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Chapter One The Prank.

"Hand me the bucket." Harry said. Him and his three friends were outside of Professor Snape's office. This was not unusual. The boys played many pranks on Snape. It was for this reason that they called themselves the 2nd generation marauders.

The first boy in the group was, obviously, Harry James Potter. He looked just like his father, except with his mothers eyes. His hair was black and shaggy and fell into his face. His eyes were bright green, like emeralds. He wasn't very tall, but he wasn't short. He was, however, very skinny.
The second boy was Alexander Merlin Dumbuldore. He was Dumbuldore's great-great-grandson. He had straight dark blonde hair that fell to right below his eyes. His eyes were a bright blue, the same as his great-great-grandfather. He was unusually tall, and skinny.

The third boy was Johnathon Sirius Black. His hair was the same as his father's, black, shaggy, and long. It fell almost to his shoulders. His eyes were a dark gray, almost as black as his hair. He was of average height, average thickness, and had an average amount of muscle. However, it would be a mistake to think he was average.

The fourth and last boy was Bartholomew Alaster Moody. Everyone called him Bart. He looked nothing like his father, but like his mother. He had the same brown hair as her and the same chocolate like eyes. He was also of average height, but he had an unaverage amount of muscle. That was what happened when your father was an auror.

John picked the bucket up from the ground next to him and gave it to Harry, who was standing on a stool. "I don't get what's so funny about this prank." he said. " It doesn't even involve any magic."

"Look," Harry tried to explain, after he put the bucket up, "we balance the bucket on top of the door like this. When Snape opens his door to go into his office, it will fall on him and he'll be covered in it."

"What's so funny about Snape being covered in water?" John argued.

"Everything!" Alex exclaimed.

Ignoring him, Bart said, "Who said we filled the bucket with water?" All four boys smirked at this. Suddenly they heard footsteps and Alex whisper-yelled, "Here he comes! Hide!" Harry pulled out his invisibility cloak and used it to cover him and John. Alex and Bart both just performed invisibility charms on themselves.

Snape rounded the corner with a brisk pace. He was not happy. He had tried talking to Dumbledore about Potter and his friends. They had to be punished! But all Dumbledore would say is "Boys will be boys." It was infuriating!

All he wanted to do now was walk into his office and immerse himself into potions. They were the only thing that could take his mind off of those boys.

As, Snape opened the door to his office, he saw something on top of the door. Alas, he had seen the bucket too late. It had tipped over and fell on top of his head. Its contents had spilt all over him. He was now covered with shampoo!

Harry, John, Alex, and Bart tried to stifle their laughter as they ran to the Gryffindor common room. Once there, they removed their cloak/charms and broke into hysterics. When they Finaly calmed down, they noticed Hermione Granger, a class mate of theirs, sitting in a chair reading a book. "You shouldn't do that. One of these days you will get caught." She said.

"Awww, Monie! We were just having fun!" John exclaimed, always the lady's man.

"You should start your homework. And don't call me Mione!"

"Yes mum." Alex said, as he and the rest of the boys sat down to do their homework.

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