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Chapter 6

Tension grew thick between the boys. If either one had a knife they could probably create a new pastry using sliced air.

Lai stood silent between the two boys who both stared at him, looking for explanations. Their eyes were burning into his soul and the pressure was becoming too much. Lai just about opened his mouth to speak, though he had no idea what to say (besides the truth of course… however he had no idea how to state it without hurting someone). Unfortunately Bikky beat him to it.

"Well, I'm gonna leave. Until you sort out your priorities, that is. Good luck with your FWB." His voice was harsh and bitter. He hated using an acronym for something as simple as 'friends with benefits' but he was angry and he wanted to keep his speech to a minimum. That way he'd have more time to get out of there.

"B-Bikky…" The blonde's exit caused the consequences of his hesitance to hit him full force and he ran out into the hall only to find the blonde no longer there. "Damn he runs fast." Is what Lai would have normally said, but in this situation he yelled down the empty corridor, hoping that the echo off the walls might carry his name to him. "BIKKY!"

"Wow, he sure can walk fast. It's a wonder that you even caught him in the first place." A cocky, no longer confused voice came from behind the raven. "Oh well, he's not your problem anymore and that means…" His voice trailed off as he wrapped his arms around Lai's shoulders from behind and blew softly on his neck.

Lai swung around, anger written all throughout his eyes as he pushed the other off of him. "Troy what is your problem? Why won't you leave me the hell alone?"

"Whoa man, chill. You don't haveta pretend anymore. I can easily go to that blonde mutt and tell him you're over."

"What did you say!" Lai's voice was low and dark. He wore one of the most treatening expressions he possessed and it was unfortunate for Troy that he was not paying nearly enough attention to Lai's real feelings.

"I said -"

"If you ever call Bikky that again, I will surely put you in the hospital for a very long time." His voice was more threatening than the actual threat, however, Troy took no heed. It was almost astonishing how oblivious this boy was to the world around him. Lai had always wondered beforehand if it was the boy's ego which clouded his vision so drastically.

"Huh? Oh what, that mutt thing? Come on man. You know you can do better than that. Take me for example. I'm cute, charming, delightful, I come from a very good social standing. I'm everything you could ever -"

Troy's gloating was cut off by the connection of Lai's fist to his jaw. Troy stumbled out into the hall, barely managing to keep his balance, when Lai's fist drove into his stomach. He fell back and hit the wall hard before he slumped to the floor, barely aware that Lai was locking and closing his door in front of him.

"You went too far this time. This is just a warning, though." Lai growled, staring down at the troublesome brunet. He would have felt sorry for how rough he'd been on Troy, but he did not have the patience today. This time Troy crossed a line that he would never be able to recover from. If Lai lost Bikky after all the effort he'd put into getting him, Troy would be in far worse danger than a bruised jaw and a shortage of breath.

"That fucking bastard!" Bikky's left fist collided with the wooden wall of a shed, which lay near the edge of the park, yet again causing it to splinter. "How dare he do this!" His right fist now smashed into the wood.

Bikky had been there for only just over a few minutes after he had escaped Lai's apartment and already a hole was beginning to form in the side of the shed. Not to mention, Bikky's knuckles were beginning to bleed.

"After everything I went through!" A piece of the board fell loose but that did not stop Bikky's attack of fists and words. "That ass! That fucking ass! After all that, he's been cheatin' on me?"

"Bikky?" A small voice came from behind the blonde but the words were overpowered by the painful sound of shattering wood and the loud curses that continued to roll off the angry blonde's tongue.

"I'm gonna kick his fucking ass for doing this!" More pieces of the board fell and the voice came louder and more persistent.


The blonde swung around with not only anger in his eyes but tears as well. "What?" He snapped impulsively, not caring at this point who was witnessing him in his current state. However, he didn't look as though he was aware of his crying.

Lass stepped backwards at his tone. She knew Bikky well enough that he would never harm her, but his voice and expression were so foreign that it startled her to the core.

"What's wrong? You're destroying that shed." She spoke timidly until she caught sight of his knuckles. Her motherly instincts immediately took over and she was no longer wrecked with fear but rather concern for her friend. "You're bleeding! Are you ok?"

Bikky breathed deeply, more tears rolling down his cheeks. He could no longer sustain his fury with Lass standing there like that. He couldn't let her worry about him this much. He didn't deserve it. He was lashing out because he didn't know any other way to deal with a betrayal such as this.

Before he could get control over himself to calm himself, he very quickly realized that his eyes were exposing his weakest side. He cursed under his breath and hastily wiped the moisture from his cheeks with the back of his arm, as his hands were currently useless for such a task.

Lass could tell that it would take a very long time for Bikky to speak on his own, if at all. Knowing him, he would simply take off and run before Lass could get to the bottom of this. So she took it upon herself to speak up.

"Is it something with Lai?"

"I-it's nothing. J-just takin' out some anger is'all. I'll catch ya later." Lass sighed as her presumption was becoming true. Luckily he was moving much slower than he normally did and she caught up with him before he could find a way to escape.

"Bikky, tell me what's up."

"He cheated."

"What!" Lass stopped in her tracks, she was not only surprised that Bikky had come right out and told her what was wrong without further persuasion, but she was also stunned at the very notion of her best friend cheating on someone.

"He's been cheating on me… after everything…" His weak voice repeated in frustration.

Lass shook off the shock as best she could and run to catch up to Bikky's brisk pace. "Lai wouldn't cheat on you Bikky." She attempted to assure him, although she knew her words would mean nothing to him in current frame of mind.

"He did! A pompous brunet..." Bikky growled, the mere thought of this guy's image upset him so much that he started looking for something else to punch.

Lass let out an involuntary laugh, as she became immediately aware of who Bikky was so furious with.

Anger boiled in Bikky's eyes as he spun around. Laughter was not the best reaction to give an infuriated man. "What the hell is so funny about this, huh?"

"Do you mean Troy?" She spoke slowly, attempting to hide the humor that she was getting out of the situation.

Bikky narrowed his eyes threateningly, but nodded nonetheless. He didn't like that Lass knew this boy, it could only mean trouble.

"He's nothing. Just some tag along that has had a crush on Lai for like ever." Lass attempted to brush this off as if it was nothing. "Lai only puts up with it because it's really nothing to be concerned about."

Bikky, however, was far from convinced. His doubtful eyes stared her down, almost threatening her if she didn't explain herself.

Lass sighed, shaking her head as she wondered how she could put this in terms that would calm the boy before her. "OH! I know! You know how you and Carol told me and Lai about Dee's problem with J.J. and Ryo's one with Berkley? Well Troy is like that for Lai, only he has never actually been able to kiss Lai and he's not hyper and giddy... although he is egotistical."

"How would you know?" Bikky snarled. He still refused to accept this as truth even though it all made perfect sense in his mind. That comparison was definitely a good choice on Lass' part.

"I've known since Lai entered the university, I am his best friend after all. Plus, that's when it all started. He hasn't even been around long enough for it to develop into one of those over-the-top-obsessive-crushes that J.J. and Berkley had."

"Ya well, you didn't see how nervous he looked when Troy came by and said he didn't know Lai had a boyfriend." By this point, Bikky was reduced to making up excuses to possibly justify his over-reaction.

"Lai probably didn't know how to explain it to you." Lass insisted.

"Whatever. No doubt you're just covering for him. Once again, I'll catch ya later."

"Bikky…" Lass started to call to the blonde as he walked away but she sighed when she found the attempt meaningless. Bikky was set on his belief and nothing at this point could change it.

Although she had been upset about how the guys hurt her and Carol, this made her realize that they have been having a hard time with this relationship as well. "Maybe Carol and I should help… but would that be right?… Maybe we'll just let things take their course… interfering might mess things up…" She thought all this over in her head as she walked off, continue her original errand to the corner store that she'd been on before running into the blonde.

"Yo! Bikky! Open up!" Lai pounded on the door of Ryo's apartment. "Come on man, I can explain!"

"What's wrong, Lai?" Ryo, who only wore a pair of loose pajama pants, opened the door only to immediately dodge the fist that Lai had intended to pound once more on the piece of woods originally separating them.

"Sorry Ryo... Is Bikky here?" Lai asked, desperately looking around the apartment for any signs of his boyfriend.

"No, he stayed at Kenny's last night."

"No, he stayed at my place last night."

"What?" Assumptions ran through Ryo's mind. Bikky hadn't had a need to lie about this kind of thing for a very long time. Why would be start this now? Was he getting into some kind of trouble again? Or did he think Ryo disapproved of his being with Lai, but that didn't make any sense.

Lai seemed to read Ryo's mind, or rather his expression which told him everything. Dee really was right when he said Ryo had a horrible poker face. "He didn't lie to you. Kenny nor his parents were home so he crashed at my place. Nothing happened." He added.

"If nothing happened, why are you here looking for him? What's wrong?"

"Bikky thinks I cheated on him."

"Did you?" Ryo asked, he trusted Lai but he was loyal to Bikky, who was like a son to him. He had to be sure.

"NO!" Lai exclaimed, irritated that Ryo would even think that, but his voice soon fell low. It was only natural for him to ask, he understood that well enough. "Of course not… I would never cheat on Bikky."

"Why does he think you did?"

Lai sighed and raked his hair with his hand. He would have to keep a calm head if he wanted to explain this properly so that Ryo would understand his situation. "You know how you used to have that Berkley problem and Dee had that problem with J.J.?"

Ryo groaned and rolled his eyes at the annoying memories that reentered his mind after so much effort to erase them. "Yes."

"Well that's what Troy is for me. He's always butting in and chasing after me, in vain I might add! And now he might have ruined everything I've worked for with Bikky."

Thankfully, Ryo's expression softened and it was clear that he believed Lai to be innocent. "I'm sure you can convince Bikky eventually. Be grateful he's only avoiding you. At least he's not getting extremely jealous, violent and possessive, like Dee."

Lai smiled and forced a laugh. "Ya I guess you're right." He bit his lip and glanced around. It felt somewhat awkward being left at such a pause. "Well... I should keep looking for him before he does something stupid."

"He already has, guaranteed." Ryo sighed.

Lai nodded in agreement. He'd be lucky to find the boy in one piece. "Thanks Ryo."

Lai left through the still open door in a rush, closing it behind him, but his presense was immediately replaced by another possessing black hair. He came from behind and wound his arms tightly around his sandy haired lover.

"Jealous, violent, and possessive, huh?"

Dee's lips pressed against Ryo's for a not so chaste kiss and soon they were down on the couch without a single protest.

The blonde sat on the basketball court, his back against the fence, his hands folded on his knees, and his chin resting on his arms. His eyes stared out across the court, looking at nothing in particular as they were glazed over in thought.

He couldn't help but wish that voice of his would return. He missed his gay conscience but it had been weeks since it had been present. There was no way it would help him with these problems but Bikky didn't want to face them on his own... even if it was himself that had helped him.

Footsteps were heard in the distance but Bikky did not glance over for the sounds did not register in his mind. He simply sat there in his own little world, not paying any concern to the thought that someone or something may come to disturb him.

The footsteps drew nearer to the blonde's location. Still Bikky did not stir. He meekly blinked at the sun which, previously hidden by several large clouds, beamed into his eyes.

The person leaned up against the fence, causing a shift in Bikky's position. It was now that he became aware that he was no longer alone but that did not change how unresponsive the blonde was. He remained as he was and the two of them simply stayed there in a silence for some time.

However, the intruder soon broke the silence and caused Bikky's eyes to journey in his direction, his head remaining stationary."Bikky… can I talk to you?"

"You're already talking, aren't you." Bikky stated in a monotone voice, not making the sentence a question.

"I… uh… I have to explain everything with Troy. You see, I don't like him. I can barely tolerate him. For me he's kinda like how J.J. is for Dee and how Berkley is for Ryo. It's a pointless crush that will go nowhere and I'll never return his feelings."

"Did you catch up with Lass and ask her what she told me?" Anger dripped into his voice.

"No, I – wait, what? She talked to you about what? When?" His voice was both curious and surprised.

"Ya, whatever. You two really like to string people along." Bikky stood slowly, his frustration and hurt no longer allowing him to remain calm in Lai's presense. "I shoulda stayed with Carol."

Bikky's voice was free of emotion but nevertheless, what he said caused something inside Lai's normal, restrained person to snap.

Without anymore words, Bikky walked past the man he considered to be his ex, whose hair shadowed his eyes. Though, he didn't get far because Lai's arm reached out, grabbed Bikky's lower arm and threw him roughly against the fence before pinning him their with his own body.

"Wha -"

Bikky was cut off by Lai's fierce, bold voice. "I know you've misunderstood some things about Troy, and I should have told you I had a crush-ee before. But that doesn't give you any right to say that you would've rather stayed with Carol and never been with me at all unless you truly, truly meant it!"

The blonde's eyes were as wide as a puppy's, only with shock not cuteness and his mouth hung slightly agar. Bikky had never seen Lai so angry or upset. The expression on his face and the tone of his voice made him lose face and his voice died away. There were no words in his mind that he could even consider patching together to create a sentence.

Lai's dark eyes burned deeply into Bikky's. "So, did you mean it?"

Bikky's eyes dropped, unable to take the intensity any longer, and sadness fell across his face. "N-no… I-"

Bikky did not get to finish his broken sentence because in the next instance Lai's lips were pressing firmly against his own. The blonde was surprised at first but soon he kissed back with as much passion as his boyfriend's.

A few tears fell from the corners of Bikky's eyes as their kiss deepened. He felt so pathetic, so ashamed that he let his anger get the best of him. He should have thought about this logically, although that wasn't he way in the least. Bikky didn't know if he could get used to all of this highly intensified emotions but he was sure of one thing. He wanted to figure it all out with Lai.

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