Prologue: Of Wimps and Bullies and the Quiet Vigilante in the Corner of the Room

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Once upon a not so distant time, in a land not too far away, there lived a happy couple who gave birth to a health baby girl. The couple loved their daughter, but because of their occupation – which required a extensive amount of traveling, they could not provide her with a permanent place to live for any given length of time. So the girl grew into a cultured child, influenced by a great variety of people and things.

At the age of five, during a half year stay in France, she fell into the care of a cynical and sardonic man named, Gustave. At the end of which she became such a terrifying reflection of the man in mindset and attitude that her parents decided to ship her off to a small Japanese town, in hopes that the quiet life would revive some childish innocence.

It was there that she met her cousin for the first time.

Her first impression was that he had been quite small, a little bit shorter than herself, timid, and a major crybaby. He had hid peaking behind her aunt's legs as they were introduced, despite the woman's urgings for him to come out. As a result, the first sentence the girl spoke to him was, "you're lame". Which caused him to break out in an onslaught of tears. And thus further served to create for her, an overall mislead opinion that pegged all little boys as over-emotional sissies.

It was an opinion that stuck with her in the following months until a fateful encounter with a second impressionable little boy that very same year dispelled the notion.

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It all started on a bright, warm Sunday morning, around two and a half months into her stay. She had been out in the yard that morning, along with her cousin and uncle. A bright red ball in the yard had caught her attention earlier that morning, so she had gone out with every intention to start a game with it.

Her cousin followed closely behind. He had developed a strange habit of shadowing her, and she had no choice but to play with him. After all one can't very well play games alone. Although, so far, the only game he had been able to successfully conduct without crying or complaining had been "house". It wasn't that she had much against playing pretend, of course, she was, after all, still a little girl. However one does get sick of the same game if played consecutively for days on end.

"Catch" had always been a special favorite game for her, since she had always been an athletic and coordinated child. Matching the level of intensity provided by the adults (be it her father, bodyguard, or Gustave) had never been much of an issue. though she soon found that trying to match the level of her cousin was a frightening challenge.

He was terrible.

If he was not actively running from the ball, he was falling down trying to get away from it. In the end, she had to threaten to leave him in order to get him to agree to trying catching the ball once. But that was not the best idea either.

She had heaved the ball towards the clear blue sky and shouted for him to catch it, but when he took some timid steps towards the falling ball, he tripped over his own feet and fell face forward. Shortly after the ball landed on his head. So of course, he started to cry.

At this, the girl's uncle, a tough muscular man named, Iemitsu, stepped down from the porch and laughed in a good-natured manner.

"Get up, Tsuna!" He urged his son, "it's not good for a boy to cry so much!"

Of course, that was small comfort to a boy who had just fallen on his face, so Tsuna began to cry even harder.

Iemitsu studied his son.

When it became apparent that time lapse was not going to stop his son from crying, the man walked up to the boy and steadied him to his feet. "Hmm, you need to toughen up, Tsuna," he boomed in his normal cheery manner as he dusted off the boy, "I know! How about learning self defense? For the both of you! Isn't that a great idea, Suzune?"

The girl started, she had not expected to be included in the conversation. "Me too?"

"Sure you too!" Her uncle grinned, "a young girl like you should learn to protect your self!"

She made a face, "but I'm not a wimp uncle, I'm already tough! Not a crybaby like Tsuna-nii." In the background, her cousin restarted his engines and wailed like a siren at the insult, but she ignored him.

Iemitsu laughed. "It's not about who's a crybaby and who's not, little girl! It's about learning to protect yourself and gaining discipline."

It was a sensible enough explanation, but the girl was not convinced.

"I'm not going!" She declared with an air of finality, and walked from the yard, leaving her uncle to deal with his crying son.

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About two days later, saw the child sitting in seiza style on the hard wooden floor of the dojo, listening to the instructor preach about discipline. Her declaration had been very much completely vetoed, though she was infinitely more upset about the fact that she had ended up in the same class as her cousin.

It was a nice day out there and she wanted more than anything than to play outside, but alas she was stuck. Her feet and knees were hurting though she refused to make a peep. Her determination to prove that she was made of tougher stuff than the rest of the children made sure of that she admitted no sign of weakness.

Perhaps it was during those moments that she first noticed the dark haired child sitting in an isolated corner of the room. He gave off an aura so drastically different from her cousin that the girl could not help but stare. For the first time since she arrived in Japan, her notion of little boys being wimpy creatures was shaken.

He was not paying attention to the teacher, anyone, or anything in particular as far as she could tell. His eyes were trained to a spot on the floor in front of him and his face was a complete blank. In fact, his lack of proper apparel made her wonder if he even belonged in the class at all.

A moment passed before he felt her stare and looked up. His eyes met her gaze with a cold unblinking glint. It was a little frightening, in all honesty, though she had never been one to back down from a challenge. So she held his gaze with a stubborn determination until he looked away with a disinterested yawn.

Break was announced just moments after and her interest in the boy was immediately replaced by a rush of relief. She stood eagerly, joints cracking as she stretched. Karate, she decided then, was not her calling. Too tiring, and too sedentary. She had been juggling these thoughts with notions of ditching class altogether when her cousin's shrieks blasted her eardrums.

"Tsuna-nii, let go!" She demanded as she struggled to push her crying cousin away. He had tackled her from behind, sobbing up a storm as he clutched her arm, refusing to let go.

"Sissy, hiding behind a girl," a high pitched voice taunted. So the girl turned her attention from the crying boy, to the approaching threat. A overly thin boy, around her height, walked up shadowed two others sneering individuals.

"So what are you going to do next, huh, no-good Tsuna?" The stick figure continued, laughing, "run home to your mommy? What are you even doing in this class? No matter how hard you try, you'll still be no-good Tsuna!"

She felt a deadly sort of fire spark within her, accompanied by a dire black urge to throw the kid on the ground and punch him till he learned his lesson. But before she had a chance to throw her plans into action, a figure came up from behind her.

He had moved so silently that she did not hear him until he spoke standing beside her. She almost jumped in surprise, but the raven-haired boy retained a cool demeanor.

"Too noisy. If you make anymore noise, I'll bite you to death."

Bite you to death? That was a bit of an odd catch phrase. She had never heard anyone say such a thing before. Apparently, neither had the bully.

"Bite me to death?" He commented snobbishly, "that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! Can't you think of anything cooler?"

There was no response from the other except a slight narrow of his eyes, and a slight sadistic smirk that decorated his face.

"Who the heck are you anyway?" The bully continued, slightly unsettled by the lack of reaction, "wanna get beat up you twit?"

Again, nothing.

Finally, the boy lost his patience and shouted, "get him" to his friends. They charged at the silent boy, fists raised and yelling. The stoic boy ducked so fast that the girl nearly missed it. And before she, or anyone had realized what happened, the boy had jammed his elbow into the bully's stomach.

The victim immediately fell onto the floor, coughing and crying in pain. Upon seeing this, the other two stopped their advances in terror.

Tsuna, of course, fell into hysterics at the sight of violence, though the girl stood immobile. Staring in awe at the scene that had unfolded.

"Pathetic." The victor said as he stalked from the room. The little girl watched him exit, impressed and inspired. One day she would become stronger than he was, that was what she vowed.

The end...

Just kidding. That was more like, the beginning of everything. Oh, and by the way, you know that little girl in the story? That was me.

And the stoic boy? Guess which jerk he turned out to be?