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--U R Darkest's Pawn--

It was just supposed to have been another night in his escapades. He hadn't intended to stay. He wasn't supposed to fall asleep afterwards.

He was supposed to thank his partner, without a flicker of emotion to cross his face, and walk out the door, refusing to turn around. He'd dealt with tears, and begging, but he'd never seen someone look so… lost.

He'd never seen someone flat out stare at him as he left, with eyes that accused him but refused to say anything. The man had said nothing.

This was the perfect example of why he never bothered to promise his bedmates anything besides a night together. Then again, he'd always been sure not to make a foul-up like this.

Catch of the Day

Thumping music pounded in his eardrums. The sweaty atmosphere was practically smothering his being. In response, he shrugged out of the designer jacket, draping over the back of his chair.

Swaying bodies in the mob of people lulled him. The sight of their relaxed demeanor, their careless attire, and their leers of desire towards his body (and the tastefully vested, but tight-fitting, thin white shirt that flaunted his muscles) were part of the usual charade. This was his territory. This was where he captured his prey.

Everyone knew him. His prowess was legendary. His looks were something akin to an orgasm-inducing drug. And, if that wasn't enough, his sexual skills were to die for. Women, and men, would walk up to him every evening and present themselves for his taking. For Uchiha Sasuke's taking.

But he was rather partial as to what, and who, he chose. Some might say that he had an open mind, while others would claim that he was just extremely experimental.

And tonight, it seemed, he was in the mood for someone to tie up.

The young woman with red hair, who had seated herself beside him despite the death glare that he'd sent in her direction, was now babbling to herself (what she thought was him listening) about what a wonderful night she was having so far.

"…and I was thinking, Sasuke-kun, that maybe you'd want to get out of here with me in a little bit. What do you say? We could get a room and—"

"I don't even know your name." he said with little more than a flash of his eyes towards the woman.

"Oh, I'm—"

"And I don't care what it is, either. I'm not interested, alright? You, of all people, should understand what the term out of your league means."

Thinking that he'd complimented her on her beauty, she opened her mouth to thank him, but held back due to the fact that he was finally holding her gaze. It took all of her will not to sit there, looking like a fish out of water.

"You're beneath me. A common whore." Disregarding the hurt, and taken aback, look on her face, he continued. "Go find someone else with an ear to chat up. You're boring me."

Eyebrows furrowed, she jumped off the stool and turned back to him. "You're an asshole, you know that?!" she yelled, before shoving her way through the throng of people.

A few sitting beside the raven at the bar merely chuckled at the antics. It wasn't uncommon for unknowing victims to think that just because they'd gained the courage to come and confront him, they'd have a chance at hooking up for the night. Sasuke was used to that, though. He really didn't care anymore. The people that he approached, however, had never told him 'no'. And he knew that they never would.

"Hey, bastard. That was sorta rude. Y'know, she looked kinda nice." a blonde-haired male remarked, as he took the girl's previous seat.

"Dobe, when you can bag women without even looking, then come complain to me about how I'm doing things."

Naruto frowned at his friend before downing his drink.

This was also common.

The kit often accompanied his friend while he scoped out for the night's partner, though to either of them it was unknown the reason why. Sasuke had teasingly once guessed that it was because he wanted tips on how not to be such a dumbass when it came to picking up dates, but the blonde shot back that he didn't want to have to purchase a duck to have a model to style his hair after. The subject wasn't brought up again, and it was mutually agreed that it should not be revisited.

It made the two of them awfully uncomfortable.

Being high school buddies, they'd been inseparable. Best friends; so most topics (like perhaps masturbation) had no restraints on how deep they'd delve. The only downside, observed by those outside of the two-man group, was that Naruto hung back in everything while his friend led. He was left behind more often than he'd like to remember.

And he still refused to leave the man.

--U R Darkest's Pawn--

"Aah!" The noise of weeping joy echoed in his room from his partner's mouth. One that, in his opinion, should not be free.

Warm lips captured his, forcing a sinfully skillful tongue into his mouth.

Pale hands cascaded down seductive curves, pulling closer to that body that fit his so well.

The bedside table opened, and a drawer which carried necessities was revealed. Sasuke reached for a condom, but a protesting partner stopped him.

"There's no need. I'll be fine." a smile graced his presence, "I just want to feel you—!"

All conversation ended as the raven eagerly entered.

--U R Darkest's Pawn--

"Tonight's going slow, huh?" he commented, hand flying up to catch the bartender and order another drink.

"I guess. Who knows, maybe tonight I'll actually go home by myself." and with the barely noticeable hint of tiredness, the Uchiha sounded like he wouldn't mind that.

Eyes wide in mock horror, "So that means that Uchiha Sasuke might not have a slut on his arm tonight? Someone call the nightly news!"

Rolling eyes in their sockets, the raven expressed his displeasure to that statement. "Shut up, usuratonkachi. And exactly how many girls have made their way over to you?"

Rivalry. Sibling rivalry.

That was what their little games could be described as by some tipsy onlooker.

"Well, Hinata-chan came over to me, as usual. I think next time she might actually say something." A radiant smile flashed over his face, causing quite a few people in the vicinity to blush. If not compared to his dark-haired friend, some might even go so far as to say that Naruto was enthralling. Though at the moment, most would say that he paled in comparison.

He had his own beauty. He was exotic looking, with his sunny blonde hair and purely blue eyes.

So what did all those people see in Sasuke?

It was a new trend to like being treated poorly by some jerk.

"So just Hinata?"

"And Sakura-chan!"

"But she doesn't really count, seeing as she went to school with us and we all know she's obsessed with me." The raven pointed out arrogantly.

"Yeah, yeah… shut up, bastard. So, what's tonight's victim going to face?"

"Victim?" he chuckled. "I just want someone who will allow me my pleasures while lying there in ropes." Slender shoulders shrugged. His whims were to be obeyed; that was rule number one.

"Chic or dude?"

Their nonchalant conversation always consisted of this at some point. Deciding which gender to pursue. Bisexual bastard. In the words of Hannah Montana, he got "the best of both worlds."

"Hmm… most likely a man. I don't want to deal with a condom tonight." Sasuke leant against the bar, resting his elbows on the edge.

Suddenly, a pain sprung up in his arm as his friend punched him. Onyx eyes narrowed.

"What the hell was that for, dobe?"

Expression belligerent, Naruto began to go on his nightly tirade of proper do's and don'ts for sleeping with a stranger. "You're always supposed to use a condom, jerk! What're you thinking?!"

"I'm thinking of walking away in a few moments."

--U R Darkest's Pawn--

He thrust himself into a heat so snug, it made his head spin with pleasure. A talented body had encased him, if the muscles tightening around his manhood had anything to say.

He let out a throaty moan and buried his face into the other's neck. A tantalizing aroma of citrus filled his senses and blurred his vision. God!

Hips thrust against his in a desperate need for motion. A soft chuckle left him.


And though the rope's tied around ankles and wrists stopped hands from grabbing the Uchiha, he still felt completely owned by the sensation. Sasuke knew that he, himself,was trapped.

--U R Darkest's Pawn--

"Che. Fine. But when you get some irreversible disease, I don't want you to come crying to me, whining about how you wish you'd listened." The blonde began nursing his third cocktail, azure eyes scanning the crowd for a possible candidate for his friend. "How about that one?" he motioned to a lone man in the corner, orange-haired and extremely large. Almost beastly-looking.

"I don't intend to play bottom."

"Well…how about that guy with the white hair. And don't tell me that he's old; it looks bleached."

As if being called, said man looked in their direction, revealing lavender irises.

"No." Sasuke didn't offer any sort of explanation and that single word rang in the air.

"If you weren't so picky, my guy-hunting would help." His so-called guy-hunting was quite helpful, considering that the raven relied heavily on him every time to find a suitable bedmate. It was a supposed gift that came with being gay: being able to find other gay guys who were willing to spend the night with a random person. Without warning, a fox-like smirk was slapped onto the blonde's face as he turned to his friend. "How about me? I don't mind being tied up."

Not that anyone knew, but the reason Naruto stayed with the Uchiha was because he loved him. Had loved him since they were younger. And, as unfortunate as it was, he was caught up in that same trend of wanting a jerk to mistreat him, if the lasting crush on his friend was any indication.

A strong hand gripped his chin and forced him to hold the black stare. "Is that an offer, dobe?"

The man's face came closer, but the blonde continued to hold his bluff.

He could feel Sasuke's breath on his lips, a mint and green tea flavor assaulting his thoughts. He longed to lean closer, to kiss those lips and hold them until the world would end. But to his disappointment, and he didn't know why he was let down considering it had been a joke to begin with, the raven pulled away without the action completing itself.

An inaudible sigh escaped Naruto's steady control. Why did this always happen? He presented himself to the raven, but was never accepted. Was he not good enough?

Another hour had past since they'd met up with one another, and still, all available people continued to be too this or too that for the Uchiha's liking.

"Come on!" Naruto groaned in exasperation. "No one's ever good enough for you, huh, Sasuke?! At this rate, we'll probably grow old just waiting for you to come down off your high horse and realize that not everyone is some perfect little doll that you can dress up and play with!"

Dark eyes began to glare holes into the side of his head, though from experience he knew better to than to try to meet or challenge it.

"If no one was good enough for me I wouldn't have you, now would I, dobe?"

"Stop trying to flatter me." the blonde demanded through tight lips. Sasuke always played his words back at him. There was really no point in trying to guilt him into realizing how cruel his ways were... it never worked anyways.

"I'm not flattering you. I'm just stating the facts." the glass of his rum and Coke pressed against his lips as he sipped the concoction.

"Y'know what, bastard, I'm just gonna go home now. It's almost midnight, and usually you've walked out of here with someone to take home. So I'm just gonna assume that if it hasn't happened by now, it's not gonna happen." He took out some cash and laid it on the bar top. "Later."

"I'll see you at home." Sasuke replied, taking another drink of his alcohol.

That was particularly one other reason that Naruto constantly made his way to the bar with the Uchiha. They shared a two-bedroom apartment with one another. It was the most convenient way to have a short commute to college and not necessarily have to worry too much on the rent. But it placed the blonde into a constant position of sleepless nights and tearing eyes.

Without responding, Naruto walked away, not knowing that Sasuke's eyes were following his every movement.

--U R Darkest's Pawn--


He flinched, not wanting to turn around. Not wanting to face him.

"Where are you going?" the blonde sat up, rubbing his eyes childishly.

But the Uchiha refused to answer him. He just walked out of that room.


How had it happened?

Of all the bad luck...


--U R Darkest's Pawn--

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