"Help you with what, huh?" she asked suspiciously.

"Uh… well, I'm failing math."

"No surprise." Carol laughed.

"Ya, ya… well, I need a tutor."

Immediately Carol burst out into hysterical laughter. "Ha! No way am I tutorin' you! I'd rather hang myself before I try and explain algebra to you!"

Bikky's face fell cold and emotionless as Carol tried to calm herself. Before Carol's laughter died down, a familiar short-haired girl stopped at the table.

"Hey Bikky." She greeted, giving a humored glance towards the laughing silver-haired girl.

"Sup Lass?" the blonde boy greeted.

"I heard you needed a tutor for math."

"Holy fuckin' Christ! Does everyone know? This school's gossip rating is too high ta be normal. But ya, whatever… why do ya ask? You willin' ta tutor me?" This comment somehow amused Carol further and she began laughing harder, almost falling out of her chair.

Lass also took the liberty of giggling… though at him or Carol, Bikky wasn't sure. "Uh… ya… no way, hun."

"Why are all these girls against me?" Bikky thought to himself as he gave Lass a look of annoyance.

"I've got a friend that can teach ya. He's our age but he's in Grad School."

"Oh, so ya want some super genius University prick ta tutor me?"

"Lai is not a prick! Just cuz there are people in this world that have the exact opposite grades as you - that means good grades - does not mean they're pricks. You're just a stereotypical idiot."

Bikky rolled his eyes. "Fine, I guess a prick is better than nothin'." Of course for this remark he received another evil glare from Lass before she told him that she'd show him to Lai's on-campus apartment after school and left.

For the rest of the afternoon, Bikky thought to himself of what this Lai character must look like. Lai was obviously a Chinese name so he pictured oriental features. With the whole university thing, he must be nerdy, geeky and have his slanted eyes framed with thick, taped glasses. Sure Bikky was being stereotypical, very stereotypical, like Lass said he was, but he really didn't have anything better to do. Sure he could have listened to the teachers' babbling or he could have copied notes from the board, but really… it is Bikky we're talking about here.

After the last bell went off, Bikky found Lass leaning on the steps at the main door. "So, direct me to this prick's place."

"Ya know, he ain't gonna tutor you if you keep saying stuff like that about him. Trust me, he's not a prick. He's just really smart, kay?"

Bikky shrugged as they walked from the after school crowd. "I'll believe it when I see it."

And the moment he saw the black-haired oriental boy, he believed it. When Lai opened the door to his apartment, after Lass had knocked a few times, he looked nothing like a prick. In fact, he looked as though he could fit in with Bikky and his gang. He had a nicely toned body, his black hair was slightly spiked at the top and loose at the bottom, and he wore a pair of dark sagging jeans with a semi-tight black wife-beater. His outfit was very similar to Bikky's, only Bikky was wearing dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

"Hey Lass, come in." He gestured in and Lass stepped through the doorway with Bikky following her into the very tidy room. "So this is the hopeless mathematician that I'm supposed ta be tutoring?" He closed the door softly after them.

Lass smiled and nodded. "Yup, Bikky here sure is hopeless at math."

"So what, am I just saposed ta stand here and listen ta y'all insult me?"

"Ah, come on man. It's cool." He placed his hand on the blonde's shoulder, his voice sarcastic, "They say the first step is admitting you have a problem."

"Oh, ha, ha, ha." But none-the-less Bikky stepped back and raised his hand to his head level. "Hi, my name's Bikky, and I'm addicted to failing math."

The three of them laughed a bit, but Lass soon broke the humor. "Ok, well you guys have fun with all that math stuff. Catch ya later."

"Bye Lass." Lai waved.

"Ya, see ya Monday." Bikky called as she closed the door behind her.

The oriental boy then turned to Bikky. "Ok then, let's get out the work and I'll see if you're worth my time."

"Worth your time? Don't tutors tutor anyone?"

"Well ya, but seein' as how I'm doin' this for free. I don't wanna be wastin' my time."

Bikky smiled. "Sweet! No cash comin' out of my pockets!"

Lai laughed softly and a playful smiled graced his lips.

The blonde raised his eyebrow at this but continued on nonetheless. "So let's get started. This is cuttin' into my game time."

"Alright then, put your stuff on that desk." Lai gestured to a very large oak desk on the far side of the room. "What're you workin' on now?"

"I dunno." Bikky said as he dumped the contents of his bag onto the desk. "Something with the f's and bracketed x's."

Lai gave him an are-you-really-that-stupid? kind of look. "Do you mean functions?"

"Ya that's it. So… what the heck are they?"

The oriental boy sighed. "This is gonna be a long night."

"I can't sound that hopeless."

"Uh… eheh… ya, you're not, not that hopeless." Lai coughed. "You have as much hope as your height." He added in almost a whisper.

However, Bikky heard it. "Who you callin' short? You're the one with shrimpy ass legs!"

"Make one more remark, blondy, and I aint tutorin' you!"

"Eh… argh…fine…" Bikky huffed.

Lai sat down on the opposite side of Bikky at the desk. "Okay then, you know what Quadratic Transformations are right?"

Bikky gave him a very stunned-confused look. "The duck's transformin' into what now?"

Lai sighed. "No, do you know- wait… duck?"

"Ya, you said somethin' 'bout quackin'."

"No. I said Qua-dra-tic." Lai shook his head. "How can I dumb this down? Do you know how to do the y x + 1 things?"

The blonde thought it over in his head. "Oh ya those… we beat those to death. I got a 62 on the last quiz."

"Well, just think of the f(x) as the y. But still write it as f(x)."

"Um, sure… let's do that…"

The oriental boy ran his hand through his short black hair and looked at the clock. "This was going to be a very, very long night."

Tomorrow night I shall be posting the next chapter so be on the look out. I hope you enjoyed.